Muskaan 15th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Kajal plots her own kidnapping

Muskaan 15th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak threatening the goon. She meets the brothel lady and scolds her, by showing Bunty and Dipendra in girls get up. He asks the lady to keep them and have a better deal by kidnapping trick. He goes to hospital and threatens Bua about Bunty. He asks her to take statement back and free Muskaan from blames if she wants to see Bunty fine. Bua agrees. FB ends. Ronak asks Sir ji to see the surprise and calls Muskaan. She says you can never kill me, I will always come back to take revenge on you. Ronak holds her hand. They leave. Sir ji calls the lady and asks her to beat Bunty and Dipendra before leaving them. He says Ronak played a good game, now I will wrap up this game. He calls his man and asks him to find out Mrs. Sinha’s weakness. He says I have to get Mrs. Sinha in my team so

that I can change her decision. Sujoy calls Kajal and says Ronak saved Muskaan, don’t worry. She asks him not to hurt Ronak, she wants Ronak at any cost. She sees Mrs. Sinha and ends call.

Mrs. Sinha says I want to talk something imp, sit. She asks how long will this go on, you love Ronak and if I decide for Ronak and Muskaan, you can try to harm yourself, you are educated, why are you doing this. Kajal says I love Ronak. Mrs. Sinha asks does he love you, you know the answer, he may never love you, you have to think from mind. She goes. Kajal says I will prove to you that Ronak loves me. Kajal tells Gayatri that she is going to temple and pray for Bua. She asks Gayatri to come along if she is free. Gayatri agrees.

Muskaan asks for how long will this go on. Ronak says don’t know, we didn’t do wrong, I can fight with everyone but not let anything happen to you, I will keep my promise to Aarti, I will protect you, you can challenge me. She says I will also keep the promise to mum, thanks for saving my life once again. He nods. Hanumant comes. Ronak says Hanumant is scared of your martial arts, all is well now. Muskaan says sorry for it. She goes. Ronak says I m fed up, why isn’t Kajal understanding that I want to spend my life with Muskaan, she is my responsibility, I promised Aarti, I want to be with Muskaan, I have to send Kajal out of this house. Mrs. Sinha hears them. Bua is at home. Rajni and her husband come to know her welfare. They ask for Kajal. Bua says I m fine now and Kajal went to temple with Gayatri. Mrs. Sinha gets a request note from Ronak and gets angry seeing the money bag. Sir ji smiles. He recalls the man informing him that Mrs. Sinha never accepts the bribe. Sir ji thinks I will save Ronak from jail, now none can stop Ronak and Kajal from uniting. Kajal and Gayatri pray at temple. Kajal gets kidnapped. Gayatri shouts to stop the goons.

Kajal asks goons to leave her and get out. She meets Sujoy. She asks what’s this, didn’t you get better place than this. Sujoy says you will become the queen of Ronak’s house, I have seen self kidnapping for the first time. Kajal says I do many things which none can think, when Ronak knows I m kidnapped, he will come to save me, Gayatri will go home and tell everyone. Gayatri goes home and says Kajal got kidnapped, Ronak go and save her. Ronak asks her not to worry. He comes to godown and sees Kajal unconscious. Sujoy says today I will end your story. He shoots Ronak. Kajal’s dream ends. She says no, rewind, we have to injure Ronak, not kill him, you just injure him. Sujoy shoots at Ronak’s arm. Ronak gets injured. He fights with goons.

He frees Kajal from ropes and takes her in arms. Kajal smiles dreaming this and says when he enters the house with me… Ronak says I got Kajal, she is fine. Mrs. Sinha says you risked life to save Kajal, you love her, Muskaan should go away from your life, Ronak and Kajal should unite. Lovely kicks out Muskaan from the house. Sujoy says no, rewind, I will take Muskaan out of the house. He holds Muskaan when she is thrown out. He says I have come to take you, you will be just mine, I didn’t die, your love kept me alive. He says its a perfect plan. Kajal says yes, everything will get fine.

Rajni’s parents complain against Ronak’s family. Sir ji looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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