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Nilanjana back with a new story, do read the following to know more.

It’s hard to believe that people like me can never stick to their words for long in which they try to be more rude and arrogant. Last book of mine has given me a lot that can never be explained in words. All the love, support and sweet words and everyday requests of some compelled me to write again. Open my mind and hit my keyboard again. Can’t thank enough for breaking the wall in my mind and making me realise that writing is my love and staying away from it for larger time is a nightmare for me. All the thoughts I went through in this short span made me realize that you all are very important. All my friends who have always supported me from day one. This story is the gratitude to everyone for supporting me and letting me complete almost an year on this beautiful app. I am to strike an year on this app some days later so thought to start afresh with another different concept. Will humbly ask for all your support in this story too. Please do support, share and enjoy everything about this new story, new book, new feeling.




“How has life been these days…” 
“Huuhh…shut the days concept girl…they don’t exist…or do they??”

Do they exist… or just our imagination has framed them… they are like us or science has given some different powers to them… no answers… these questions are asked to be left unanswered… FOREVER and EVER

There are certain incidents in your life that has no answers but they are there… coping and moving on going on always… Six people, three stories and… one house… DO THEY EXIST… let’s find the answers, let’s find what is meant by PARELLEL UNIVERSE and SUPERNATURAL BEING.

Entire book dedicated to SCIENCE… Mystery, thriller… HORROR follows.



“Yeah sure… I promise, but just do take care about the payment my brother… Mr. Shivay Sin… no… just Shivay said over the phone in an authoritative voice and hanged the call and turned towards me and then went back to his phone.

“This time Miss Soumya Tendulkar… we need to kidnap her soon” he said typing something, the man who was my superhero once is the villain of my life now, I nodded in yes and looked on to see some expression in his eyes but everything was dark and dull. I have lost that Bhai of mine somewhere and I hate this man a lot.

“Rudra hates Shivay now, a lot I sighed as the thought crossed my mind and made my way out of the room. I work under him as just his worker, these days a single question eats me up… “are we really brothers? Or we are just together for our own good. I know the girl whom my brother asked me to kidnap… I can never forget her.


“I am sorry ma’am nothing could be done now… everything is over… Inspector Omkara has arrived…” David said scratching his head, one can clearly see the tension and fear he was engulfed in, but how can Om get proofs against me to prove me guilty… no proves were left behind.

“Ms. Gauri… your game is over, come with us…” Uurrgghhhhh… I hate him for entering into my apartment without asking me. I looked at him and his grin said clearly that he is in no plans this time to leave me.

“What are you thinking Ms. Mistress” and yet again he said that what I hated the most… yes I was mistress of his father… but… okay now stop Gauri, let’s go with him right now.

“Let’s go” I replied ever so calmly that surely had shocked a side of his brain. I walked towards the jeep and got settled at the back but what’s this… he is also getting up to sit beside me, he should… no… he must sit in front… in the passenger’s seat… I looked on. He got settled and my journey to hell begun… I have to get out of this very soon or else…

“You had food? his stupid question… uufffff…

“Yes… you know what my food is… I paused and received a questioning look “pollution of the air I stopped… and waited for him to say disgusting but he smiled covering his face. I looked back at the lady inspector staring at me.


“Ohhh God I will be late again today… I just don’t know why am I in this profession… what if Aliens had offered me some job for them… actually far better than this school’s principal would have been that boss I know I am late and my stupid cab also stopped right now but my blabbers won’t stop ever, how I wish to go to space and discover things but naahhhh Anika stay in this school only and teach the cute children the different forms of marshal arts.

“How long? I asked the driver punching and pinching the driver’s seat from back. He came back and settled, pressed the accelerator the gear and we are off to our destination. I ran towards the staffs room.

“Why the hell no one is here I shouted aloud. Ms. Preeti came inside and greeted me and informed me about the sudden meeting in ten minutes. I left a deep sigh and thanked her. I rushed to the conference room and got settled.


“Rudra leave me or else… I will shout… leave me” I struggled to get out of his hold but he was holding me tightly. He behaved as if he is deaf, no reaction was from his side.

“Ohhh thank God, I have the scissor in my pocket” I remembered and slipped my hand inside the pocket of my medical apron. There it is, I took it out and used it over him to scratch his hand… his arm, it was a deep cut as blood started to ooze out but still no reaction, what has happened to him… Yes I know I don’t love him anymore but… but he is in pain and as a would be doctor it’s tough for me to stay calm and quiet seeing someone hurt.

“It’s bleeding” I said and jerked him, he looked at me and then at the cut and left my hand… thank God he looked at me. Initially I thought to run away but held my foots back and washed the cut with the water we got from the nearby tap. His pressing of eyes and slight sounds were enough for me to understand that it’s burning.

“First aid is needed to be done soon” I said and as if his pain, his burning sensation vanished, he dragged my hand again and pushed me inside his car, forcefully.


“Hey you… stop the car right away, I will call the police… stop the car I said, don’t be afraid girl… I am with you… hey you bas*ard stop the damn car” a lady of late twenties shouted, she has perfectly understood that the girl sitting beside me, Soumya, is being kidnapped by me. I increased the speed and the lady advised her cab driver to increase the speed. The lady was shouting aloud asking me to stop the car and Soumya is showering her punches over the locked car window.

“Rudra leave me” Soumya again shouted getting the perfect hold of her weapon, the scissor. An urge to leave her aroused in me but I stepped back remembering Shivay’s face.


I was following the car when suddenly everything went black, after that I could remember nothing, and now where the hell am I? A perfect dark place, a stingy smell roamed around my smelling nostrils that forced me not to smell it and close my nose using my fingers. “Where am I?” I shouted thinking that I will get some reply but nothing, a deep cover of silence just kept in engulfed in its own pleasure.

“Have this” a sudden voice thrilled me from inside and a plate of inedible food was passed towards me. I got to know that it is inedible, the moment I put the first morsel in my mouth. “Yuck” the unpleasant sound came out of my mouth and I threw the morsel away from my mouth “give me good food to eat atleast” I said banging my palm over the floor shouting aloud but alas, it seemed that the air just heard me as a cold breeze blew the moment I completed my sentence but no reply came.

I tried to remember exactly what has happened and how may have I went unconscious but only thing I remember is that I was following a man’s car who was taking a girl away along with him and I was shouting and asking him to stop the car… after that… “after that what happened? How did I get unconscious?” I asked myself but my memory made me paralyzed as it failed to remember anything further.


“I knew it that he has no proofs against me” I praised myself inside my head. “I should make a plan to run away then… from here… very soon” I smiled cheekily and again praised my head “you are genius in hiding proofs Gauri”

“Have your food” the lady Hitler shouted again, this is the nth time she is shouting at me to have my food. But the food looks so bad, ufff how I miss the food made by my mum… “I wanna lick your hand mumma” i said getting lost in the taste of her handmade food which were heaven but at this point of time I have to eat this or else I will die of hunger.

I took the plate and pushed one morsel inside my mouth making faces, closing my eyes. “Not that bad” I said and ate half of the food and kept the plate down. “You know what Gauri… we should actually enjoy our holiday in jail for somedays and then we will think of making the plan to run away… for somedays I should behave or else it will get difficult for me to run away” I thought, then smiled and lastly patted at my own shoulder.

“Had food?” he asked while unlocking the door of my cell. I nodded yes and he went in. “Ms. Gauri… listen I don’t have any proofs against you but let’s just punish you for what you did” he said and grinned while taking steps towards me. “What the hell are you planning to do?” I asked moving back and collided with the wall in no time. “Nothing…” he said and paused and moved back. This behaviour of him is disturbing me much, I still remember the day we broke up when he got to know that I am his father’s mistress. But there is more to it which he refused to listen and afterwards I did not feel like sharing.


“We have succeeded in kidnapping Ms. Soumya… now what next?” I asked over the phone hoping that the man who has hired me will instruct me to kill her but he instructed to torture her, to just torture her. I know Rudra hates me for this, for kidnapping her and for what I do… I know Om hates me and tries to break the ties with me and punish me but he stops for some unknown reason everytime. I still don’t know what has changed me this much but that unfortunate day…

“Bhaiyaa…” Rudra called me breaking my trance. “What next?” he asked the next moment. “Keep her with us, we are not instructed to kill her still” I could feel the slight curved up lips of Rudra the moment I said that we are not going to kill her. I just wonder why he never tried to believe that he loves her… but leave this love thing is just waste of time. “Torture her to the extent you can” I saw the sudden drop of Rudra’s face listening to this and smiled in front of him again to prove that I am heartless.

“I am back…” Om said greeting us with a smile which is a rare view to see. He and smile are always poles apart but what’s the matter today? Maybe he caught some new criminal. Or maybe he got promoted.

“Caught Ms. Gauri after so much of hard work” he fell lazily over the couch and again smiled big. Gauri… I have heard the name twice or thrice from Om’s mouth, but only in his worst diary’s language but today he is smiling uttering her name. Rudra was disgusted with all this and he walked off the room slamming the door behind.

“Ms. Gauri… the smuggler Ms. Gauri?” I asked to which he nodded in positive and in a very shameful tone he completed “the mistress of my father too” I was happy somewhere as she was a big opponent in this smuggling world and now when she is inside the bars, I will rise to the top one position. “Don’t smile my dear… every dog has their turn to come” he said and vanished to the direction of his room without letting me defend my side.

Again my past and her past mingled together, I so wish that day had never come in my life, in our life… I regret of whatever I did. I so wish to see her now, where is she? How is she? I still remember how she used to include space and aliens and everything from outer space in her topics and in her blabbers. I so wish to listen to her blabbers atleast once for the last time.


I went out of the room looking at my brothers, one who always pushes me to do crime and the other who never stops me from committing crimes. What kind of bond is this? I am so disgusted with these people, but I promise you Rudra i will be on top one day… that day I will order everyone and none will have the guts to order me.

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