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Aise kaise jaane doon! Episode-59

Hey beautiful people! I know I have made it late again. I’m sorry. I had been traveling and many other things to concentrate on..
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Recap: scenes after reaching hospital.. Karan goes to the temple.. he and NK have a chat and a hug.
Episode 59

Karan ended the call and got in his car drove back to the hospital. You should note that the incident took place at around 1 or 2am and by the time Karan had planned to leave to the temple it was already 6 in the morning.
It was strange how morning came up soo fast. Time just flew by..
Karan soon reached the hospital. He ran up to the OT. And found the corridor to be empty.
He called Kunal. And Kunal informed him to go to the next floor. She had been shifted up for observation.
He ran upstairs.
And found his family settled in the bench outside a room. Except Sandhya, who was standing aside attending a call.
He walked up there. Kunal got up immediately to explain the situation.
Kunal: As soon as you left for the temple. We spotted few nurses running out and calling another doctor. In panic, they didn’t bother to answer any of our questions.
They came out within sometime and informed us that she was out of danger. And she was gaining consciousness. However, she has to be kept under supervision for few more hours.
Also, Karan.. I’m filing a case. This has to brought under notice. Don’t tell Masima. Last time she said she would handle the case details, keep constant contact with the police and find out the case details. But she failed to do so as she lost track due to workload. It’s not completely her fault.
Meghna got up immediately, hearing Kunal’s talk.
Meghna: This time I will handle the case details. And since Sakshi is also at home. And she is a beginner. She won’t have much workload. She can help handle it with me.
Sakshi nodded and got up.
NK spoke up.
NK : But Sandhya ji had been handling all the cases and many other things all by herself. Why a sudden change?
Meghna replied.
Meghna: Papa.. this have to be changed. We definitely can’t imagine the pressure we put upon her shoulders. I know she’s our Masima. That doesn’t mean we let her handle all the burden put on her head. She needs some rest too.
NK nodded in agreement.
NK: ok then you and Kunal can handle it.
Meghna nodded. And that’s when she felt that it was important to tell about her thoughts on Masima.
Sakshi got up silently and no one noticed her slip out from there. She hid and moved towards Sandhya. She found a can of water few steps away from Sandhya. So she found the correct excuse, she silently walked up till there and filled a glass of water as she was eavesdropping.
She felt Sandhya’s anger in her talk.
Sandhya: If your car had come a little more faster then probably it would have hit her better. And by now we would have heard the news of her death.
Sakshi’s eyes popped out. Tears started flowing down her cheeks. She didn’t know that she could be soo cruel. And this time she surely was talking about Naina, at least that’s what Sakshi thought.
Sandhya: (laughs) obviously I was being sarcastic. Yaar. You should have been careful na? Thankfully that small kid, Vrinda has hurt her legs. That’s it. Yes. Don’t worry. She has no complains against you! Yes I have checked her. Yes.
And she ended the call.

Meghna pulled Kunal aside. She had to tell about Sandhya, the doubts she had on her.
Meghna spoke up: Kunal I want to tell you something.
But she couldn’t speak further.
Sakshi moved forward and stopped Meghna.
Sakshi pulled Meghna aside.
Sakshi: Bhabhi.. I really doubt if she is behind all this. I just went there to overhear her. What if she wasn’t talking about Naina.. what if all this was just a coincidence?
Meghna: Noo.. it can’t be. Everything cannot be coincidental.
Meghna shouted back at her. Leaving Sakshi look startled.
Meghna ignored her and walked away towards the rest of them. She was angry. She wanted to tell everyone. But she kept quiet. She new if said so.. no one would believe her and it was not good for Naina’s safety either. It’s not good! She stayed silent yet angry at Sakshi.

How could she ever change her thoughts like that and say that it was just coincidental?! I will prove it.. I know it is her! For sure it is!!! Meghna’s thoughts screamed.

Few hours passed by in silence.
And doctor popped out of the room.
All of them jumped onto their feet.
Doc: She is perfectly fine. You all can meet her now. Make sure it’s not crowded for long. She is also gaining consciousness. Also make sure you don’t make much noise and don’t speak anything that tenses her.

All of them nodded and thanked the doctor. As he walked away they all barge into the room.

They line up around the bed staring at Naina who was still gaining her consciousness.
Naina was slowly opening her eyes.
Suddenly,Her forehead started to sweat. She started moving her head, nodding no.
Meghna panicked and moved towards her and held her sister’s hand that popped out of a cloth bag.
Meghna: Naina? What happened?
Naina spoke up in a worried and confused tone.
Naina: Meghu Di… Karan?
Meghna placed her palm on Naina’s cheek.
Meghna: Karan is here, right next to you. He is fine.
Naina’s eyebrows were still arched in worry.

All of their eyes filled with tears. Sandhya’s filled with rage. She expected Naina’s condition to be a little complicated. Or she might die. But that didn’t happen. She expected Karan to break down at least. But no.

Sandhya had assumed that Naina was his weakness. But it looks like she had turned out to be his strength.unlike Nidhi.

Karan sat on the furniture placed on the left side of the bed.
He took Naina’s hand in his. She held his hand tight.
Her eyebrows relaxed immediately and her lips curved into a smile.
Naina: Karan….
she said.
Karan’s eye dropped down a tear of happiness. And he smiled.
She had recognised his touch in sleep.
She went back to sleep. As she was too tired.

Dadaji broke the silence.
Dadaji: I think we all should go home. While one of us stay back. Karan…?
Karan: yes Dadu! I’m staying back.
Meghna smiled.
Meghna wanted to stay back too. But then she decided to go with the rest of them.
All of them walked out of the hospital with different thoughts. Meghna and Kunal planned to stay back and take leave from office. They needed rest too also they had many other plans. Sakshi too took a leave. Khyati got ready and went to college. She attended few hours and came back home tired. Dadu and Nirmala went to the temple to thank god for saving Naina.

Soon Karan and Naina were left alone in the hospital room.
Karan kept his hand on her forehead. As he caressed her hair he mentally thanked god for his miracle.
Suddenly he took his hand off her head as a nurse walked into the room.
She passed a piece of paper to Karan.
Nurse: These are the medicines required. Go get it from the pharmacy. When you come back I’ll tell you about her injuries. Because doctor is busy.
Karan nodded and got up. When he was about to turn around and walk away, he realised that his hands were held onto by Naina. She was still holding onto it tightly. Karan smiled. He had forgotten because he felt it as a part of him. He didn’t want to let go. He held her hands and slowly pulled it out.
The nurse was loosing her patience.
Nurse: excuse me mister. Do you mind making it faster. Even I’m pretty busy I’ve lots to do…”
Karan nodded at her, feeling embarrassed. He placed Naina’s hand down and walked away.
He walked towards the pharmacy. That’s when Kunal, Meghna and few police officers walked into the hospital.
Karan bought all the medicines and also closed down the hospital payment.
As he walked back to the room. He bumped into an officer. He looked up to say sorry.
The police officer looked at Karan face. A feeling of familiarity washed him.

Police: you are Karan Sigh Chauhan right? Karan looked confused yet replied yes.
Police forwarded his hand. Karan accepted it.
Police: Hey I’m Ravi. I somehow manage to remember that I had handled your first girlfriend’s case. I don’t remember her name though.
Fear was clearly shown on his face.
“Nidhi” he muttered under his breath.
His heart ached. He thanked god a hundred times for keeping Naina safe. Then suddenly. The room door opened as Kunal and Meghna stood beside them.
Anger filled in Karan.
Karan: how dare you stand in front of me? You were unable to continue further, find out the culprits and clear the case. I cannot let the same thing happen to Naina.
He shouted. Kunal jumped in between. Kunal and Meghna pushed Karan into the room and told him to wait there. They would handle it all.
Ravi stood stunned.
Kunal and Meghna came back and apologised to Ravi.
Ravi: Sir, madam… there is some misunderstanding..

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