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Would you watch Dil Se Dil Tak without Rashami Desai?

Colors’ Dil Se Dil Tak might see another lead leaving the show. After Siddharth Shukla left the show some months back, its Rashami Desai now, who might be quitting the show because of Shorvori’s track taking a backseat. The lead couple Parth and Teni are in the highlights these days. The show is focussing more on Teni’s character. Parth and Teni’s marriage is facing a bad time because of the societal pressures. Teni faces the humiliation from the NGO women. Teni gets criticized for snatching someone’s husband. Teni knows the situation in which she married Parth. Shorvori was not existent in his life at that time. Everyone believed Shorvori to be dead.

The family had advised Parth to marry Teni as per Shorvori’s wish. Teni was nearly leaving Parth’s life when he confessed love to her. Parth willingly married Teni. After Shorvori’s return, Parth and Teni’s legal marriage gets void. With mutual understanding, the trio decides to stay together for the sake of their daughter. The society defames Teni and doesn’t leave any chance to ruin her happiness. Teni misunderstands Shorvori in between, but the latter clears the air with her maturity and sensible approach in handling the matter. Shorvori’s character has been strong, adorable and sweet since the start. Rashami has put a soul in Shorvori’s character by her natural portrayal. Would you watch Dil Se Dil Tak without Rashami Desai? Let us know your opinion.

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