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Once In A Life Time (Epi-2)~omkara-gauri meet at a party

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Once in a life time (epi-1)

A handsome boy with long silky hair, tried to find his friend in the crowd , it was his friend’s birthday party .his friend waved at him . He was relieved , he went and hugged him

His Friend : om , i am waiting for you for the past one hour and you are coming now om ?

Om : first of all a very happy birthday shiv and we r meeting after so many days,  you are scolding me ?

Shiv smiled : ok ok , i am so glad you made it to this party , my another  friend is coming here , i  am sure you must be knowing her , see the media is also here

Om :  the media is here for you right ?

Shiv : no no , some people have come for me too , but gauri is coming , thats why the media is waiting here

Om : but who is she ?

Shiv : you dont know her ?

Suddenly shiv saw a car outside , he went outside. a beautiful girl stepped out . she corrected her hair

Camera’s started clicking her pictures . shiv hugged her . she  wished him a happy birthday and came inside with shiv

Shiv held her hand and took her to om

Om smiled at her

Shiv : om this is gauri Sharma ,  you might know her , a famous movie star and my childhood best friend

Gauri smiled

Though she was  so famous om did not know her

Gauri understood by his face expressions and was surprised , she was so famous , it was surprising that somebody did not know her

Om smiled and said : actually i dont watch movies , this is om  , and forwarded his hand

Gauri shook hands with him . she felt some strange feeling when she held omkara’s hand

The host said: we have the beautiful fiancé of shiv , miss.aditi shekhawat here , this party is incomplete without some dance from them

aditi came there

Shiv smiled smiled seeing her , he held aditi’s hand and started dancing romantically with her .

Suno na suno na
Kahe kya
Suno na suno na
Dil mera

Gauri’s hand automatically held omkara’s . she took him and danced with him

Suno na suno na
Sunlo zara

Teri bahon mein
mujhe rehna hai raat bhar
Teri bahon mein
Hogi subah

Be intehaan be intehaan
Yun pyaar kar
Yun pyaar kar
Be intehaan

Dekha karon
Sari umar
Sari umar
everybody clapped for them . gauri smiled , om checked his phone , he had 10 missed calls from rudra .hope he is not in any trouble thought om

gauri came running to om

om was surprised .she held his hand and said , omg, you are omkara singh oberoi the artist OSO , sorry i could not recognize you , i am a big fan of your paintings , always wanted to meet and see now i met you and could not recognize you . your hands have magic, my house is full of your paintings

om smiled : thank you so much , i am glad you like my paintings…

gauri smiled ,he is so humble and down to earth she thought

om : ok gauri , i need to go now, could you do a favour for me ?

gauri : han omkara  ji , batayiye

om : tell shiv i am  going home for now , rudra is calling me , however after 10 days i will be there in goa with him , after all its my best friend’s wedding

gauri felt sad when he left . There was already some unknown connection formed . suddenly, she remembered that om was coming to stay here for shiv’s wedding . she was going to come only for the wedding but now called her manager , cancelled all her events and shoots after 10 days and smiled in satisfaction . she did not know why she was doing all this..

to be continued…


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