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His silent love – Chapter 11

Chapter – 11 – Mine since day one


Twinkle (POV)


So for two weeks, we would be living in Theo’s house.

By we, I mean my idiotic brothers and Kunj’s siblings along with my friends including Jacob. Why? Because all of our parents are gonna have fun going around in a cruise ship while we stay behind.

Theo’s house is really big, probably capable of fitting more than twenty people. They have their own butlers and cooks. That’s good because if we would have been in our house, Dhruv might have burned the entire house down cooking for us.

While my skills are limited to baking only.

I wonder who’s that ‘adult’ that’s gonna be staying behind to look after us.

“This is your room” Theo opened the door helping me with my bag and I smiled thanking him. I placed my bag in a corner and we both walked downstairs.

“Can I stay with Twinki? Pleaseee?” Sarah pouted batting her eyelashes to Maira who sighed looking over at me. “She wouldn’t sleep with Kunj since according to her he makes animalistic noises aka snoring”

I laughed while Kunj rolled his eyes. “And not with me because she’s bored of me” Maira chuckled and let Sarah down who ran towards me. “Can I share a room with you?”

“Only if you’d sing for me and kick Kunj’s peaches every night” I held out a hand crouching down to her level and she giggled shaking mine. “We will kick it two times” she whispered smirking and I high fived her.

“I hope I am not interrupting something” We all turned around surprised to see Mr. Thomson there smiling at us.

“Heyy” Theo hugged him patting his back, “Took you long”

“Guys. This is my uncle and you might know him, teaches physics to some of you” Theo smiled and they both walked towards us.

“No way” Ben muttered stunned just like us. “Small world huh?” Mr. Thomson smiled at us and I nodded agreeing.

Theo never told us about them being related.

After a couple of minutes of us overcoming the news, everyone of us went to our rooms.

“Oh No..” Sarah gasped jumping up from the bed while I was brushing my hair and I turned around panicked, “What?”

“We forgot to kick Kunj’s peaches” She gasped loudly again widening her eyes more if possible and I fought the urge to laugh.

So, she took it seriously.

“Let’s go then” I shrugged holding her hand and went towards the room Kunj was staying in which was downstairs.

I was about to enter before Sarah held my hand stopping me. She knocked three times before smiling sheepishly at me.

Look, Twinkle. This six year old has more manners than you.

Well, I am mannered too.

Really? Enlighten me.

Like I call ass peaches.

“Yes?” Came Kunj’s voice and Sarah took in a deep breath settling her hair as if she’s about to start a serious talk, “We came to kick your peaches”

I fought the urge to laugh at that.

“What?” the door opened in a second revealing Kunj who was scowling at me. “You are a bad influence to my sister” he muttered before opening the door and Sarah stepped in but he closed the door on my face and I hit my nose.

“Ow! Kunj you brat” I groaned kicking the door.

Sarah opened the door letting me in muttering apologises when it wasn’t even her fault and made me sit on the bed.

She turned around facing Kunj who was still scowling at me and crossed her arms tapping her food impatiently.

“Bend down” She ordered and you guys, The Kunj Sarna, the asshole who never listens to anyone, bent down to his six year old cute as f**k sister in a second.

And with that Sarah got a hold of Kunj’s nipples and twisted then making him yelp out loud.


That was freaking hilarious.

I literally fell of the bed laughing at the scene.

“Oh.My.God” I breathed out laughing and went towards them chuckling, “I am speechless” I tell Kunj who glared at me and stood up picking Sarah in his arms.

“You kicked my ass. Now happy” He tapped her nose and she shook her head, “You say sorry when you hurt someone. Remember you told me” she whispered but loud enough for me to hear.

“Come on” she patted her brother on his arm and I looked on amused. Kunj sighed looking at me. “I’m sorry, Twinkle”

“And promise you won’t hurt her in the future” Sarah grinned happily and I looked on kinda startled at her words.

“I would try not to hurt her. And keep her happy”

I blinked.

That wasn’t his line.

“Good” Sarah clapped and Kunj blinked releasing what he said and let Sarah down looking at me for a second before averting his gaze.

“Washroom” she pointed towards the toilet and rushed inside leaving an awkward silence between us.

Say something…

“I won’t tell anyone what Sarah did. Won’t ruin your bad boy image an-“ Before I could finish he started stepping ahead while I stepped back my back hitting the wall.

“You wouldn’t dare” He whispered, his right hand on the wall next to my face and I shrugged, “I won’t but don’t think I can’t”

“Just try. You’d regret it” I swallowed the lump forming in my throat at his words, “What would you..do?” I stammered fidgeting with the buttons of my T-shirt.

“As I have said before” he trailed whispering, “f**king kiss you senseless”

Get a hold of yourself, Twinkle.

He’s just playing with your head.

“I wouldn’t let you” I answer in a firm tone and he smirked, “You’d be asking…nah…begging for it yourself”

“You’d want your first kiss with me. Trust me” he said shrugging and I gaped him.

How on earth does he know I haven’t had my first kiss yet?

Duh. Isn’t it obvious?

“Don’t you see it, Twinkle? You have been mine. Since day one. And always will be” he muttered his thumb caressing my cheekbone smiling. “Imagine how badly injured a guy would be the day he lays his hands on my girl”

My girl…

I am screaming. Did he say that?

“Bad. He would be having it bad. Real bad” He answered himself.

What is happening?

I think I’m gonna burst out crying because of all this.

f**king shocks.

“All along, it’s just been you” he kissed my forehead before pulling back and turning around just as Sarah comes out smiling.


It was all just a dream.

It’s okay, Twinkle. It’s okay.



It wasn’t a dream.

Nope. It wasn’t.

Because why. Why on earth would Kunj start liking me out of the blue. Or might have liked me since always.

Never happening. And I am way too happy without him involved with me anyway.

Are you? I mean you literally were about snap Melody’s head off when she was flirting with him today.😏

Yeah because that’s melody. And well yeah I wasn’t jealous.

I never said you were😏

And well all those things he said about ‘my girl’, I am sure he’s just messing around with me. I won’t let him succeed.

“Hurry up” Dhruv yelled from downstairs and I hurriedly grabbed my phone and bag rushing downstairs. “Please tell we all are going to the same place because I don’t want miss one of my best friends illegal activities and then they whining about how much of a bad friend I am to not visit their illegal activity and then-“

Jacob immediately placed a hand on my hand shutting me up and I looked on at everyone’s amused expressions.

“Breathe” Jacob snickered removing his hand and I took in a deep breath looking down at my shoes embarrassed. “Illegal activities? Just say racing or boxing” Dhruv laughed shaking his head.

“Yeah. We are going to the same place. Kunj’s going to fight today” Chloe comes out of the kitchen with Kunj and I nodded. “Good for him” I shrugged earning a suspicious look for Theo.

“Well, Sebastian. We are leaving Sarah under your care” Chloe stated sternly at Mr. Thomson (his name is Sebastian. Just in case someone forgot), “Just don’t let her break your head. She’s a sweet angel but would actually kick your peaches if you let her have too much sugar”

Sebastian laughed giving her a thumbs up and everyone of us went outside towards the garage.

“Just a second. Mama’s calling me” I picked up the call and talked to her for a few minutes before returning back.

“So who am I going with?” I question. Maira and Jacob were on Jacob’s bike. Dhruv, Chloe, Nat, Ben and Jacob in Ben’s car. Yuvi and Theo were in Yuvi’s sport car which could fit in only two people and that left only one car which was Kunj’s.

“What? Why do I have to go with him?” I frowned bending down to speak to Dhruv who was sitting inside the car. “Stop fussing, annoying princess”

“Go. Your Prince is waiting” Chloe whispered from the back seat and I showed her the finger before stepping back and allowing them to go.

“Tch. Tch” I heard Kunj’s voice when the all were gone and I turned to face him, “Hey Barbie. Wanna go for a ride?” He speaks in his lost annoying Ken tone and I laughed shaking my head.

“Sure. Ken” I sugar coated my voice as much I could and sat inside the car.

This is gonna be hella awkward.

Just be yourself, don’t panic. Don’t look at him too much. Don’t give him an opportunity to blabber about that ‘mine since day one’ thing. He’s just playing around and is ranting bullshit.

Yeah, as if you don’t like his rants😏


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