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Prithvi Vallabh 15th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Prithvi on the way to Manyakheta, Mrinal punishes Satyashrah

Prithvi Vallabh 15th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kalari and Prithvi fighting with each other. Prithvi couldn’t fight with him as Kalari is his mentor. Kalari asks where did your strength go and asks him to forget about going to Manyakheta. Kalari lifts him and throws on ground. He beats Prithvi and asks him to fight. Prithvi nods no. Kalari says you have made me upset, and asks if you don’t have strength or don’t want to fight with me. Prithvi says I will not fight with you as you are my Guru, and says I will fight until I am dead or until you agree. He says it is impossible for you to go to Manyakheta. Prithvi attacks him. Kalari flies up and is about to fall down, but Prithvi holds him with his back. Kalari looks on.

Prithvi asks Kalari if I can go now. Kalari takes care of him and massages him with warm

salt bag. Prithvi massages his feet. Rasniti and Bhoj talk about their unique relationship. Kalari asks Prithvi to take Sena with him else he can’t allow him. Prithvi agrees and continues to massage him. Kalari says I gave you permission. Prithvi says I have decided to go as you are here and says he is thankful to him. Kalari says I am caring for Malwa before you was born. He asks Prithvi to go soon and come back soon.

Vilas is humming music and getting ready. Satyashrah comes there and asks her to continue. He says he wants to make her wear earring so that she remember it always. Vilas gets tensed. Satyashrah asks her to sing again and says my ears will be pleasant to hear. Vilas says I can’t sing and asks her to go. He hurts her while trying to make her wear earring. Vilas shouts and says she will tell Mrinal Bua. Satyashrah gets angry and says today I will give you gift, after which you can’t tell anything to anyone. He tries to force himself on her. Sulochana comes and knocks on the door asking Vilas if she can come. Vilas shouts and asks for help. Sulochana asks are you inside. She pushes the door and sees Satyashrah forcing Vilas to get intimate with him. Sulochana says this is not right. Satyashrah reminds her that she is just Dasi. Sulochana says she is Mrinal’s body guard and asks him to leave Vilas. Satyashrah says he can sense that she is ordering him and says today he will make her realize her worth. He takes sword and is about to kill her, but Mrinal comes and holds the sword. Satyashrah panics and gets tensed.

Mrinal holds his neck angrily. She asks Vilas who is responsible for her condition. Vilas cries hiding behind Sulochana. Mrinal asks her to tell. Vilas says you will not believe me. She tells her everything from the start. Mrinal is shocked and teary eyes. Vilas cries. Mrinal says I didn’t know anything what you have gone through. Tailap is in the court with Jakala, Guru Aditya, Lakshmi, Bhilamp Raj and others when they hear Satyashrah apologizing and also hear hunter sound. Satyashrah comes running there and falls down. Mrinal comes holding hunter and beats him badly. Jakala and Tailap are shocked. Jakala runs to Satyashrah. Others court members leave. Jakala asks what did Satyashrah do? Tailap says what are you doing? Satyashrah is not a kid, he is Yuvraj. Guru Aditya asks her to keep her emotions in control. Mrinal says he is Yuvraj, but ruining our reputation. Guru Aditya says this kind of behavior is not right. Mrinal says this is right and is about to hit him with hunter, when Jakala asks Tailap to stop Mrinal. Tailap holds the hunter to stop Mrinal and asks her to stop it. Mrinal says Satyashrah is not your son now, but criminal of Manyakheta.

Tailap asks what did he do? Jakala says how can you beat my son right infront of my eyes, and asks what did he do? Sulochana brings scared Vilas there. Everyone is shocked to see Vilas crying and scared. Lakshmi says Vilas. Vilas runs to Bhilamp Raj and hugs him, cries badly. Jakala and Tailap are shocked. Mrinal says Manyakheta’s Yuvraj has ruined its name and says whatever he has done with Vilas is cruel and this is not the first time, today he has crossed all limits. He says woman’s respect is a nation’s responsibility. Lakshmi questions Jakala if this is the respect which Satyashrah have done with Vilas. She says we don’t want such respect. Guru Aditya apologizes to Bhilamp Raj and says Vilas is the future Maharani of Manyakheta. He apologizes to them. Bhilamp Raj asks him not to apologize. Satyashrah cries and looks on angrily. Tailap apologizes to Mrinal and says my son has done a big crime. He asks her to give him a chance. Mrinal says I don’t want any clarifications and says I will talk to you later, goes.

Lakshmi comes to Mrinal and asks can I come to your room. Mrinal says sure. Lakshmi walks towards her and cries. Mrinal asks her not to cry and apologizes to her, says you are not only our guest, but also relative. She says Vilas’s respect is of Manyakheta’s respect. Lakshmi apologizes for her behavior and says today you haven’t only protected my daughter’s respect, but have also punished your nephew. I understand that it is very difficult to punish own’s family. Mrinal talks about her parents’ teaching and says if you think that the punishment I gave to Satyashrah is less, then you can suggest. Lakshmi says you deserves more respect from us and says she has a request. She says she wishes for her daughter’s good and happy life. She says you wanted Vilas to marry Satyashrah, but now it is not possible from our side. Mrinal looks on.

Jakala cleans Satyashrah’s wound and tells him that he has done a crime and asks him to apologize to Vilas and her parents. Tailap hears them. Satyashrah is angry.

Bhoj tells that he will go to Manyakheta as Kavi/poet. Rajmata says I don’t agree. Sindhu says Bhoj can support Prithvi. Savitri asks Rajmata not to worry. Kalari says there is no place of Kavi and artiste in Manyakheta. Bhoj says there must be some kavis there. Kalari says his soldiers will go with him. Bhoj says only 5 soldiers, not more. Savitri asks him to get ready.

Satyashrah comes to Vilas with Tailap and Jakala, apologizes and says I don’t want to lose you. Jakala folds her hands and apologizes. Tailap also asks for apology. Lakshmi says my daughter is getting scared seeing him and says if you would have been on my place, then you would have asked me to punish him. Lakshmi asks Vilas to come. They are about to leave. Mrinal comes and calls Bhilamp Raj. She tells him that she can’t change whatever happened, but she can assure that this thing will not happen again. She says I love Vilas very much, and this is test of my love. I want you to give me a chance, I agree with your words that it is a matter of Vilas’s happiness and safety. She asks him to let her talk to Vilas. She asks Vilas, if she can give a chance to Satyashrah and this family. Vilas cries. Mrinal says you are free to take your decision.

Lakshmi and Bhilamp Raj nods their heads. Vilas says I will stay Bua. Mrinal hugs her. Jakala and Tailap are happy. Jakala comes to Vilas. Mrinal requests Bhilamp Raj to give a chance to their relation. Bhilamp Raj agrees and tells that his cousin brother is coming there from Devgiri and asks them not to let him know about today’s incident. Tailap says Manyakheta will always remember your favour.

Bhoj is in Prithvi’s ship and introduces himself as Kavi. Prithvi says your avatar is suiting you and calls him Bhoj. He makes Gaj kesari’s sketch. Suddenly sky gets cloudy and he sees Gaj Kesari’s reflection and Van Amma’s words to search truth.

Prithvi comes to Manyakheta palace and proposes his marriage with Mrinal. Mrinal and Tailap are shocked and angry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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