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Mahakaali 15th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh fights Rishiwar

Mahakaali 15th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Parvati is upset. Ganesh and Kartika come to her. Ganesh says why are you upset? You are not alone in this trouble. Andhak was our brother too. Parvati says Andhak decided this for himself but I am a mother anyway. Parvati says why are you worried Ganesh? Ganesh says I still don’t feel good. As if something wrong is gonna happen.
Vishnu says andhak’s darkness hasn’t gone away at the moment.

A pandit says till I am here no one can harm this universe. I have to go to Kelash and warn Shiv.
Ganesh says I just felt like something is not right somewhere. I don’t know whats the reason. Parvati says dont’ worry.
Shiv and Vishnu come to Parvati. Shiv says Ganesh is right. There is a trouble in the universe. Parvati says how will we solve it?

Shiv says I have to go for a journey. You will have to come with me. He says Ganesh and Kartika you both have to take care of things here. Remember no one should between our journey.

The pandit is on his way. He says no one can stop me from meeting shiv. I will go there.
Ganehs says don’t worry. We will take care of things here. If there is any problem coming towards us, we are ready for it. Parvati says to Ganesh take care of yourselves too. Shiv says we have to go. Ganesh says to Kartika lets go. They both go. Shiv and Parvati are leaving. The man is entering Kelash.

Ganesh says to Kartika we have to handle everything ma and pita. Tell me a story about mom and dad. I want to know a lot of things. Tell me about someone who is related to them. The person comes there. Ganesh says who is this? Kartika says I will tell you. Don’t get him angry. The man comes to Kartika says welcome Maha rishi. He says I want to talk to Mahadev where is he? Kartika and Ganesha re silent?

Scene 2
Shiv and Parvati start their sadhna. He says this shouldn’t be disturbed. Its about time we create a balance in this universe. We have to do it all costs. They close eyes.
Rishipashuram says I will look for Shiv. Kartika says he is Kelash. He would be happy to see you. But you came all the way here please rest here. He says don’t fool me. I wanna meet him right now. Ganesh says sorry but you can’t meet him right now. I would ask you to wait for him here or come back later. Kartika says he means.. Rishipashuram says stupid kid move from way. Ganesh says I am sorry but try to understand I can’t allow you to meet him right its a promise to him. Kartika says I know you came here after a long time. You know I am Kartika he is Ganesh. He says I dont’ wanna know who is. He stopped me from meeting Mahadev. Ganesh says I don’t wanna make you angry. I can take somewhere where you can wait for them. Come. Rishipashuram says stay away from how. How dare you stop me. He gets angry. Kartika says I am sorry on his behalf. rishipahuram says remember when I come back here I don’t see you two here stopping me. He leaves. Kartika says how do we stop him. We can’t let him meet them. Ganesh says ma and pita has asked us to stop everyone.
Ganesh says I get it. he says see how I calm him down now.

Shiv and Parvati start their sadhna. Their energies meet.
Ganesh makes modak. Kartik says you think you can calm him down with this. He says yes I am sure this will calm his anger down. Kartika says sure. I am not sure if it would world. Ganesh says tell me his story. Kartika says I can tell you what mata told me about him.
He says Rishipashuram’s parents named him Ram. He was trained by Mahadev himself. Mahadev granted him an axe. And that is when Mahadev named him Pashuram. Kartika says yes he gave him these powers. He says he is a fighter. After all this he doesn’t know that you are Mahadev’s son that’s why he got angry at you. I have tell him that. Ganesh says you wont tell him anything. A child is a child no matter who his parents are. I will make it up to him a kid not as Shiv’s son.

Ganesh waits for Rishiwar with modaks. He comes back and says you two are still here. I told you both no one would be here when I come back. Ganesh says let spend this wait time with sweetness. I made these modaks for you. Rishiwar throws them away. Kartika and Ganesh are dazed. Ganesh says what did you do. I made them with love for you. He says stupid kid I am not here to waste my time. I have to meet Mahadev at any cost. Move from my way. Ganesh says I can’t move.

Ganesh says I wont move from this spot. He takes out his axe. Kartika says please calm down Rishiwar. We can’t disturb Mahadev and Mata. Rishiwar says I will battle with this kid first. Ganesh says I have done this mistake earlier i dont’ wanna repeat. If i do the same mistake again it will be my sin. However, i wont let yu go in either. Kartika takes out his weapon and says before you attack Ganesh you have to battle me first. Ganesh says no brother. He is our guest. We can’t fight him. This is my test I will face it alone. Please move. Rishiwar throws his weapon towards Ganhes. It cuts his tooth. He screams.. ma.. Parvati gets up and runs outside. She sees Ganesh fainting. Parvati says my son.. Are you okay? He says maa I am fine. Parvati says Kartika what were you doing. Kartika says he stopped me. Parvati looks at the weapon and Rishiwar. She says how dare you fight my son. He says I asked this kid to move from my he. He dared stopping me. Parvati says enough rishiwar. He is my son. My and Mahadev’s son. Parvati says when you hamra child you harm their parents. Rishiwar is dazed. Parvati turns into mahakali. Parvati is about to attack him. She sees Vishnu’s light in him. She stops. Shiv comes out. He says stop Parvati.
Rishiwar says if she can attempt attacking her sson can do that too. If a mother is like that what can I expect from her child. Ganesh says you can’t insult my mom like this.

Ganesh says Rishi if you want to fight me again you can. but if you say a word about my mom I wont tolerate it. Rishi says now I get to know that you shiv and mata’s son. He says devi I couldn’t stop my anger. I am sorry. Parvati says you had a reason too. Shiv syas yes. Roshiram did this for responsibility. Parvati says I am proud of you Ganesh. You kept your promise. rishi says I came here to meet Mahadev for a reason. There is a new problem coming your way. He leaves.
Parvati says what does he mean? Parvati says who is it? Shiv says Diti.
Diti is angry. She breaks everything down. She says I will make the whole world pay for what Mahadev did.
Precap-Diti says the way Parvati killed my sons I will ruin the whole world.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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