Friday , September 25 2020


@night @terrace
One girl is shown who iis blushing profusely and smiling in between her blush
She took her phone and carcasses the photo in it and says to herself, I TOO LOVE YOU SANSKAR
same day @mrng
as soon as she woke up, all family members wishes her as HAPPY BIRTHDAY
rag smiles :thank you by saying she hugs them (Shekar as her papa, janaki as her ma and swara as her sister)

After few minutes
Swara :shall v go shopping today
Rag:but college
Swara:huff I don’t know when r u going to enjoy, dnt wry I asked ma permission
Rag smiles and nods

@ragini house
Shekjanaki did decorations for Ragini’s birthday as a surprise
Shek:looking perfect
and turns to his wife, Wat abt ur brother’s family, r they coming or not
Janaki:wait I’ll call them
Shek:i know, he will never on time
Voice :sry for that

Both turns and saw Ram (Janaki’s bro) standing at the door end with his wife Sujatha and their sons sanskar and laksh

Janaki welcomes them with a broad smile but shekar fake angrily turns
Suj:sry bhaiya
Shek:i can’t b angry on u and my son in laws
Ram:then me??
Shek:yeah u only, I knew because of u only .u r always late comer, he complains
Ram pouts All smiles

After few minutes
As soon as swaragini came
Rag eyes widened by seeing her uncle’s family (especially of sanskar) and abt the decorations
She immediately touches their feet and got blessing from them..
Swara :this is not fair ma and Papa.. Surprise is for her only na, then y u didn’t tell to me abt their arrival to me
Laksh:becaz they know u won’t keep ur mouth shut and spoil Ragini ‘S surprise
All smiles
Swara gives a angry glare to him

Ragini cuts the cake and feeds them, when she turns to sanskar, they both had a small eye lock and she handover the cake piece to his hand,, San smiles
His mind she feeds everyone but for u
His heart because I’m special
His mind is it special? Really
His heart I can see it in her eyes, don’t worry today u will also know it

All cousins chit chatted and elders too

After few minutes
Ragini excuses and goes to her room
San smiles and followed her

@Ragini’s room
As soon as she came out from restroom ,shocked to see sanskar in her room and she widened her eyes by seeing her room door was closed
San:ragini don’t mistake me, I came here to speak to u, something important, that’s it, nothing more than that (he stammers by wiping his sweat in his forehead)
Rag immediately smiles by seeing his reaction
Rag:tell sanskar
San :vo vo (he again stammers)
San:u better turn opposite side, in mind my words get struck whenever I saw ur eyes
Rag nods and turns
San:actually I have a gift for u, I want u to accept it, u will definitely like it Ragini and do u want to know wats it is??
Rag was simply standing showing her back side with confused expression
San:its me.. Yes ragu I love you since my childhood, I want to marry you and want to spend every second of mine with u ..and
Before he say further, it was disturbed by door knock Both Widenes

San:ragu I will hide, u go and open it, I will cum after few minutes
Rag scares a little bit and did Wat sanskar said
And saw swalak there
Swalak:did u see sanskar
Rag:stammers no
Swara:wat happen to you? Y r u
Rag:cuts her nothing v will go to terrace, cuz by saying she drags them

After few minutes San came and again starts their conversation
Lak:o I forgot it, Ragini ur gift, by saying he forwards a box to her
Rag smiles and opens it and surprised to see beautiful chain in it, it’s awesome laksh
While swara teases them
This got irritated by sanskar
Swara :u r bad sanskar, try to learn it from laksh
San:laksh shall v move(littlebit annoyingly)
Rag got worried by seeing her sanskar face,

All bid bye to them and went
Fb ends
she kissed his photo, Sry sanskar, wait until tmrw, ur surprise is on the way

Next day
Rag was noticing swara since mrng, she was upset
@afternoon In college Rag:wat happen
Swara immediately break down and cries
Rag got panic and asks her
Swara :ma is speaking abt ur marriage with Papa
Swara:ha,,with sanskar.. She cries more.. But I love him Ragini
Rag:shocked wat
Swara:yeag I love him since my childhood and I know he too loves me
Rag was shocked more

How is it
Do u like it
Shall I continue
I didn’t decide how much shots is it.. Based on ur likes and comments.. I will decide it

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