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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Simmi shoots Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman saying I have to save my family. Ishita says where is Raman going in hurry. Raman reaches and calls out Raina. She asks are you ready to kill my husband. He says yes, if I have to take a life, I will take yours. She says you can’t do this, don’t kill me, you think I got scared, you can’t kill anyone. He says when it comes to my family’s safety, I can burn the world. He aims gun at her. Ishita comes there and gets shocked. She says you can’t do this Raman, please don’t shoot. He asks her to move, step back. She says you can’t kill her. He says move for my sake. Raman shoots. Ishita gets shot. He gets shocked. Ishita falls down. He runs and holds her. Simmi sees the gun and recalls shooting at Ishita. Raman ties his kerchief to Ishita. Raina runs away.

Raman asks Ishita to open eyes, she can’t leave him.

Simmi picks Raman’s gun and keeps hers. She goes to the car and takes the keys. She locks the car. Raman says you can’t leave me, get up, who will manage the family. Simmi hides. Raman finds the car locked. Adi says Ishita said she has seen Raman’s car, she isn’t answering now. He calls again and says she isn’t answering, that’s Ishita’s car. They look around. Raman tries to get lift. He holds Ishita. Adi shows Raman. Romi stops the car. Adi asks what happened. Raman says I shot her, but I didn’t intend to shoot her. Romi asks what are you saying. Raman cries. Romi says her breath is running, Adi lift her quick. They leave.

Mrs. Bhalla says I feel something bad happened. Mr. Bhalla says calm down, they will come. Aaliya says they aren’t answering. Simmi comes and says I went to find Raman, I didn’t get him, I m scared, he doesn’t remember anything, if he does anything wrong. Amma says we will leave, everyone is worried for Raman, Ishita is also missing, if anything happens to her. Adi calls Aaliya. Aaliya gets shocked.

She says Ishita has been shot. They all get shocked. Amma cries and says I have to go to her. Mihika says I will get car keys, go downstairs. They all leave. Parmeet signs Simmi. Simmi goes. Raman, Adi and Romi get Ishita to hospital. Everyone comes. Amma asks what happened to her. Adi says she is in OT. Raman says I shot Ishita, I will have to save her. Mrs. Bhalla asks are you fine. Amma asks why did you shoot her, what did she do. Mrs. Bhalla asks Amma what nonsense. Raman says I have shot Ishita. Nurse asks them not to make noise.

Parmeet takes Simmi aside. Ruhi comes and asks where is Ishimaa, what happened. Parmeet asks what happened, did Raman shoot Ishita. Simmi says no, I shot her. She smiles and says Raman and Ishita didn’t see me, Raman thinks he shot her and got mad. He says if you get caught. She says no way, I have switched the guns, Raman will be blamed, he is getting mad, Raina doesn’t know anything, just we two know this, Raina feels Raman has fired, I asked her to leave city and paid her big amount, finally I took revenge for my daughter’s death, when Ishita dies, Raman will get mad and go to asylum, I will destroy them, we have won this game. He says yes, we need to do drama in front of them.

Simmi starts her drama and asks Raman is he fine. Raman says inspector, I shot Ishita, arrest me. Mrs. Bhalla says no, his mental state is not fine, he can never do this. Raman says I have gone mad, I shot her, arrest me. Adi says calm down, Romi will talk to inspector. Simmi thinks Raman will go jail or asylum. Mihika says Raman is mentally disturbed, his treatment is going on. Romi says he is disturbed seeing Ishita’s state, investigate well, we will cooperate with you. Inspector asks constable to take Raman’s fingerprints. Amma feels scared. Appa says doctor will come and tell us.

Doctor says we have removed the bullet but we are shifting Ishita to ICU, she is very serious. Inspector says we didn’t get fingerprints on the gun, we can let Raman go home. Raman says I shot Ishita, I won’t go home. Parmeet thinks how did cop let Raman do, he is prime suspect. Romi asks Raman to go to his room and rest. Raman says I m fine here, just go. Adi says we won’t leave you, sit. Raman says I will be content that Ishita is fine if you guys are around her. Adi says fine, we will call you, keep this phone with you. They leave. Raman sees Ishita’s pic. He recalls their moments and cries. Dil kahin rukta nai…..plays…. He says my mental illness risked your life, but now… I won’t make anyone else suffer, sorry to do this, take care Ishita, sorry but I have to do this.

Inspector shows the gun and asks Ishita to identify. She asks them to switch on lights. Doctor says lights are on, can’t you see us. Ishita says no, turn on the lights, I can’t see anything. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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