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Ardeep/Ishra: Jiyein Kyun? (10~Doctor Chachu)

Aarohi came out of the ward and saw Ishita waiting for her. ‘I gave my blood, now tell me what has happened to you?’ she asked folding her arms on her chest. ‘I don’t know how will you feel, but I have developed a soft corner for Tara, don’t take me wrong that I m on her side, but the way she is changing, I can see she has suffered a lot, she was saying she did murders because her doctor chachu was a cheater and whenever she saw cheaters, she remembered him and killed them,’ Ishita told her.

Aarohi recalled her past when she got attacks because of him and acted totally opposite.

Aarohi looked at her and Deep’s photograph on the bedside table angrily and threw it breaking it’s glass into several pieces. She stood in front of mirror and was about to tear her own clothes when Deep entered the room. She had drenched her all clothes in kerosene and were about to burn them when Deep held her. ‘Aarohi stop!’ he said. She stopped only when he hugged her.

Flashback end.

‘Tara is right. He is a cheater,’ Aarohi said and got teary eyed but blinked back her tears. ‘She was about to tell me why she hate blood when she fainted, she thinks I m her Shanaya di,’ Ishita told her. ‘You are so good that even if she’s dangerous, you care for her, you treat her like a sister as if you’re her real sister,’ Aarohi praised her. ‘I care for you in a same way, you’re also like a sister to me,’ she said and they hugged each other. ‘Aarohi I have a plan by which I can be with you for twenty four hours, let Shanaya Raichand return alive for revenge.’

‘Means you will come with me to live there? But its dangerous,’ Aarohi said. ‘No worries, I have faced a lot of dangers, I will handle,’ Ishita replied. ‘Thank you,’ she said and went. ‘I promise you both to take revenge of all your tears, no one will be left and we will win by flying colors,’ Ishita said and smiled and went to Tara’s ward. ‘Doctor chachu will repent for whatever he did,’ she said to Tara and kissed her forehead. Aarohi reached her house and saw doctor chachu (Dr.Bhandari) was there, he had come back from abroad.

‘Look now Tara too came,’ he said and came to her to hug her but she went and stood beside Deep. ‘Namaste Dr.Chachu,’ she greeted him. ‘I brought imported chocolates for you like I used to bring back in childhood,’ he said and she smiled. ‘Wow, thanks Dr.chachu, love you,’ she said and he gave her the chocolates. ‘I need to talk to Tara in loneliness, can I talk?’ he said and Roma nodded and he took her, she got tensed and fishy. She looked back at Deep and signed him to follow them secretly. He nodded and blinked in assurance.

The doctor went to her room and opened the washroom, she felt as if her heart will come out of her chest any second. ‘Come inside baby doll. You’re my favorite girl,’ he said and she got scared. ‘What happened Tara baby? Come inside,’ he said and Deep came inside the room and heard what he said and got shocked. ‘Oh? Baby and all? She’s your favorite girl? You keep giving her imported chocolates and take her to room, what do you do?’ Deep asked making him shocked. He held his collars. ‘Why? What do you do to her?’

‘She’s my brother’s daughter. Who are you to interfere in our bond?’ doctor asked. ‘Her husband, I will kill you right now, tell!’ Deep shouted and dragged him downstairs with Aarohi following them. ‘Mummy ji. He’s a traitor, he does something bad to our Tara when he takes her after giving her these chocolates, now he will tell what he does because he was asking her to come inside the washroom,’ Deep told Roma and she got angry. ‘Keep these chocolates with you only, she doesn’t need it. Tell what do you do? Tell I will take your life!’ Roma said.

‘You know that Tara keeps having attacks and she’s saying this to trap me,’ he said and got a slap in return. ‘You’re pointing a finger at my daughter!’ Roma shouted angrily. ‘He’s right, Tara might be doing this only,’ Maya said and Aarohi fisted her palms and went to her and fisted her hair turning her towards her and slapped her tightly. ‘You will trap me? You’re such a characterless woman, you’ve lived with this Prithvi and acted as husband and wife. You’re cheap,’ Aarohi shouted angrily. Someone came on the entrance and clapped slowly and sarcastically shocking everyone.

‘Mom, you forgot me? I, Shanaya Raichand, I am your daughter, you know I was alive and was hidden, someone threatened me not to come out,’ Ishita said coming inside, she was wearing a knee length dress and her hair were down. ‘Shanaya, my doll, give me a hug. You’re alive my bacha,’ Roma said and hugged her. Ishita then went to Aarohi. ‘My lovely sister Tara,’ she said and hugged Aarohi. ‘Now don’t be worried, I m with you,’ Ishita whispered. Then she went to Maya and smiled at her, Maya was shocked. Ishita hugged her too but Maya didn’t hug her back.

Ishita hugged everyone and she went to Doctor Chachu and touched his feet. She stood beside Aarohi. ‘Now tell what was going on here?’ Ishita asked. ‘Deep is saying your doctor chachu does something bad to Tara after giving her chocolates,’ Roma told her. ‘I will see who does bad to my sister in my presence, doctor chachu, tell the truth, what do you do?’ Ishita asked. ‘I do nothing. I just play with her like I did in her childhood,’ he replied. ‘Oh, OK fine, but don’t do it now. She has her own marital life,’ Ishita warned and took Aarohi with her.

Deep too came and closed the door. ‘What do you think he did with Tara?’ Aarohi said. ‘Rape, he might’ve raped her, whatever she had become, she is still my friend,’ Deep said angrily. ‘I will ask Tara everything, she will trust me, then we will replace Aarohi for some time with Tara so she tells everyone everything,’ Ishita said. Next day, Aarohi and Ishita got to know Aarohi’s blood matched with Tara’s blood and now doctor gave Aarohi a permission form to fill. She did and gave back. She sat with Ishita.

Later when Tara was in her senses, Ishita and Aarohi both went to her. Tara looked at Aarohi with guilt in her eyes. ‘What happen? Why are you looking at me like this?’ Aarohi asked. ‘M sorry, I took your brother’s life,’ she apologized cryingly and Aarohi looked on. ‘I know this pain, don’t know why I did that,’ Tara continued. ‘Simply because I m your lookalike,’ Aarohi said. ‘You both are sisters,’ Ishita told Tara shocking her. ‘But having such sister is better than having no sister at all,’ Aarohi said rolling her eyes. ‘Your doctor chachu came back. Maya too was shocked to see me.’

‘What? No. He will do all that again, he will get to know you’re alive,’ Tara said panicking a lot. ‘He knows I m alive, you tell what has he done to you, because today Aarohi had faced something terrible, he gave her imported chocolates and was taking her to washroom, tell us please,’ Ishita said and tears rolled down her cheeks. ‘I will tell from where it all started. Maya mausi tortured me in mom’s absence, we were small children at that time so didn’t fought back, but one day I got an idea that when driver will go to leave us at school, I will ask some questions on how to drive a car, then I ran away taking the car,’ Tara told them.

Little Tara drove the car really fast as she was six years old. ‘Oh God please stop. Why this car isn’t stopping? Shoot,’ she panicked and while driving she hit a child and that child died. The car too collided with a tree and little Tara fell unconscious in the car. Later she woke up and saw herself in her room and that her doctor chachu was sitting by her side.

‘Chachu I killed that child,’ little Tara said cryingly. ‘No baby you didn’t kill anyone, chachu will make your pain fine,’ he said and she trusted him. He took her in her arms as usual and did many bad things to her after he took her to washroom.

Flashback end.

‘When we came out of washroom, you know what he said? Shhhh, shhhh, no more crying baby doll, finished, then he gave me chocolates, then Maya mausi came and mom was outside India for some work, so she tortured me,’ Tara said cryingly.

‘You blo*dy murderer! You killed that child? Your mother isn’t here but I have saved you from going to jail, you know what? It costed 50,000 rupees, bharpaai to karni paregi,’ Maya said and took her by her arm while she kept struggling and other children i.e, Shanaya and Deep tried stopping her but they too got pulled. Someone came in between. ‘You idiot! Get out of our way,’ Maya shouted on the person. ‘Ma’am please stop, they’re children,’ said the person, it was Simar, their maid. ‘You! Who the hell are you?’ she shouted and pushed her. She hit her head on wall and she went unconscious.

Maya pushed the trio in the store room and closed the door. Later at midnight, Simar was in her senses so she opened the door of store room taking them out and took them out of the house quietly to her own house. For some days the trio were safe, Simar cared for them like their own children. Her sister Roli too took care of them. After some days when Roma returned, Simar took them back to their house but later, Simar and Roli were secretly killed by Maya and things got worse when they grew up. One day Shanaya got to know about Doctor Chachu’s deeds that what he did with Tara.

One day she kept an eye on both of them and had to catch him red handed. But nothing happened between Tara and him, as usual Maya came to torture Tara. She took her by her arm and asked her to wash the dishes and went. Tara was about to start but saw that her favorite cartoon was there on TV. She ran to watch it and watched it by hiding. Just then, Maya came and slapped her. ‘I told you to wash dishes,’ she said. ‘I was going.’

‘Oh so now you started lying also,’ she said and pulled her to the kitchen, took a knife and took her hand and were making cuts all over her hand, Shanaya came and pushed her away coming in between. ‘Move,’ she said. ‘No. You move, how dare you hurt my sister?’ Shanaya said and Maya got angry. ‘Move, I m saying for the last time,’ Maya said and Shanaya kept on refusing. ‘If you don’t move, I will kill you,’ Maya said and rose her hand above her head and stabbed Shanaya. Blood splattered over her face and she laughed as Shanaya fell down dead on floor.

Tara sat down crying over her dead body. Maya took Shanaya’s blood in her hands and smeared it on Tara’s face. ‘No! I hate blood! I hate blood!’ Tara shouted and fainted. Later on Shanaya’s funeral, Tara was quiet, she was crying a lot but quietly. From that day, Tara hated cheaters and doctor chachu started giving her wrong medicines and made her mad.

Flashback end.

‘Everything will be fine Tara,’ Ishita said and turned to go and bring water for her. She made her drink water along with medicines. Tara hugged her and she hugged her back.

‘You were right. He had raped her, thanks for saving me,’ Aarohi said to Deep hugging him. ‘I saved you but couldn’t save her, but don’t worry, everyone’s time comes,’ he said. ‘I love you Deep,’ she said. ‘ I love you too, tomorrow is my and Tara’s birthday, what’s the plan?’ she asked. ‘When you go to feed Maya and Dr.Chachu, smear the cake on their face and act angry in front of them but mischievous in front of everyone,’ Deep said and she smiled.

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