Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 15th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Naina’s first plane ride

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 15th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naina tells Sameer to come. They run upstairs. Sameer and Naina get ready hurriedly. She tells him to hurry up and calls him Patidev. Naina is packing creams and stuff but he tells her this is easily available in hotels. She wants to carry her own. Pundit shows from downstairs. Naina asks Pundit if he checked the doors and everything. He nods. She goes to check the kitchen. They finally get out of the house. In the car, Naina tells Pundit to drive faster. It is my first time. I don’t want to miss it. Sameer and Naina argue about a sweater. Naina has also forgotten packing Sameer’s camera. Pundit and Naina boss over Pundit to turn the car around to pick it. Pundit gives in. Naina calls Sameer stubborn. Will we miss the flight because of a camera? He does not mind booking another flight.

What will we do without good memories? They reach home. Sameer rushes upstairs.

Voiceover – Sameer:
You must be thinking why I was so mad to pick the camera. It is about the time when camera was more important than wife on a honeymoon.

Sameer and Naina step inside the plane.

Voiceover – Naina:
It is about the time when buttering someone would make things work. This was the reason why Sameer and I ended up getting inside the plane somehow.

Sameer tells Naina they have a window and a middle seat. Naina is excited to sit on the window seat. A kid is sitting there already. She threatens to pinch him if he wouldn’t get up. He gets up immediately. Naina is excited to look out of the window. Juhi was telling me that everything looks small from above. He points out that she is very loud. Plus we have to take off first. The kid asks Sameer if Didi’s hair are not like noodles. Sameer hides his smile. Naina asks the boy if she should give him noodles. Sameer winks at the boy. Sameer asks Naina to tie the belt. She asks him who wears a belt over suit. He points at the seat belt. Seeing her struggle with it, he offers to do it. The boy makes fun of Naina again. She argues with Sameer for mistaking her to be a fool. When will the flight take off? She is so loud that everyone can hear her. She hears the instructions about low oxygen in the cabin. What will you do if this happens? He replies that he will help himself first. She pinches him. You will help me before that. He nods. The flight starts. She chants Hanuman Chalisa. She closes her eyes and the flight takes off. She loudly talks about the view from above.

Voiceover – Naina:
Flight journey is very common these days but it wasn’t so in 1990’s. I was so excited for my first flight journey that day that I wasn’t looking at Sameer but everywhere else even though the seat belt was making me uncomfortable.

Naina is unable to open the seat belt but does not take help from Sameer. Airhostess offers them sweets but she is not able to stretch. Sameer offers her but she does not take it. Sameer asks Naina why she is hurting herself. Why can’t you seek help from me if you are unable to open it? The boy makes fun of Naina but goes quiet as Sameer glares at him. Sameer opens the seat belt for Naina. They share an eye lock as their hands touch. He remarks that it is so easy to open that even a kid can open it.

Naina’s eyes are glued at the window. Sameer asks her what she is looking out for. She says God stays in the clouds. I am just looking. He smiles. She tells him she has seen every episode of Ramayana and Mahabharata. I remember it well. God is here only. He laughs. Let me know when you find God. She is thirsty and tries to stop a passing-by airhostess by calling her Didi. Sameer tells her not to call someone if she does not know how to. He presses the button and asks for a glass of water for each of them. Naina sits there angrily. She gulps it unhappily. She presses the bell next time and asks for tea for her husband. He asks Naina when she asked for it. I dint want it. She still takes it. Naina presses the button again and again and asks for things.

Voiceover – Naina:
Do you remember the naughty kid of your society who rang the bell many times and disappeared every single time? I was that kid that d ay. I feel so angry with me for troubling air hostess again and again that day. I was a naughty kid in the end though.

Sameer and the boy are tired of Naina pressing the button continuously to summon the air hostess. Sameer tells Naina to keep the stuff back nicely. It will be easy to collect while picking up. She asks him why he is so worried about air hostess. He reasons that it can fall on her. The boy adds that it can fall on them too. Air hostess drops things on the boy while taking the tray. Naina covers up saying that she handed it well but the air hostess forgot her training.

Sameer helps Naina tie the seat belt as they are about to land. The creates a fuss about it but air hostess requests her to calm down. Sameer holds her hand. The boy looks on happily but Sameer covers his eyes. Naina points at the kid. Sameer says we will also have our own someday. Naina smiles shyly.

Precap: Naina and Sameer are in Ooty. Tere Mere Hoton Pe plays.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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