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Hamesha…… Will love remain always (Swasan ff) prologue

A girl is shown looking at sanskar’s pic hanging on the wall looking with a Garland around it with tears in her eyes without blinking her eyes which were making her vision glassy
Just then a man comes and the throws the Garland around the pic angrily

Man: i told you all enough time that we don’t put a Garland around an alive man’s pic can’t you all understand one thing

“but laksh”says ragini who was serving food to dp and ragini”he is”

She was not able to complete as laksh interrupts her”just shut up ragini shut up and just tell me who has put Garland on this pic”says he and looks at ap who was hiding her glance from him

Laksh: how can you do this maa being a mom. Had you seen swara’s condition (points at swara whose tears are running from her eyes continuously) or chachi and chachu(points at ram and sujata where ram was trying to make sujata eat who was sitting lifless whereas ram’s condition was also no less he has turned pale)

Ap: beta but i have done this for everyone ‘s betterment only because till how much time you swara and ram and sujata will live in a lie. You all should accept. He is dead and will never come back

Listening her words not able to control hers swara runs to her room, laksh looks at her with pain understanding her condition because his condition is also same whenever he sees or hears those words for his brother

Laksh: how could you maa? How could you? Bhai is also like me your first child then how can you just declare him just dead by some proofs only. When i was missing i have heard  That you always used to pray that i should return and always used to remain gloomy but in bhai’s case why it is different? I am seeing that you have moved on soo easily

Ap; because its truth laksh and it can’t be changed

Laksh: it will be changed mom. It will be changed. I will find my bhai and prove you all wrong (shouts)

Scene 2

a girl is shown entering a house with viel in a total village attire with a smirk on her face

Girl :yes i am here

Scene 3

A boy is shown kneeling infront of a another boy who wAs looking blankly at him

Hey guys its a os do you liked the concept i will continue and yess if i got less response in compare to my followers i will delete this

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