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Mr.Khadoos and Ms.Kareli destined together (What a co-incidence) by SAMMIE (PART-6)

Hi guys !!!Thanks for your comments and likes but i m very upset to see so much less response !!!See we writers write the stories not only for relaxation but also for U readers !! I dont know about other writrs but when I see so much of less response I dont feel like coming back to TU at first there were so many Readers and Writers but now….now it is not 1/4 of the previous ones …Now a days i dont comment in every ff but I like the ffs .

So I m requesting every writer to come back to TU and every reader and silent reader to response!!!! Pleassssseeeeeee!!

So lets start……….


Previously we saw that…..

Ria-Veer-Dev-Kabir came to know about Sanchi Mishra being Ms.Kareli

Today’s part….

Everyone sat to have their dinner …….

While having dinner….

Anand:So Sanchi r u ok

Sanchi:Yeah offcourse Uncle….but why this question???

Anand:Happy that u r moving on!

With this Sanchi became upset!!!

Everyone noticed it ……

Anand:Sorry beta ……ti bring this topic

Sanchi:No uncle thats ok i m fine…

Veer-Ria-Kabir-Dev were confused about what they were talkng but no one asked !!!

After dinner it was time for Sanchi-Ria-Veer to go to hostel ….

Sanchi:Acha uncle, aunty, chachi, chachu, dadi main chalti hun (while hugging everyone)

Gauatri :U all go together !!!


They went to hostel in Veer’s car ….When Sanchi entered hostel room she found Isha-Pragya already fast asleep

She tooo went and slept….

Next morning when they came to hospital Sanchi saw a girl coughing…

Sanchi:U both go i will come later on

Pragya:Ok come quick

Sanchi came to the girl and asked

Sanchi:What happened??

Girl’mother:My daughter mistakely ate coin….

Sanchi:Let me help u

Sanchi gave a sudden force on the girl’s back …due to which the coin came out

Girl’s mother :Thank u so

Girl:Thank u didi

Sanchi:No need thank me !!!

Just Kabir came and a crowd

Kabir asked a nurse:Whats happening here?

Nurse:Actually a small girl eat coin ……and nowhere a girl came and took out the coin!!

Kabir was going to look Sanchi but the nurse interrupted him

Nurse:Sir its time for ur lecture ….the interns might be waiting…

Kabir nodded and went to class

Just then Anand came to Sanchi

Anand:I m proud of u Sanchi!!!!

Sanchi:Thanks Uncle …i mean Sir

Anand smiled and went

Sanchi too went to her class

But!!!Alas!!!She was late !!!The devil …i mean Kabir has already arrived….

Sanchi:Sir may i come in?

Kabir:Oh so Ms.Mishra finally got time to attend the class right!??

Sanchi:Sir actually…..

But she was interrupted by Kabir

Kabir:First of all u r late…and ignoring the fact of saying Sorry u r giving excuses !!!!

Sanchi:But…..(again she was interrupted)

Kabir:Shut up…(this time Kabir was also interrupted but by whom????!!!Sanchi???Sorry u guesses wrong!!!???Thats our one and only Anand Malhotra)


Kabir:Good morning sir

Anand:Stop scolding her

Kabir:But she is late for class

Anand:But she was doing her duty

Kabir :What duty?I have not alloted them any duty

Anand:she was helping a girl who mistakely swallowed a coin

Now Kabir was shocked and embarassed …He remembered the nurse’s words and realized that the girl was Sanchi

Kabir:Ok u can have ur seat!!!

Anand went from there and Sanchi went and sat beside Ria as because only two seats were available in a row and every seat was filled except beside Ria’s

Everyone perent in the class was shocked to see Anand protesting against Kabir for an intern except Ria-Veer-Isha-Pragya because they knew ……..

The class went on…….and finally it ended


Precape:Some Kanchi scenes

A Note:Here No one knows that Sanchi came from London and she is the daughter of Sunil Mishra,the half share holder of SDCH


So it ends here Sorry in this epi also there were less kaanchi scenes but i m trying to bring the story up





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