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Jab Love Hua (RagSan) Part 25 ~fairy

Hellow guys….after a long tym na..😋 so sry!!!kaise ho sab ???? Mast badiya??
K so before proceeding lemme tell u all finally dis ff reached 25th episode 😋!!slowly slowly nly bt wid ur support n ur encouragement huff!!finally its happening😋😂!!congrates to u all…coz dis story is now urs nly..doesn’t belong to me at all😅!!!so congo guys..woho!!!
K so widout wasting more tym let’s begin…

link to prev. episode -

So let’s start Ch_25….

It’s been 5 days since me n sanskaar have came to DARJILING.Here we are staying in our farmhouse !! N must say it’s sumptuously rich!! N d climate of dis location is making it too pleasing🙂!!

Sanskaar is out for some work.he said he”ll come back soon…so that’s why I am waitng for him sitting on dis swing engrossing the positive vibes from d surrounding!!
Vaise here isn’t dat much work for sanskaar,so we mostly wander around some beautiful locations .He shows me all his childhood fav. areas.He seems to be attached wid dis place.

The best thing about sanskaar is ,he is too pure.i had never ever seen a person like him .i always feel so blessed to have him in my life.N m so proud of my choice😉!!

“Ting tong-ting tong”_bell ranged.

I runned n opened d door nly to found my Bahubali standing r8 in front of me wid his cute gummy smile😁!!

My face brightened up !!N I keep lookng at him!!

“Ahem ahem ragini”-he fake coughed to bring me back from my lala land.

ISSH…m behaving like a typical lover now a days😷!! Ahhh!!! God someone help me…Dis sanksaar is doing a lot inside me😖!!

“Hmmm..Bt I wl also make u fall in my love soon Mr.bahubali”-said I

“U said somethng?”-asked sanskaar sitting for dinner

“ no!!”-nodded I n sat beside him as our servents served us!!
Since we have came here i strted finding ways to impress Sanskaar!!Laksh is full on helping me wid his ideas… bt dis guy is not even 1% getting affected… uff!!….I looked beside me …he was all into deep sleep!! So I took my phone n started searching in GOOGLE BABA(hey bhagwaan ye mere last umeed hai) _”HOW TO BE A TRADITIONAL HOUSEWIFE…!!!”
arghh!! No no …I rubbed d title n again typed _”HOW TO IMPRESS MY TRADITIONAL HUSBAND?” N pressed d search button.

I grinned lookng at sanskaar sleeping ..awww!!!Cho cute,he looks 😍!!

I jotted down some brillient ideas to impress dis DESI GUY!!
N den slept spreading myself into him!! Hehe…actually it’s my habit…I need someone on whom I can keep my legs n hands…previously I used to keep pillows..Bt now wen I have him,den wts d need of ny other thing.😉!!

“Shanta tai…..Rakesh kaka….chotu!!!..are bhai where r u guys???”-shouted sanksaar searching for his servents all over d house…n den entered into d bathroom n found ragini standing in t_shirt n trouser trying to wash cloths !!

His eyes got widened seeing d scene..
“Wha…what ..r u doing??”-he somehow asked seeing d place all messed wid detergent powder.

Rags looked at him wid grin _”washing the cloths”

“Bt Shanta tai can also do this na…y you??”-asked he

“Coz all our servents are on leave!!!so today I”ll do all d household chores “-said she proudly

Sanskaar rubbed his ears ..did he heard properly…she”ll do all d work…hey Shivji!! Ab iss ladki ko kya hogaya??

“Ohooo..ohhh….ohk!!!Bt ..Bt …U can even wash cloths in washingmachine also na!!”-said sanky

“Haa bt…Google me to likha tha …traditional husband’s loves hand washed cloths!!”-said she innocently

“What!!????”-asked sanky,movng towards her…he ws about to slip due to slippery floor bt somehow stables himself!!

“Sanskaar be aware’s slipperrrrrrrrrrrrry….dhaaaam”_as rags ws awareing him,she herself falls down!!

“Ahhh!!!😭😭😭😭”-she starts crying holding her back!!

Sanky runs towards her n holded her back!!!he touched her gently ..N asked if it’s paining a lot??? She nodded….
He then picks her up..N took her to d room!!N made her lie on bed!!

“Bahaut pain hora hoga na…wait mai ointment lata hoo”(it must be paining a lot na ragini,wait I”ll bring ointment)-said sanky

Rags could see d concern in his eyes!!
N den remembered about her plan!!

Issh rags u can’t waste ur tym resting here,u have to nyhow win his heart!!

“Arey!no no sanskaar leave’s not paining dt much!!”-said rags n strted gettng up.

“Oye…hellow…madam…wt r u doing?? “-said sanky again making her lie
“Offo!!!Sanskaar!!leave me…I have lot of work to do!!”-said she
He checked her forehead n said_”what had happened to u today!! R u out of ur medication or what??”

Rags took some tym to register his quip!!n den hitted his arms..
Sanky laughed n said_”oye jokes apart!! Bt y r u behaving like dis ?? Akhir hua kya hai??”
“Nothing!!!it’s jst I always do wtever my heart wants me to do…”-said she
“Ahaaa!!”-said he rising his brows
“Okay now side hato!!!lemme go!!M too busy”-said she pushing him aside .

“Dis grl!!!Huff!!!”-murmered sanky!!
For d rest of d day…rags keep on trying to impress Sanskaar!! Bt bechari ,always landed up-on some problem nly😅!!
Ah!!mainly ending up creating problem for sanksaar nly😂😂😂!!!

Sanskaar being tired wid dis sudden disastrous n weird change in his wife .finally decided to go out to get some fresh air!!
The majestic beauty of night outshines n sanskaar returned back!!

“What’s dis smell??”-he sniffed n muttered following d foul smell!!

He entered d kitchen n became shocked to see it in grubby way!!


His gaze falls on floor n dere she is!!
His unique si wife😅 sitting bowing her head down keeping it in btween her legs!!

He frowned !!”what is she doing dere??”

Before he could say nythng he head her tiny sobs…

He became worried n goes towards her!!
He bend down n took her face in his palms!!!
“Ragini….Rag!!! Kya hua??(what happened)hey!!!look at me…why r u crying???”-asked he gently…

“Aaaaaaaahaaaaaaaa”-she cried loudly like a small child widout ny tears😅!!

“Isssh!!are are…sssssshhhh!!!! Ragini shhh!!!”-shouted sanskaar
Which made her silent.
“Now tell me what xactly happened “-asked he
She sniffed 2 times n Bleated n den finally said_”I was trying to prepare ur fav. Daal(pulse) bt …àaaahaaaa….seee dis …..”
She showed him fully burned pulse!!

“Sab jal gaya…kharab hogaya😭!”-said she childishly!!

He banged his head n said -“n dts y u r sitting here like dis n crying!!for dis small thing…uff!!Ragini I got so scared yaar!!!”

“Hawww!!Dis is small thing for u!!!”-said she dragging him near her by holding his collar!!”Mr.sanskaar!! U don’t even know how much hard work I have putted on dis…(she loosened her grip) bt see… Everythng got ruined”-she again turned sad!!

“Ok. Ok..sry baba..sry!!I am really very sorry…Bt now stop dis rona-dhona..go n change ur dress.. till den I”ll prepare somethng for dinner!!”-said he
“But….”-she ws interrupted by him”no but_vut….go n come back soon!!!”-said he pushing her out of d kitchen!!

“Hmm sanskaar wt wl u prepare….khana banana to aapko aata nahi hai🤔!!n servents r also not here!!! Mmm…are haan!!!Maggie 😉!!always d best!!”-murmered he to himself…
Rags comes down wearing her night dress…. shots wid tooth crafted t_shirt😁!!lookng too cute…wid a high pony!!

As she stepped down d stairs…Sanskaar dragged her to d dinning table n made her sit_”ma’am have a seat n njoy d dinner☺”-said he showing his gummy_blummy smile..

She laughed n nodded her head…

“Woah!!Maggie 😍”-she grinned..

Den both strted eating it!!!n soon finished it too!!

& went to dere room!!!

Sanskaar as usual slept early !!Bt rags ws far from sleep ..none of her plan worked on dis cute BAHUBALI!!

She get a messages from laksh…who asked dt nythng worked or not!!she sended a sad smiley…n typed him how her plans misfired😑
It ws early morning …sankskaar got a call from laksh…

“Laksh…that too dis early!!is everything fine at home??”-questioned sanky himself n lifted d call!!

Before sanskaar could ask ny question laksh bursted out_”oye Mr.bahaubali..wt does u think of urself haa??? U know wt u jst have body nthng else…Ur brain is no too tiny!!! TUBELIGHT hai tu bhai TUBELIGHT!!!can’t u see d love of ragini towards u…can’t u see wt all she is doing to get ur love…can’t u love back dis sweet si girl!! Bhai I always respected u bt yaar u r letting me down in dis matter…😑”

Sankskaar wsnt gettng ny word to say..
“Ab bol bhi kuch!!”-said laksh
Sanskaar breathed n said_”yaaar laksh …I…I am too confused yaar!! uff!! I never ever thought about love n all..all dese things are happening too suddenly yaar!!”
“Arey happens suddenly nly…acha tell me …do u feel special around ragini”
“Wt kinda question is dis laksh”
“Arey plz Bolna bhai… do u feel she is somewhat different from others!?”
“Hmmm”-replied sanksaar
Laksh smiled..
“Ok… n do u feel she is jst one peice in dis whole world??”
Sanky remembered rags quirky acts n grinned_”ya she is jst single piece 😂”

“Yes it’s working” -thought laksh n den continued

“Can u imagine someone else in her place???”
Sanky frowned _”no.. never!!”
“Eureka !! U also loves her bhai!!!badhai ho😍😍”-exclaimed laksh
“Oye ….Kuch bhi haa!! Stop ur nonsense talk oka!!”-said sanskaar
“Ufff!!tubelight!!! Acha ok ok so I have a way to clear ur confusion…U always do wtever Shivji suggest u na…so go to d temple..n ask Shivji nly!!! Wt say?”-said laksh
“Hmmm not a bad idea yaar laksh!! Tere pass itna dimag kaha se aagaya???”-asked sanskaar
“Wen u r not using ur brain..den I nly have to use mine na”-replied laksh

Sanky laughed n den both hanged d call.

Sanskaar looked at rags who is all droned into her sleep!!
He walks towards her n shaked her .
“Ragini wake up …U asked me to woke u up as u wanted to go visit mandir wid me na!! Come-on wake up fast!!”-said sanskaar

She hurriedly worked up remembering dt she is on mission PATAO(impress) SANKAAR!!😅

Dey both reached mandir n sanskaar ws all busy in doing his pooja path!!where as rags ws sitting on stairs !!

A child came n started talking wid ragini…she ws also replying her kidishly!!

Sanky finally asked Shivji to help him out!!
N turned!!

He remembered laksh’s talk n gets into sweet flashback of his n ragini’s moments…

He knew she is d best…dere can’t be a grl more pure n pious den her…Bt he is confused wid his feelings nly!!actually he is scared to admit dt he is also in love wid her…

He stared at ragini who is bsy in talkng to d lill grl..

He remembered how she helped dem. How he forgets all his pain wen she is around he acts differently in front of her… how comfortable he feels wid he always wanna see her happy…how her presence feel so soothing to him!!

*Tu hi toh jannat meri, Tu hi mera junoon
Tu hi to mannat meri, Tu hi ooh ka sukoon
Tu hi aakhion ki thandak, tu hi dil ki hai dastak
Aur kuch na janu mein, bas itna hi jaanu
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai
Yaara mein kya karu*

He exaled n said_”Shivji…is dis really love??”

D bell of mandir rang _”TUNG!!!”

sanky looked at d bell n nodded his head wid a cute smile…he turned towards Shivji idol n said_”so dis is true…I am in love ..haha I am in love wid dis NAUTANKI grl😅!! Huff!! Finally ..god dis is so tough haa. Thank god I have u wid me”-said he winking at Shivji grinning ear to ear!!

He goes towards bell n ranged it loudly!!

“Be ready ragini….☺ Now nobody can separate us😅”-said he.
“Nai nai🤔 not so easily!! Dis will be too simple for dis extra ordinary grl!! Like how she always do dramas…Dis tym lemme do dis honour … Mrs .dramebaaz dentist be ready😉!!”

Ab ragini ke sth rehte rehte thora asar to sanskaar pe bhi aayega na😋!!!

He goes towards ragini n asked her to go home wid driver..he”ll be back soon!!

She nodded n ws about to go wen he holded her wrist …she turned …he goes near her n putted d dupatta upon her head!!

She smiled cutely …

“Now go!!”-said he
She nodded..n left!!!
“O shit!!sanskaar’s phone is wid wt if ny important call comes??”-said ragini seeing his phone on her hand after reaching guest house.

D phone buzzed!!
“Issh!!lo hogaya siyappa”-murmered she.

“I think I should attend d call..”-thought she n picked it up!!

Before she could say hellow….
D caller said_”like what u have done wid my son ..I”ll do d same wid u sanskaar ..even worser…for dt cheap grl u have beated my son like dis….dt he even cant get up-on his legs….I won’t leave.u….jst like I have killed her parents BOOOOOM!!!hahahhahaha… i”ll kill u also …kill u more shoody den dem….I promise I….”

Before he can say nythng else rags throws d mobile away!!!n falls on d floor!!!

She can easily recognise dt d caller ws BISHWANATH!!!
she got hell scared..not for herself bt for sanskaar n maheshwari’s …. She can’t bear to loose Nyone…already she is haunted from her parents death ..she can’t..she really can’t bear ny more!!!

She heard door opening sound…N hurriedly got up & run towards d door…

“Ra….Gini…”-said sanskaar in weak voice walkng towards rags slowly wid misbalanced steps!!!

She got shocked seeing him like dis..n holded him tight_”sanksaar ..Sanskaar …wt happens to u..sanksaar!!!”-she keep on shouting wid overflowded tears!!

Sanskaar unknown About d call matter,who ws jst trying to play a prank on her…gets worried seeing her condition..

“Ragini..ragini…relax …..calm down…nothng happened to me..I ws jst playing a prank on u..plz calm down!!!”-said he holding her shoulders.

As dese words get registered on her brain ,she becomes stiffed…
She knotted her brows n looked at him…

N den….

She slapped him hard!!!!
Shaking each cell of his cheeks!!!

Precap-TU MERE BAAHO ME DUNIYA BHULA DE😉😉(hehe!!guess guess)

Done wid dis chappy!!hope u all lyked it..shower ur views regardng dis in d comment box.
🙂 😉 🙂

lots of love
keep rockng n stay blessed
yours fairy 😉

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