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He drew away her darkness (RagSanSwa) by priya – part 7

“Laksh asked me to sit in his car, I sat in his car. Laksh was driving the car by himself. He was holding something like wheel and was rotating it from left to right and right to left. There were many vehicles. I was watching them very carefully, how were they working what color they were in. While I was busy in analyzing Laksh asked ‘Ragini, I’m Laksh….’ I know that he is Laksh, why is he introducing himself again? ‘okay….’ I replied. ‘I’m doing a degree in Humanities, I’m in my fourth year now’ Its the same thing I did. He is younger to me, 2 years younger to me. ‘Oh, thats a good one’ I replied with a smile. I guess he’s struggling to talk about a topic and thats why he choose this. may be I should start talking to him instead of analyzing of few minutes. I asked him ‘Laksh…where are we going now?’ ‘Oh sorry, you don’t know right? we are going to my home right now.’ ‘Oh okay….but why?’ this was my instant reaction. He was confused hearing to my question, I guess he wasn’t expecting this sort of reaction from. Oh no I shouldn’t have said that. Oh no…what is he thinking now. ‘umm Ragini, don’t you know? today is my mums bday, we generally celebrate it with our family. we go on a one-day trip and spend some quality of time with each other. I thought Babu uncle told you about this’ Ohhh this is the reason. I like the idea of spending time with family. They must be feeling bad that Sharmishta isn’t here with them :'(.

After 10-20 minutes we reached his home. It was so big. I have never seen such a huge house, oh shit. what am I thinking…I have never seen a house till now. Laksh parked his car between 4 other cars of 4 different color each. He opened the door for me. ‘Ragini, we will have break-fast first’ ‘okay’. I saw sanskar standing in front of the main door. I smiled looking at him…I still don’t know why did they broke up. I dont know if it’s correct or not, deep inside am feelng good…am I a bad person? Why am I feeling good? I can’t even express my happiness, people will think am a psycho. ‘Ragini, come inside I will show you our house today’ he gave me his right hand to hold. wow wow wow. I’m gonna touch Sanskars hand, wow. this is my lucky day. I lifted my left hand up, I was about to hold his hand Swara entered the scene. :'( :'( Oh no….I quickly took my hand back. But Sanskars hand was still in air waiting for mine. Is it my imagination or is he still waiting for my hand? No one noticed his hand. Swara welcomed me by saying ‘Hello Ragini, how are you? Come inside…Lets have break fast’ I stepped inside the house. Laksh accompanied me to their dining hall. The table was amazing. I guess it’s carpentry…the art of turning wood into beautiful carvings. The design of table was so good. Laksh showed me a chair and asked me to sit on that. where are swara and sanskar? they just disappeared. I opened my mobile to see the time, It was 9am. Laksh sat beside me. ‘So..Ragini what should I call you? Ragini is fine right? or should I call you di because you are elder to me?’ what? he call me anything he wants, it doesnt actually matter. ‘Anything is fine Laksh’ ‘fine then Ragini’ He said it by stressing my name ‘Ragini’ I saw Sanskar coming out of kitchen. I can’t wait to see whats for break fast. Sanskar kept a plate in front of me. ‘Ragini. todays special is South Indian masala Dosa You like it right? I have seen you eating it so many times in our college canteen’ Whats happening? Why did he notice? I was shocked to hear this. Swara came to dining table with some older man…. ‘Ragini, meet my papa’ ‘Ragini beta, how are you? Is everything okay?’ ‘yeas, uncle everything is fine’ I answered him without any expression. I was shocked to hear this from Sanskar, He was married that time, why did he notice? May be I was eating too many dosas thats why he remembers it. Yeah this may be true. Why will he notice? nah nah I was eating too many dosas, thats the reason he know about this. Thinking about this I ate two full dosas. I drank a glass full of water after that. I was so much into my thoughts that I didn’t notice others on the same dining table. ‘Ragini, come inside wash your hands’ Sanskar said putting his hand on my shoulder…. Oh my god whats happening, am not able to understand a bit. Does he like me? what about swara then? ohhh god!”

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