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Udaan 15th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli catches Gauri

Udaan 15th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kasturi entering haveli and looking for Chagan and Gauri. Chagan asks Gauri to go. She says I can’t leave you here to die, you step on me and go, I love you a lot. He says I didn’t know you love me so much. She says this is your problem, even if I run, if they do something to you, how will I live. He says you go and save your life, I beg you. She says I will take you along. Kasturi comes there. They hide from Kasturi. Kasturi leaves. Chagan and Gauri silently go out. Suraj is on the way and worries. Goons clean the car and laugh on Chagan. Chagan says we can’t go till they are here. Chagan asks Gauri to go. She refuses. He pushes her away. Goon catches Chagan. He says that woman came to save you, where is she.

Chagan says I don’t know. Goon takes him. Kasturi calls Bhuvan

and says I didn’t find Chagan and Gauri, I m worried, I will come after finding them. Chakor calls her and says I m busy in some imp work. Kasturi says I m in haveli. She hears some sound and ends call. Chakor says haveli…. Kasturi follows sound and goes to locked room. She says Chagan, Gauri I came to save you. Goon comes there and sees her. She scares them by a weapon and says I m Imli’s special person, she will fire you from job. Goon says fine, we already caught Chagan, go. She goes. Tejaswini asks Kasturi is it you, did Chakor also come, get me out of here, I have to meet Suraj and Chakor. Suraj stops the car and says maybe there is engine problem. He calls Chakor. He says I m not with Pakhi, she is in big problem, I m with Imli, you have to go and free Pakhi. Imli says I m getting late. Suraj ends call. Chakor leaves. Suraj drives ahead. Chakor runs to save Pakhi.

Pakhi says I want to look out of the window. Man says why not, come, sit here. The car stops at check post. She opens the door. The man says you can’t run. She bits his hand and refuses to go. She runs. The man says catch her. Chakor asks driver to take that route. He says no, road is bad. She pays him and goes by walk. Goons run after Pakhi. Suraj asks Imli to go, he will just come. Chakor shouts Pakhi. Suraj talks to Chakor. She says I m finding Pakhi. Pakhi asks the goons to stay away, else she will jump down. Chakor says I got Pakhi, she is here. Pakhi thinks sorry Chakor, I couldn’t do my work, I have no option left now. She jumps in the well.

Chakor gets shocked and says Suraj, we lost Pakhi. Shikhu says what did she go, she died, we lost money. They leave. Imli calls out Suraj and says Shikhu called me, he said Gauri jumped in the well, we have to save her, I can’t bear loss. Chakor shouts Pakhi and runs to save her. Pakhi comes out of the water. Chakor asks Pakhi to hold the rope and come out. She pulls Pakhi up and says I have to take her to hospital. Imli gets a call and says fine I will come. She says Suraj, Shikhu said a girl in bridal clothes is admitted in hospital, it maybe Gauri. Suraj says when Shikhu informed, what’s the need to go. She says just take me there. Imli and Suraj come there and see Pakhi.

Chakor asks what are you doing here. Imli says we came to see the ill person. Chakor asks her to leave, don’t know what happened to Pakhi. Imli says I m thinking how Pakhi got ill, I felt bad, I will pray for her. She goes. Suraj comes back and says Pakhi. Chakor asks why did you come here. He says I came to see Pakhi, we should have not let her take this big risk. She says you don’t listen to me. Pakhi says this was my decision, don’t fight, go now, else Imli will doubt. Suraj says no, I told her I have to keep an eye on Chakor. Chakor says Gauri is in haveli, go and save Chagan and Gauri. He asks Pakhi to take care. He goes.

Chagan and Gauri hide. She asks are you fine. They leave from haveli. Imli and Suraj come there. Imli gets shocked seeing Gauri. Kasturi says I m very scared, we didn’t know about Gauri and Chagan, villagers will get angry on Gauri if she runs away. Bhuvan says talk to Suraj on phone. Chakor calls Suraj and says he isn’t answering, don’t know they left from haveli or not. Chagan comes and says Chakor….. They make him sit. Kasturi says I looked for you, where is Gauri. Chagan says save Gauri, Imli met us and snatched Gauri from me, we have to go there, come, I will not leave Imli. Imli says Suraj, Gauri is your responsibility now, she shouldn’t run away. He says sure, but buyer is gone, what’s her use. She says buyer is coming back, he liked Gauri a lot, I m going to welcome Seth ji. She goes. Gauri cries. Suraj worries seeing her. He asks her not to cry, its their fight, keep fighting, many girls’ lives can get saved, she has to fight. Gauri wipes her tears and says yes, if Pakhi can risk her life, I can also do this, tell me what to do. He says when that buyer come, go with him, listen to me, I will come after you, we can get clues. She nods.
Chakor says why didn’t Suraj come out till now. Seth ji says this is not that girl, you have changed the girl. Pakhi says this is old man’s car, he has come back. Chakor says it means something wrong is going on inside.

Update Credit to: Amena

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