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Pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti (Episode 23)

Episode 23:

Shergill herry Ayesha and Ritik know the truth of Preeti and her parents Ishaan and preet. Atif told them about their death. He also felt guilty and promised that he will surrender himself and help them to catch baba. Ritik shoots the video. He transfers file to Herry and Shergill phone as avidence.

Its heavy raining. Rohit walks on road in rain. His clothes are wet. kavya goes to Rohit ‘s room. She sees that his room is very dirty. She starts to clean up. Then she finds a file. it may be some documents.

Ritik comes home. He wants to watch the video of Atif to whole family.

Ritik: Dad … this is the time when I show something to all of you.

Kuku: What?

Ritik switches his phone to DVD and turns the lights off. Kavya comes with file. He plays the video. All the family in hall watch the video of Atif. They listen what Atif said about preeti and (Ishaan , Preet). Rohit also comes in dark hall. nobody sees him. he silently watches the video. Kavya tears fell down after listen the story. whole family gets emotional.

Sid: 😢preeti…preeti is my niece. my sister in law ‘s daughter. my brother ishaan ‘s daughter.😭

Badimummy: “mjhe khuc tw lgta tha preeti kay baray me. wo hamari poti hai.”

Neeti and bade papa weep. Ritik consoles them. and says that they dont expose themself before preeti. we show her that we do not know any thing about her and her plan , till Herry and shergill uncle catch baba (the mastermind).

Kavya sees Rohit.

Kavya: “itna dard bardasht kya hai mere parents ne. ab tum meri behen ko wo dard ni de sakty Rohit. Rohit…tumhe kya lga tum ne preeti sa sari property par sign karwaye… Ary pagal us ne tw 1 month phele hi sari property dada ji k naam wapis kr di thi.”

whole family gets shocked.

Bade papa: what!

kavya: yes dada ji. see this papers. she had transfered all the property to your name before 1 month.
I think she realized her mistake.

Ritik: may be she had known the truth of Atif and Baba. and after that she realized her mistake.
Rohit…dont realize her that you know who she is. please its really imp that we hide the plan from her.

Neeti: go my son…go and free her from store room…go.

Rohit runs to store room. he opens it. He sees preeti lies on floor.

“naino ki jo baat hai wo naina jaane hai
sapno ki raaz hai wo naina jaane hai
dil ki batien dharkan jaane hai
jis pe guzri wo kal jaane hai
hum dewaanay ho gaye hai apke
hum tw bas itna jaane hai
tu mera hai sanam
tu hi mera humdum
tere sang jeena ab saton janam”

He sees there is some injury in her feet. Glass of window has broken and the water of rain wet her. She sleeps in rain water. He weeps and touches her hand. he feels she has a high fever. Preeti opens her eyes and says.

preeti: Rohit!😯 why are you weep?

Rohit: nothing..i come to take you…you got a high fever.

He wipes his tears and lifts her in arms and takes her to room. He calls kavya for changing her clothes. She helps her. Doc comes and takes some injections. preeti sleeps.

In morning…

Ayesha comes.

Trisha: Hello ayesha…today you come alone here where is Herry?

Ayesha: I come here bcz i want to apologize all of you.

Trisha: for what?

Ayesha: i hide all the truth…bateraying all of you.

Kavya: we all know that you are innocent. and all the mistake is done by Atif and baba.

Neeti: sushhhhh!👆 preeti is coming.

Everyone become silent.

Neeti: preeti! your fever…

Preeti: is gone.

Ritik comes and says : thats good come take breakfast with us.

Neeti shows signals to badi mummy to go away from here as you angry with preeti. Badi mummy does not want to do with preeti but she has to do it. preeti sees badi mummy and badi mummy goes from there. preeti realizes that badi mummy is angry with her.

Trisha: come here preeti. lets breakfast.

Preeti: no thank you…i want to eat in my room.

Neeti: ok i’ll bring it for you. you go and rest.

Preeti goes. Ayesha says whats going on. then kavya tells her all the plan of Ritik and Rohit. ayesha smiles😊.

Badi mummy goes to her room.

Badi mummy: i cant do it.

Bade papa: what?

badi mummy: …to stay away from preeti. i want to hug her love her. afterall she is our grand daughter.

bade papa: we do it bcz its good for her.

preet smiles to see this. Ishaan comes.

Ishaan: “meri darling…yaha kya kar ri ho?”.

preeti: “daily soup start hai ghar me”.

Ishaan: “Daily soup”!

preet: “yes..hamari beti sa naraz hony ka drama…wesy badi mummy acting bhut achi karty hai”.

Ishaan: (laughs loudly).😄 thats right.

screen freez on preet and ishaan.😀

what happens next?

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