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Yuvani, a unique story, part 20

Hi guys,

I know I haven’t posted this analysis for a long while. I will post the next part only if you want me to continue. Please, let me know your views.

Well, last time I stopped at the adarshnari competition and I am writing from the episode after that.

The contestants were all called up on the stage along with the items they made and then the audience were asked to buy the products. The contestant whose product gets the highest prize would win the contest. Ragini made Saurab by his product. Dadi asked Yuvraj to buy Soumya’s product, and that was too much. Because she didn’t make anything, I mean, all others have made something, even if incomplete, by she, the things are as the same as they were at the beginning, well half of its blame ha to go Ragini, she messed the threads. But still, if Soumya could have stayed calm, then she would have been able to make something, even if incomplete. But no, she was burning with jealousy and couldn’t concentrate!

Yuvraj, for Dadi’s sake offered to buy Soumya’s product for a high prize. Every Birla member understood what that old hag was doing and sighed.

But then, a stranger came and offered to buy Suhani’s show piece for a higher prize. Loved the Yuvraj applauded for her, wow!

The devil was so egoistic and adamant that she raised the prize higher, and the judges had to stop her. Loved whatever they said and the stranger told them that they don’t have to disqualify Soumya as he is going to buy Suhani’s product for a higher prize. He signed Yuvraj.  That was where Yuvraj went by the end of the competition, to that person and by his help to make Suhani win the competition, cute! And Suhani won the completion, all other than the devils were happy.

It was nice to see Soumya’s face, when everyone congratulated Suhani. Pratima and Saurab fed her sweets and she hugged Pratima. She was in the verge of crying, poor thing; whatever happened in her life was too much for someone to manage.

And then Soumya started, on what grounds can she blame Suhani, she called her cheater? Does she know the meaning of that word; I don’t think she does, because it was her synonym and had no connection with Suhani. Yuvraj tried to stop Soumya, but Suhani stopped him, because she wanted hear what Soumya had to say. She blamed Suhani for taking the boo, how can she, I mean seriously, it was Soumya who wanted Suhani to take the box she got, she was doing it forcefully and Suhani took the box without any complaint, then how can she blame her? She then went on saying that all she deserves as always given to Suhani, and to prove it she mentioned Yuvani’s marriage, there too, Suhani was not at the fault, she got married to a person whom she loved, whom she believed loved her, and too with everyone’s agreement, it was Soumya, who ran away.

Suhani tried to make Soumya realise all these. Suhani told her that she tried to make out the best of what she got and Soumya, I hated her there; I wanted to kill her when she questioned rather taunted Suhani on her marriage. How can she? Yuvani were awestruck hearing that and where silent.

Yuvraj had many reasons which made him stay quite. Firstly because according to their plan, his marriage was a failure and hence he said anything on the defence on his marriage, their whole mission will be spoiled. But more than that, I don’t think he had any idea about their future life, their married life after the mission. Things were easier for him, when Suhani was unaware f the truth behind their marriage, and with his marriage with Soumya is on, his complete focus was on stopping this marriage and he forgot and he had to deal with his life after it does. For, now Suhani was with him, as like always and he expected her to be with him always. He was afraid to think about his feelings for Suhani. So he became speechless when Soumya questioned their married life.

But Suhani was not, she gave her the apt, even though the topic of her broken marriage broke her inside, she stayed strong and answered Soumya. She told her that she tried to mend her relation, tried to make her marriage a success, and told her that every attempt a person makes will not be succeed always and accepted her failure. But she didn’t know that her attempt was successful one, she won, because her husband had fallen for her!

The Yuvani talk which followed was good, where there talked about Soumya; Suhani was very hurt by Soumya.

Then Yuvraj gifted her pearl, which she got from the box she got for the competition, he made her wear it! Loved that scene. She liked the pearl so much and he asked her to keep it safe always. She told him that she got a nice friend like him due to their marriage and she needs nothing more. Again, she was happy with whatever she had. Love her yar; she is such a sweet heart.

The nok-jok was cute, and then they discussed about Krishna.

Devils came up with the date of marriage, their ego is damn too much, God!! This socked everyone and shattered Suhani and Pratima! (20 April 2015)


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