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Mr.Arrogant and Ms.Sweet (Kanchi ff) (Part 5)

One word SORRY , really sorry for the late update
There are a lot of dupattas of different colours . someone is calling out Saanchi’s name
Saanchi : catch me if you can
Guy : Saanchi
Saanchi is laughing and suddenly someone grabs her waist from her behind and lifts her . She felt comfortable in his grip , she felt as if all her worries and tension left and there is only serenity .
Saanchi slowly comes out of her dream , and realises her surroundings .
Things slowly swirl around and starts to become clear . The first thing she notices is a weight holding her or rather pinning her to the bed . With a horrified and shocked state of mind she realises that it is actually a man’s arm that is holding her .
She throws the persons hand of her to realise her state and her clothes’ state.
Her dress’s zipper is opened , one of its straps dangling as if someone ripped it .
She then turns to the guy and realises that its Kabir and she notices that his shirt is on floor .
She is about to wake him but before she could do so Kabir wakes up .
Saanchi : what did you do to me ????
Kabir : really ??!!??
Saanchi : *almost about to break down* yes what did you do to me ???
Kabir : I didn’t do anything to you , it was actually you who did everything .
Saanchi : me ??? What what did I do ???
Kabir : everything *smirks* even things I could not imagine
Saanchi : what ???? *breaks down completely*
Kabir : I never thought that a girl like you would be so amazing
Sannchi starts to cry uncontrollably
Saanchi : you should have stpped me , instead you took advantage of my situation , how could you do this to me , what did I ever do to you ???? *starts crying again*
Kabir : you forcefully made do things I couldn’t even dream off .
Saanchi : *she starts to sob uncontrollably* what did I made you do ???
Kabir : well for starters you made me do about 6 shots
Saanchi : then ???
Kabir : you started dancing with me
Saanchi : after that ???
Kabir : we were dancing real close
Saanchi : and…….
Kabir : really very close
Saanchi : stop with the closeness and say what did I do
Kabir : okay…… well………… I….. we………. I mean
Saanchi : stop stammering and say clearly what you want to say
Kabir : you fell asleep
Saanchi : what ???
Kabir : yep that is what had happened
Saanchi : then why are half naked and why is my clothes all messed up ???
Kabir : we sort of made out…..
Saachi : WHAT ???
Kabir : just chill , we didn’t actually do it ,we just kissed and stuff
Saanchi : what do you mean ???
Kabir : you are a doctor you can tell if something happened
Saanchi : so nothing actually happened ????
Kabir : yes
Saanchi : thank god
Kabir : okay just don’t tell anyone about this
Saanchi : why ??
Kabir : my reputation is a bit too exciting and no one will believe you and I don’t want people to think that my choice has become so poor and that Kabir Kapoor has become so desperate to go out with a girl like you
Saanchi : whatever
Thank you guys for the love and support and I am sorry please I wont be able to update regularly for a few weeks

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