Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 15th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Rajjo and Amma cancel Holi

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 15th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Happu and Rajjo spending time and having a laugh. Ritik comes to pick a ball. Happu praises him for taking his blessings. Ritik says I was just taking my ball and goes. Rajjo laughs on Happu. Amma prays and talks to her husband. He asks her not to miss him much. They recall their old days and think of Happu’s childhood. He compliment her beauty. She reminds him the last time they played holi together. He laughs. He says I miss the bhujiyas you used to make. She says yes, I will make it on holi when you are with me. He agrees to eat the bhujiyas and apply colours to her. She says we will enjoy a lot on this Holdi. Kamlesh comes to meet Katori.

He applies colors to Mallika. Mallika wakes up and asks how dare you throw color balloon at me. She beats him. Katori

asks Mallika to leave him. He says it was a mistake, it was not meant for you, I was throwing the balloon at Katori, not you. Katori says I called him and asked him to throw balloon at me. Mallika says its illegal, I will throw you in jail if you do this again. She leaves Kamlesh.

Katori says my sister is hot tempered, I m sorry on her behalf. He says its fine, what’s your holi plan. She says nothing. He gives her good ideas of holi celebration. She says I like holi. Danny gets ready and wants to meet Vimlesh once. Happu’s on throw water on him and wish happy holi. He says I got a case after five years and you all have spoiled my clothes.

The kids tease him. Rajjo asks him not to feel bad, the kids are playing holi. Danny gets a work call and rushes. Rajjo makes bhujiyas and shows Amma. Amma says it doesn’t look good, I have made it last year, it was perfect. Rajjo says it wasn’t good. She makes fun of Amma. She praises her mum’s cooking skills. She asks Amma why did she send Chamchi to kitchen to get bhujiya. Amma says you have compelled her to lie. Rajjo says why will I do this, its not any theft. Amma says you blamed me for theft, I m much hurt. They argue. Amma says we won’t make bhujiya or celebrate holi in this house now. Rajjo agrees.

Happu comes home and asks Rajjo did she see her gun. She says I don’t know. He gets the gun. She gets angry on him. She says we won’t celebrate holi this year. He asks but why. She asks him to ask everything to his mum. He says it means you had an argument with Amma. He goes to Amma and asks what happened. Amma complains about Rajjo. Happu thinks to calm down Amma, else she won’t let them celebrate holi.

Katori says we want to celebrate holi. Amma gives the responsibility to Mallika. She says no one shall play holi. Mallika wears that none will play holi.

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