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AANKHON MEIN TERI – Episode 10th

  Aankhon mein Teri

Episode – 10th

Recap :- Ahil and Abhay decides to help Naina by staying in her house , Kamini disclose a secret ,

Whole mansion is decorated , Ladies and Gentlemen wearing expensive clothes are standing around , Ms .SINHA is sitting on branded Sofa with some shining ladies .
It’s homecoming party of Adesh Sinha , Ahil’s dad , He had come from America after signing a big deal .

Lady ¹ : Janki Ji it’s your husbands victory Party and your Son isn’t here

Lady ² : Yes , Where’s he

Janki ( Ahil’s mom ) : You know my son is very brilliant , He’s in Udaipur University , Completing his business course

Lady ¹ : I’ve heard that nowadays Vacation is going on there

Janki : Ya ! He’s very much serious , He dosen’t waste his time

Lady ²: That’s good , What’s his plans after that .

Janki : He would be joining business .

There standing at distance was Ahil’s father ADESH SINHA with his guests .

Man ¹: Mr. Sinha congratulations , You’ve got a big deal

Adesh Sinha : Thanks Mr. Gopal

Man ² : And this Party is amazing , But your son is missing , Where’s he ?

Adesh : He’s in University now , He’s my champion .

Man ²: I see , After his completion he would be the new Face of AD DIAMONDS manufacturing UNIT .

Adesh : Yes , And I’m damn sure he’ll take our business to new heights .

Returning to Ms .Sinha

Lady ¹: What are your views about your Sons marriage

Janki : That’s very clear he’ll marry Udaipur’s richest girl , A girl which I will find for her

Lady ²: Come on Jhanvi Ji , In today’s generation , Children finds their soulmate on their own

Janki : No this will never happen , My son respects me a lot , He ought to listen my every demand .

Lady ¹ : Maybe now he would be having a girl in his life , That is why he rarely visits you

Janki got angry : Excuse me Please .

She got up and goes to AD ( Adesh Sinha )

Janki : Adesh I need to talk to you ?
Adesh : Yes , Jhanvi

Janki : I’ve almost tried calling Ahil six times and he’s not answering to me

AD : Don’t worry , He Might be busy

Janki : What busy AD , Vacation is going on in his university , And he can’t visit us , I’m telling something is wrong with him

AD : You may be Right but now we’ve to handle guests , Okay

Janki : Hmm !!! All are saying Ahil is having a girlfriend I.e why he’s busy , And hearing this my body temperature rises

AD : I’ll call AHIL myself and in few days his course will end , I’ll myself explain him Okay

Janki : I’m very afraid , What if what all are saying is true , No No , Wait !

Janki goes and Stood on the raised Stage and announces ” May I have your attention Please , I’ve decided , I’m going to find a suitable girl for my Son , So if anyone of you can help Please Tell me one ,  , The moment I’ll find her , I’ll engage her with my Son ”

Everybody applauded …


Ahil and Abhay were in their room

Abhay : Yes , I’m sure , Kamini aunty told me that Naina is not her real daughter

Ahil : How can this even happen , Does Naina knows about it already

Abhay : No , How she was telling me I could easily make out that Naina isn’t aware of this fact

Ahil : Today I saw Naveen uncle in hospital talking to doctor about a conspiracy , They were talking about someone , To kill someone and make some Papers sign

Abhay : You know what , Kamini aunty said , She wants to Throw Naina out of her home beacuse due to her , Her Father in law got sick , He’s hospitalized

Ahil : Some connection is there , This is getting more mess , Now only one Person can give us some leads .

Abhay : who ?

Ahil : Listen , You’ve keep everyone busy and I’ll try to talk to Pinky , She’ll help us .

Ahil and Abhay moved out and saw Kamini and Riya on table for lunch .

Abhay : Bantoo ( Ahil ) the food you made wasn’t very good

Bantoo : What are you saying Ji

Ratan ( Abhay ) : Yes , See there on the table so many good dishes

Kamini in mind ( Oh shit , Now I’ve to share our lunch with them )

Riya : Come have lunch with us

Ratan : Thanks Ji thanks

Bantoo : I won’t , You can , Kamini Ji can you ask your maid to come and clean our room

Kamini : Yes , Yes why not , Pinky just go with Bantoo and see what she needs .

Pinky goes inside The room

Pinky : Yes , How can I help you

Ahil : Now this only you who can help !

AHIL removed his veil , Pinky got shocked .

Pinky : Ahil bhai ! you ?

Ahil : Shhh ! calm down , I’ll tell you

Ahil closed the door and draws curtains .

Ahil : Do you consider me as your Brother

Pinky : Yes I do ?

Ahil : Fine then Tell me about RAI’S

Pinky : What ?

AHIL : Don’t you ever feel like , Naina is trapped in this house , She’s always treated badly by everyone

Pinky : You’re right but what’ll you do

AHIL : I don’t know if Naina considers me as her friend or not , I’m her friend , And I’m here to help her

Pinky : Hmmm

Ahil : Tell me what all you’ve seen , Experienced , Something odd when you came here , Anything you think is not normal , Please tell me everything .

Pinky sees her arms on which a deep and sharp cut was there , She recalled how once Kamini holding a knife cautioned her not to tell about NAINA to anyone , Either she would kill her .

A cool shiver ran down her spine .

AHIL : Please Pinky speak , Don’t remain silent , I can and will obviously help , Please

Pinky starts crying ” Okay , I’ll tell , But Promise me you won’t tell anybody about it ”

Ahil : Gods Promise .

Pinky : You’re right Naina is not safe here , Since she was born , I’ve seen Kamini aunty torturing her , She was beaten with rods , Whips , For every single mistake , Sometimes she has to spend her whole day locked in a room without food and water .

AHIL looks in her painful eyes .

Pinky : Before , Grandpa was there to save her , But now no one , I wonder , She’ll Die one day , Now she’s so used to Pains that even a misquote bite dosen’t matters to her

AHIL : But why ? There must be some reason

Pinky : I don’t know , That secret is never disclosed , Even Riya is unaware of it

Someone knocks the door ” pinky hurry up you’ve some more work ” – Kamini

Pinky : Okay I’m going now , Keep the promise please .

Ahil was totally shocked and dumbstruck on hearing that .

The night …….

N̾a̾i̾n̾a̾’s̾ r̾o̾o̾m̾

Pinky : He’s trying to save you , Protect you

Naina : But why is he doing this , There must be some profit for him

Pinky : Naina , Naina , He’s doing just beacuse he’s your friend

Naina : why’s he wasting his time on me , A BLIND GIRL , Why ?

Pinky : You know what he promised me that he’ll help you , Really

Naina : Oh seriously , See until and unless I got to know what is his intension , What he wants , Why is he helping me and all that I won’t accept his help .

Pinky : Really Naina , Just for gods sake , For once keep your hands on your heart and tell me why had you written his name on your diary , Why were you singing songs for him , Why ?

Naina : I don’t know what are you asking

Pinky : Don’t hide your feelings , You’ve to accept he Loves you

Naina : What ! what are you saying , I don’t believe it .

She got little surprise and lays down on bed and pretends as if asleep .

Pinky in high tone ” Okay , Just do what you like to I’m going bye ”

Naina in her mind : I can’t understand what are these feelings , Sometimes I think why Ahil wants to help me , What I am for him and other times I think Yes I need , I need Ahil

Ahil wasn’t also sleeping , Be was sitting near window , Looking outside , The twinkling stars .

Ahil to himself : I don’t know how to make you understand , How much I need you , How ? , Now I think that Main Tere Kaabil Hoon Ya Tere Kaabil Nahi ( I’m capable for you or not ) , I assure you one day I’ll become perfect for you .

Suddenly he hears a sweet voice down from the window , As he was on the first floor , He looked down to lawn .

He saw NAINA holding her Guitar and Singing a song ” I wanna love you inside out
Wanna love you inside out
Baby, give it to me, no doubt
‘Cause I wanna love you inside out
I wanna love you inside out
Show me what your inside ’bout
I don’t wanna know no word of mouth
‘Cause I wanna love you inside out ”

Ahil smiles and thinks ” She Loves me I got to know ”

,,,,,,,,,,,,, NEXT MORNING ,,,,,,,,,


Naina was all set to leave for the temple . Ahil stopped her .

Bantoo : Naina Ji can I accompany you please

Kamini : Yes , Yes why not ,

Naina : But

Kamini : shut up , Bantoo you can go with her .

Naina and Ahil were Sitting in Rickshaw , Pinky didn’t went with them .

At some distance AHIL removed his outfit .

Ahil : Wow , How amazing it is riding a Rickshaw

Naina : Can I ask you a question

AHIL : Yes , Yes

Naina : when will you leave me

Ahil : Never , Ever

Naina : why are you doing all this ?

Ahil : Because we’re friends

Naina : Hmmmm !!! I see

AHIL : How much you talk isn’t it , Temple has arrived .

Naina uplifted her hand and Ahil holds it .

Ahil : Come let’s go

They both Prayed and Later Naina said ” Ahil can you take me to the back of temple , There’s a little Holy river ”

Ahil : Ya , Come

Ahil took her there and made her sit on the stairs .

Naina holds Ahil’s hands ” Ahil today I want to make everything clear , Why are you helping me ”

Ahil : Beacuse we’re friends

Naina : why had you come here , Why do you want to save me from torture , What I am for you ?

Ahil : Beacuse we’re friends

Naina : No what will you get doing this , What’s your profit , What is inside you

Ahil : Because we’re friends

Naina got fed up and stood up ” Stop saying this again and again , We’re not friends , I’m sure something would be your benefit here ”

NAINA twisted around and moves forward ” Tell me , Why are you silent ”

Ahil holds her arms ,


Naina : No it’s not true .

AHIL holds her shoulders ” Yes it is true , Why don’t you believe , Ask your heart , It also wants to hear this only ”

Naina starts shivering , He made Ahil sat Down on stairs ” Ahil sit , Sit here ”

Naina : Please , Don’t say this , Why do you want to Waste your life with a blind girl like me , You’ll find Anyone else .

Ahil : what if I say , PYAAR TO ANDHA HOTA HAI ( love is blind ) , And I want you in my life I’ll accept you as you are then

Naina : No , No I can’t believe it .

Naina stood up and moves away , Ahil shouts from back ” Ab toh meri zindagi ka maqsad hi yahi hai … ki main itna kaabil ban sakoon … ke tumhare har sapne ko poora kar paun ( Now it’s the only goal of my life that I could become so capable that I could fulfill every dream of yours )

They both Sat in rickshaw , Both were looking In opposite direction .

Ahil in his mind : One day you’ll realize I’m sure

Naina : I want to but , What I don’t know , I’m muddled , I can’t think anything .

hope you liked it , If yes give it a 👍👍, Do comment , bye …

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