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Here is the last chapter :


Sanskar stood outside the operation theater hoping and praying that his Ragini will be safe.


Sanskar and Ragini were watching the setting sun.

Ragini had placed her head on sanskar’s shoulder. He just kept looking at the sun.

“Dumbledore what it feels like to be with family? ” She asked tangling her fingers in his fingers.

He smiled.  “Wish I had an answer” he looked down.

“What do you mean? ” she lifted her head and looked at him.

“Though it looks like I have a big family it is actually small pieces of everyone’s personal space. Mom dad bhai bhabis niece. They are all there but they are not really there” he said and Ragini could guess his sadness.

“Family is what you have Ragini. Every morning you get up and annoy your brother and some times he does” he chuckled but she could guess his sadness.

“You both run across your mother and she beats you with her fake anger then again caresses your hair while you have your food.” a tear developed in his eye.

“That’s family and I never want you to lose it. Never ever” he turned his glassy eyes to her and she caresses his cheek.

“I don’t know where that thing of my family is lost. We are just staying together tolerating each other not out of love but as we don’t have any choice. I always wished and tried fitting in Sahil’s family. But I’m such a fateful person you know I became a bad omen for them” “shush” she placed her finger on his lips.

Closing her eyes touching his forehead she let out Her tears which were due to his pain.

“You are the best thing which can happen to anyone. The best thing.” she placed her head back on his shoulder and he kissed her hair.

Life was not easy even now. But something had changed.
The sun set immersed the sky in the color of love. And they shone in that light and their emotions bonded them more closely.

Laksh collapsed on the chair  and struggled to keep his mind stable which looked an impossible task. “I can’t do this” he said defeated. “Laksh” he heard Diya’s whisper. “You have to do this for our Bacha.” he looked at Ragini who was breathing with the help of the ventilator.

“It looks very complicated case. Dr. Laksh is also not able to handle it” a nurse walked out of the operation theater. Sanskar’s ears sharpened hearing her. He walked to the god’s idol in the hospital.

“Dekh Sanky one day you have to agree to me and bow down in front of Bappa” said Kumud handing him the prasad. “In your dreams” he swallowed the prasad and walked away from her. “Dreams do come true Budhu ram” she said happy.

“I know I don’t deserve anyone in my life. I know” he looked at Ganesh ji’s idol. “But for that how many lives will you snatch? First Kumud Bhabi then Diya and now Ragini also?” asked he helplessly.

“I give up” he raised his hands in surrender. “I give up that I cannot win you. But please” he folded his hand.

“Please don’t snatch Ragini from me. And this time I’m sure my heart beat will give up if you do so. I can’t live without her. I can’t even imagine my life without her continuous blabbering. And I can’t imagine my life without her calling me Dumbledore” he burst into silent cry.

“She is the light of my life and beat of my heart and you want me to live without her. I can’t. I can’t. I don’t know anything I want my Ragini. My Ragini back in my life. How you do this I don’t know” said he stubborn.

He felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked at his left to find Vikram standing beside him. He immediately hugged Vikram. Vikram controlled his emotions and covered him in his embrace.

How much Ragini and Kumud wished to see them like this. “I’m so happy Bhai you forgave Sanky” Kumud’s soul back walked and disappeared from the world to start her journey in the new world.

“You know why did I name her Ragini?” asked Vikram and Sanskar nodded his head. “Somewhere that name flashed in my mind when I saw her. She instantly matched her melody with my heart beat and brought that light in my dark life. She has that aura always to lighten people’s life” Sanskar tightened his grip on Vikram’s shoulder.

He did not knew what will happen to Vikram if ever he came to know the truth that Ragini was the one who pushed him to the darkness also.

She sure made Vikram and Sumi’s life a heaven. When they were all immersed in a deep sorrow of losing the soul of their home.

Ragini sure filled Kumud’s place in their life. But he wasn’t sure if Vikram’s love will overcome the hate which might arise in future due to the truth.

And the most broken person then will be Vikram and Ragini. And that truth revelation was an operation away.

He knew as soon as Ragini gains her memory she will confess to Vikram that she was responsible for Kumud’s accident.

And then she will fall into a greater hell of guilt. He did not wanted that. On the other hand her life was at stake.

Sanskar was in the middle of most difficult crisis of his life. Either way he was going to lose something.

He just wished Ragini stayed alive because to tackle her guilt he was beside her. He will never leave her alone in this journey of guilt.

“The operation was successful” announced Dr. Kapoor coming out of the operation theater. All thanked God looking up and sighed in relief. Sanskar turned to Ganesh ji’s idol.

“I know my real battles starts now. But I’m prepared” he said determined and walked towards the operation theater.

“You can meet her once she is shifted to the normal ward” said Dr. Kapoor patting Sanskar’s shoulder who was numb.

Laksh walked out and collapsed on the chair. Yohan knelt in front of him. “You did it bro” Yohan hugged him. “At a point I thought I lost her” Laksh’s voice choked. “We will never lose her. She is here to stay” said Yohan smiling at Laksh and he nodded his head.

Ragini was soon shifted to the ward. “One by one. Don’t stress her emotionally please” said Dr. Kapoor walking out of the ward. Vikram and Laksh walked together and their shoulders collided near the door.

Vikram’s heart pained. Finally the day came when he had to handover Ragini to her original family. He lowered his head and backed away sadly. Laksh held his wrist and brought him forward.

“You deserve to meet her more than anyone” Laksh smiled through his tears. Vikram looked at him emotionally. He stopped his steps at the door. “Vikky” Sumi rubbed his shoulder.

“Be brave” Sumi encouraged him. He smiled at her and entered the ward. His heart beat went wild suddenly. He walked and sat beside her head. He left his held breath when her orbs moved inside her closed eyes.

She opened her eyes to the pricking light.

“Ragu” Vikram caressed her cheek and she looked at him blankly. Her eye brows knitted in confusion and Vikram’s heart felt dead.

“Bacha” a tear was at the edge of his eye.

“W…who are you?” her question broke his heart and its pieces scattered and pierced his skin deeply. “Ragu…” he said looking at her worried. “Where am I?” she sat up looking around. “Ragu. See Bhayyu” said Vikram as tears dropped out of his eyes.

“Bhayyu?” she asked confused. He nodded his head smiling at her. She held her head. “I don’t know you” she struggled to control the pain in her head.

Laksh watched them and walked inside to check. “Ragu… Bacha” said he sitting beside her. She moved in her bed back.

“Who are you?” she asked looking at Laksh. If she knew her question could hurt the people in front of her so badly she wouldn’t have dared to ask those questions.

“Ragu…” Laksh tried explaining her. “Don’t come near me. Who are you?” asked she as hot tears tripped her eyes.

“Who am I? Why don’t I remember anything?” she pressed her head to control it from bursting.

“Me your bhayyu. Don’t you remember me?” asked Vikram painfully. She just nodded her head pressing both her hands on each side of it.

“I don’t remember anything” she screamed and started crying bitterly. Laksh helped Vikram to walk out. “How can she forget me?” he asked painfully looking at Laksh. “She can’t forget me” he released himself and rushed to Ragini. She was taken a back when he cupped her face.

“You remember na Ragu bacha. You remember your stone age caveman Bhayyu don’t you” he burst into a bitter cry. Her eyes filled with tears looking at his condition. Though she did not remember anything for an unknown reason Vikram’s pain squeezed her heart.

“I’m sorry. I …. I can’t remember anything” said she struggling to control her pain looking at Vikram. He broke again. The day he feared the most was finally in front of him. How can he let his baby sister know what she meant to him. “You told you will never forget me” he said painfully and Ragini closed her eyes not able to tolerate the pain.

“I’m sorry. I…I’m really sorry” she said folding her hands in front of him. “I….” she fainted in his hold. “Ragu” Vikram screamed and Laksh walked to them. He checked her and injected an injection.

“You will pressurize her more and in this state emotional pain is intolerable for her. Please try to understand Vikram please” Laksh begged Vikram.

Hardening his heart Vikram walked out of the ward. Laksh looked at Ragini painfully. He felt the peak of helplessness right then.

His world had stopped spinning. He did not knew he will survive this or not. He did not knew what the future has stored.

The greatest fear of has come alive and it is standing as a big monster. Will vikram and ragini’s brother sister bond will be able to fight this monster?

Only time has an answer.

So everything is fine in this little world of RagSan.

Just a chapter away from the final phase. 

Lot more emotions before we get back to the funny start of the next phase. So much excited for it to begin.


Sally 😘

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