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Twinj: Bakhuda Tumhi Ho (Last Episode)

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Bakhuda Tumhi Ho-
I know you’ll be angry over this betrayal but trust me I had no choice! I couldn’t let anything happen to you. I tried talking to you about this, explaining my point but you wouldn’t listen. I’ve to go Twinkle. Even if I fail, I’ve to try.
Please take care of yourself. I don’t know exactly how much time it’ll need but I’m sure I won’t return empty handed.
Your, not-so-perfect husband.”

She threw the letter agitatedly and broke down. “If I knew you’d do something like that, I would’ve handcuffed your hand to mine up til we find a donor and get my treatment started! But you cheated me, you let me believe that you’re by my side and then… Left! I HATE YOU!”
She took the phone and called him several times but the number wasn’t available. ‘Maybe he has boarded the flight.’
“I’ll never forgive you for doing this Kunj! You’re a liar!” She shouted exasperating.
“Twinkle…?” She heard Disha’s voice from downstairs becoming louder but didn’t urge to move a little. She was rooted at her place. Disha must’ve known everything. So what was the point in pretending like nothing is wrong.
Disha anyways entered the room and was shocked to see her dishevelled state. “Twinkle!” She worriedly rushed to Twinkle and took her in embrace. “Twinkle please, don’t do this to yourself! It’ll have adverse impact on your health.”
“How could he do this Disha?”
“Twinkle don’t you see? He’s doing all this for you! Because he can’t live without you.” Disha explained softly.
“How do you know about everything Disha?” She asked skeptically feeling her doubt was correct.
“Before leaving, Kunj came to us and asked us to shift here up til he returns so that you don’t have to be alone and then we’d be here to take care of your health.” She answered caressing Twinkle’s face.
“He came to you, told you everything and you didn’t stop him Disha?” She asked. Her voice cracking due to helplessness.
“No Twinkle! Trust me. I wanted to but you see he’s right. He has something to hope and don’t you think we should let him try?”
“So you believe that I’m wrong?” She questioned roughly removing Disha’s hands off her face.
Disha sighed deeply. “Twinkle, he’s right in his place and you’re right in your place. Twinkle sometimes, something we HATE is good for us and something we LOVE is bad for us.
You wanted Kunj to stay but this temporary stay would separate you both permanently and a little separation now could keep you together forever. Don’t worry Twinkle. He’ll be back soon, very soon.” Disha assured with a smile. “All you’ve to do is, make his search fruitful by staying healthy and strong up til he returns with the donor. OK? Now take your medicines… Yuvi! Bring food and medicines please.” She called out for her husband before wiping Twinkle’s tears while Yuvraj entered with the tray of meal.
“No!” She said stubbornly. “If he’s adamant so am I! I’m not taking any medicine. Let him know that.”
Disha and Yuvraj exchanged what-to-do-now looks before sighing dramatically. “OK Disha now we also can’t have any food!” He spoke with a sad and pitiful face.
“But Yuvi I’m hungry!” Disha exclaimed in same tone playing along with him.
Twinkle looked at them confusedly. “What do you mean huh? If you’re hungry go to the kitchen and have food na.”
“No Twinkle. I’ve promised to Kunj that I’ll eat only after you and take complete care of you but if I’m not able to fulfill the promise to my friend, I don’t deserve to live.” He added melodramatically. “Let me die of hunger and starvation.”
Twinkle rolled her eyes at their drama. “OK OK! I’ll have food! Just shut up and eat.”
“Finally. Great! Let’s have food.” He said smiling satisfactory on their success and all ate in silence.
Twinkle’s mind was completely focused on Kunj. ‘What might he be doing? Where might he be? Why his phone hadn’t yet been started?’
“Twinkle?” Yuvraj’s voice pulled her out of her train of thoughts.
“Did you talk to the doctor? Any success with the search for donor?” He asked all somberly.
She shook her head. “No Yuvi. We only have that mystery man now.” She replied in a hollow voice.
“Twinkle. I’m getting bored. Yuvi isn’t going anywhere and we should call Rishab and Arohi and do something exciting. Don’t you think?” Disha whined trying to lift her mood.
“No Disha. I’m not interested.” She bluntly said as all she wanted was to sit on her bed, which held Kunj’s fragrance and warmth while hugging his memories and waiting for him to come back. Yes! She was angry with him! But that didn’t change or lessen the love she had for him.
“Hey what’s this?” Disha asked while ogling through Twinkle’s cupboard searching for something when she found that diary.
Twinkle was too lost to notice but it had her attention when Disha burst out laughing. The moment Twinkle saw her diary, she flushed with redness and hurriedly got up to run behind Disha. “What are you doing Disha? It’s bad manners! Give it back!” She shouted running behind Disha.
“OK! I’ll…” She agreed stopping on her tracks. “But Twinkle! We’ll do this. It’s so exciting.” She beamed almost jumping in excitement.
Arey someone tell me too what’s happening? And what’s so exciting?” Yuvraj asked raising his brows as soon as he walked inside the room with a coffee mug in his hands.
“It’s nothing Yuvi. It’s just… Your wife has gone mad!” Twinkle said dismissing the topic earning a glare from Disha and fits of giggles from Yuvraj.
“Chalo finally someone a part from me has discovered this fact.” He said suppressing his laugh.
“Seriously you two will pay for this.” Disha snapped making her husband silent instantly. “And Twinkle! We’re doing this. That’s final!”
“What’re we doing? Tell me too!” Yuvraj asked in desperation.
“Fine! I’m telling.” Twinkle said mumbling some incoherent words. “There isn’t anything important though, we can skip this topic.” She tried to reason with hope but sighed when both started whining like a kid.
“Ok then listen… I’ve lived all my life following all the rules and trying to become a good human being in every aspect so I was thinking why not before leaving break them all!” She told all of a sudden excitedly forgetting everything for a moment.
Disha smiled encouragingly. “OK. Let’s see…” She trailed off opening first page of the diary, it was written,
‘Going to a haunted place.’ Both Yuvraj and Disha shot their eyes at Twinkle with horror.
“T… Twinkle are you sure? We should be doing this?”
“Yes Disha!” She replied with a confident smile. “I always wanted to go to that… Uh, what’s the name?” She scratched her head trying to recall the name while YuviSha were silently praying that she doesn’t remember. “Ya! Euphorbia national park. I’ve heard stories that the ghost of a woman in white saree is seen there at night. I want to see that.” She chirped. Her face radiating the excitement within her.
Yuvraj gave her a tight lipped smile seeing Twinkle’s enthusiasm. “Twinkle don’t you think we shouldn’t mess with ghosts and all? I… I mean they’re dangerous and…”
“Yuvi! We’re doing this. You both can’t back off now.” Twinkle stated stubbornly.
Realizing that this was the only way to lift Twinkle’s mood, he agreed to go later at night but he also called Rishab and Arohi ordering them to accompany him.
Disha was contented and satisfied that Twinkle isn’t angry anymore. She put a hand on Yuvraj’s shoulder and said, “Yuvi I know how afraid you’re about horror stuff, but thanks for agreeing. I don’t think Kunj would be coming back before few weeks. We’ve to keep her busy and distracted so that she doesn’t miss him and mess up with her health.”
Yuvraj nodded. “You’re right! And no need to thank me love. This is the least we can do for her in return of her favors! Thanks to Lord we found this diary. It can keep her hooked for a few weeks.”
They went late night at the haunted place to witness the white saree ghost which turned out to be a call girl waiting for customers. Laughing and bickering with each other they headed back to home.
And they continued to do the wierd things Twinkle wanted and enjoying as well. Sometimes it was as wierd as stealing mangoes from a farm which Yuvraj did quite easily because in childhood, he and Kunj would do the same thing whole day on Nanu’s farm. Hearing Kunj’s name, Twinkle went a little sad but they kept cheering her.
Once it was becoming Santa Claus in the red velvety gown and in the night placed a gift near the bed of each child and adult in ‘Happy Palace’ and visited next morning to see their reaction. They were overwhelmed and shocked at how much joy they had spread all over!
It gave them such peace and adrenaline rush like they hadn’t experienced since a long time in their busy, boring lives. Sometimes we become so busy earning money that we lose time and the money we’ve earned, no matter how much, can’t purchase time.
Everytime they’d accomplish any task, Kunj’s words rang in her head, ‘Nothing is happening to you. Soon you’ll be alright and we’ll be doing all these things no matter how crazy it sounds… Together.’ And tears came uninvited.
She was missing him badly. With every passing moment, they also focused on finding a donor but had no success still. Twinkle’s cancer symptoms had started to become worse. She was feeling weak and drained of energy all the time which scared them.
It had been a month and neither Kunj nor the mysterious donor had showed up. She was losing hope and close to death somewhere in her heart nowadays. Even if she was awake, she couldn’t get out of the bed due to pain and weakness. Her friends cried many times seeing her condition. Things had gotten so much worse that even if she talked too much, it’d result in exertion! So much weakness! She just laid there and answered their hope with a smile or a nod or with some movements.
Her appetite also lessened because chewing the food and digestion mechanisms were too much energy consuming. She just drank maximum amount of water hoping it’d provide some energy to hold on. Her every passing breath craved for Kunj but he didn’t come.
Yuvraj once asked the doctor if they could opt for some other treatment because they were unable to find the donor but doctor came with another sad news that now it was too late. Only this one would work.
Twinkle didn’t tell this to anyone but deep inside her heart she knew from her physical condition that there were only few weeks of her life left. She felt vulnerable all the time. She was never a mighty sleeper but now she just dozed off on her bedroom recliner, living room couch or even at drawing room sofa unknowingly for nearly 16 hours a day.
She had many wounds and scratches in the passing days because they didn’t heal like they should and because of weakness, she kept on stumbling over things. Many times, she fainted when she struggled to get up from the bed after which Yuvraj had to strictly prohibit her from leaving the room and Disha kept a bell near her so that whenever Twinkle had to move for some essential work, she would’ve rang it and Disha could assist her.
But without fail, she everyday called Kunj, left messages to which he didn’t reply like always however the lamps of her hope kept burning with struggles just like her breaths.
Many times, thoughts came into her mind that he just… Left her because he couldn’t see her dying but she refused to believe.
Many a times she cried herself to sleep not because, the cancer had got to her, made her weak, but because she had kept herself strong for too long and she couldn’t do it anymore, not without HIM at least!
She once was so frustrated and hopeless that she asked the doctor to give her those medications that wouldn’t prolong her life but make her death easier for which she got a lot of scolding from YuviSha.
With those thoughts and hope, she closed her eyes not knowing if she could even wake up again!
She slightly opened her eyes and with blurry vision found Kunj staring at her. She clutched her eyes shut to stop the pain. ‘It’s one more illusion of my weak brain.’ She whispered to herself while tears started to flow from her eyes but something unexpected happened. He reached out his hand and wiped her tears with his cold fingers. She gasped on feeling his touch and the strange sensations it sent through her body.
She weakly tried to get up on which Kunj hurriedly helped her placing a pillow behind her back. His heart was clenched seeing this sight of his love and it took every ounce of his strength to swallow his tears.
With all the energy left in her body, she managed to whisper audibly, “Kunj! You’re… Really here?”
He nodded meekly with a feeble smile hovering his eyes on her face. Twinkle took her time in noticing his features. There were bags under his eyes which were screaming how sleep deprived he was. That’s when she realized she couldn’t hallucinate because her hallucinatory Kunj was more good looking and handsome.
“I… I thought you wouldn’t come. I thought you left me because you… You can’t see me dying.” She choked letting her tears to fall.
“Shhh! NOTHING is happening to you. And how can I not come to my love back… I didn’t left you Twinkle, I just went far from you in search of YOUR life.” He spoke taking her pale hands in his and dropped a soft kiss on her knuckles. “I’m here now! Your Kunj is back to his Twinkle.” He added cupping his face and placed a lingering kiss on her forehead.
He knew Twinkle wanted answers about everything and if he didn’t give it to her, she’d struggle more to know and that would affect her health so before Twinkle could say anything, he placed his finger on her dry, chapped lips. “I’ll tell you everything. So… To start with… The mysterious donor who had sent that letter is no one else but ME!”
“What? How? I mean…” She managed to choke out in a barely audible voice.
“Waaaiiitttt! I’m telling everything. Have some patience.” He scolded so that she won’t try to raise her voice.
As he was about to start, suddenly Twinkle held her head and everything started spinning in front of her eyes.
“OK so I went UK for…” He trailed off noticing Twinkle’s struggle and started panicking breathlessly. “Twinkle what happened!”
He asked feeling like all the air had knocked out of his lungs. He held her tightly in his arms fearing if he’d leave her, she’d ran off while her last words before sinking into total unconsciousness were, “You’re late Kunj!”
Twinkle slowly opened her eyes when a bright light pierced through them. She looked around to register her surroundings. The IV on her hand, the beeping of monitor, some other machines attached but what shocked her more was… She was feeling alive! Which she hadn’t felt for months! When she opened her eyes, she didn’t feel any tiredness, she moved herself to get up and surprisingly there was less weakness. The bruises on her body were healing and her heartbeat wasn’t weak and slow but normal!
“Please lie down.” The nurse said strictly but she didn’t budge afraid that this feeling of liveliness would go away. Even if this was a dream, she didn’t even want to blink and give it a chance to break! She sighed deeply and it wasn’t painful and energy consuming.
“Twinkle!” She heard a familiar voice. She turned to find the source of voice and saw YuviSha rushing to her side.
She faintly smiled at them but her eyes were searching Kunj who didn’t enter yet. Disha embraced her in a tight hug and cried.
“W… What happened Disha? Why are you crying?”
At this, Disha wiped her tears shaking her head. “Twinkle you know, three days ago when Kunj brought you here…”
“Wait! I’ve been unconscious for THREE DAYS!” She exclaimed in shock.
“Ummm. Yeah. So when Kunj brought you here, you were very serious. Like… Just on a thin line between life and death and Kunj told that he is ready for the transplant and it should be taking place that very day! The doctors had to agree seeing your condition. You were dreadfully weak but still they did the first session that time itself. Now just three sessions remaining and you’re completely fine and healthy.” She completed with a wide grin.
“Wait! The transplant’s first session is done? Where is Kunj? How is he?” She questioned impatiently.
“He’s fine. Waiting outside. He asked us to meet you and come outside fast then, he wants you all to himself and we shouldn’t poke our nose inside the room and give you some privacy.” Yuvraj answered teasingly making Twinkle pink.
After some light talks, they left and within few seconds Kunj entered. Their eyes met and time froze. Though Twinkle wanted to run into his arms and confess to him that how much she missed him but keeping her longings and happiness a-side, she maintained a straight look. “You owe me an explanation.” She stated looking at her questioningly.
He sighed walking towards her. “I do. So… Listen…”

That day, when both of them went to meet the doctor and finalize the treatment, while leaving the cabin, it clicked to Kunj that him and Twinkle had the same blood group. He abruptly stopped. “Twinkle, I think I forgot my phone in the doctor’s cabin. I’ll just go and get it. You go and wait in the car.” He said and steadily walked back to the doctor’s cabin.
“Yes Mr. Sarna! You need something?”
“Yes Dr I wanted to ask something. I and Twinkle have the same blood group so is it possible that our bone marrow and stem cells will be compatible? Can I be her donor?” He inquired with hope.
“Mr. Sarna! Donating blood is a surface thing. Even if there’s some minor problem or difference, our body can handle it but to be a stem cell donor, we’ve to take in account so many things and it’s a sensitive case. So, if you wish, you can leave your blood sample behind and by tomorrow, I’ll get the reports and tell you the final decision.”
Next day when the reports arrived, Kunj came to the hospital without anybody’s knowledge to pick it. The doctor was sitting on her chair and passed Kunj the reports. “What is it Dr? Is it positive?” He desperately asked.
“See for yourself.” She replied in low voice.
He quickly opened the file with trembling hands and went through it. His sample and Twinkle’s sample was compared.
Blood group- positive.
Stem cells- positive.
Age group- satisfactory.
Immunity- positive.
It was underlined in red and followed by the final conclusion:-
‘The donor had heavy traces of fading drugs in his stem cells and so is NOT ELIGIBLE for a transplant.’

“What the hell!” He almost shouted raking a hand through his hair roughly. He felt so helpless and mad at the moment. He COULD be the donor but still COULDN’T! All because of his addiction! He was regretting not listening to Twinkle from the start. Maybe if he did, he would’ve been cured by now!
“Dr! You’ve to do something about this!” He exclaimed in desperation. “Dr, if I could donate stem cells to her then it’d be so perfect! We don’t have to search a donor outside, we don’t have to wait! Please Dr do something.” He pleaded.
“There IS a way Mr. Sarna but it’d not be applicable to you.”
“What way Dr? Just say it! I’ll do everything.”
“OK just tell me how long you’ve stopped taking drugs exactly?” She inquired.
A wave of guilt passed through his heart as he remembered the day Twinkle had first mentioned about leaving the drugs, to save him but instead of understanding her, he opted for drugs.
“It’s just some… Two months ago.” He answered quietly.
“What! Then… It’ll be really difficult.”
“I don’t care! Even if I had to jump in the hell fire to bring my wife back, I’d do it without a second thought!” He yelled impatiently.
“Mr. Sarna, it isn’t that easy to get your stem cells detoxified! It takes years or even decades to do it! And I don’t think we’ve so much time that we can wait.”
“OK. Just tell me the minimum amount of time in which it can be done?”
“It takes MINIMUM one month. More time cutting is NOT possible. And if we want to do it in such a short span of time, it’ll be really like burning in hell fire for one month. That really really tough it is! Think again.”
“I’ve decided Dr. I’ll do it! In fact I’ll leave for rehab in a few days and come after one month. But I don’t want their hope to die. I’ll leave a letter to you asking them to continue the donor search till I can be ready.”
“OK then. Wish you all the best. And I’m sure your determination won’t go waste. Your love WILL definitely heal her!” She said with affirmation.
He nodded and after thanking her turned around to take a deep breath. ‘It’s my turn Twinkle! Your love has healed me now it’s my chance to return your favor.’
Flashback ends-

Twinkle stared at him in utter disbelief. She couldn’t believe her ears. She cupped his face in her fragile hands with all the energy left in her weak body. “So… You’re clean?” She asked sniffing.
He proudly raised his collar. “Clean, sober and healthy inside out! I didn’t go to FIND a donor. I went to BECOME one!”
“H… How was your stay at rehab?” She asked afraid about the pain he must’ve endured because being a doctor she knew how difficult it is! Many patients lose their conscience and many go violent there!
He closed his eyes and shook his head, as if shaking some ugly nightmare out of his head. “It was… Horrible.” He replied feebly. “Before going there, I changed my identity so that no one recognizes me. There I was only a patient recommended by Dr. Ragini. She must’ve explained them about our bone marrow crises so they did their best to cure me faster. The newcomers aren’t allowed to use the phone that’s why I couldn’t call you or receive your calls either. I had to get up at 4, eat bitter medicines, meditate, exercise, eat only uncooked vegetables and… No one was their to love me, motivate me like you do! Apart from that, the behavioral therapies the doctors conducted was really annoying!” He completed with a huff in a single breath and Twinkle kept staring him in bewilderment. Tears of happiness were swimming in her eyes. This is what she wanted for him all along. For which she could give up her life even!
“H… How do you feel now?” She asked trying to keep her voice steady.
“I can’t describe. It’s an overwhelming feeling. I feel so nice and healthy. I’ve never felt this way even for once after that day I started relying on drugs. But I don’t want this feelings to go away so I’ve decided never to take drugs, alcohol, cigarette or anything from now on. Seriously I feel so strong and complete.” He retorted totally ecstatic.
“I can’t believe you did it in ONE month! How did you stand so much pain?” She asked admiring the man sitting beside her, the one who has come back from hell itself just for her.
“Because when we decide to do something for the people we love, we become strong as we can be! And your love is what gave me the strength to hold on. I won’t let you go anywhere Twinkle! I won’t let anything happen to you and if for that I’ve to do this again, I will. WITHOUT A DOUBT.”
“Thank you Kunj! Thank you so much. I owe this life to you!” She said between her hiccups with a kind smile.
“Just like I owe my life to you.” He said holding her hands near his chest.
She nodded meekly in between her tears unable to form words. “I… I promise. I’ll be by your side, always!”
“Always.” He said and took her in his warm-tight embarce and after dropping a soft kiss on her shoulder, he rested his chin on her head with a wide grin and satisfactory sigh cherishing the blissful moment of their lives. Lord is merciful and today they truly felt it.

Indeed at the end of hardship comes happiness. Indeed you’ll meet that one person all of a sudden who’d make you forget about yesterday and would make you dream about tomorrow.
And before signing off, I’d say just one thing… LOVE isn’t always perfect. It isn’t a fairytale or a storybook. And it doesn’t always come easy. Love is over coming obstacles, facing challenges, fighting to be together, holding on and never letting go. It is a short word, easy to spell, difficult to define and impossible to live without. Love is work but most of all love is realizing that every hour, every minute and every second was worth it because you did it together. Anyone can find the dirt in you but the one who finds the gold in you is that someone ‘special’ treasure him before it gets too late:)

Thank you a million times for reading.
Tadaa! The most awaiting episode… Last episode of your favorite fiction. I’m truly happy but deep inside there’s something undefinable… I don’t know why but I’m kinda getting emotional. This story is and always remain in my heart and hopefully it has left an impact in your hearts too.
I still remember my first fiction… My English was so punctured that time but now when I see, I can literally admit that I’ve IMPROVED A LOT! Also I want to post it on whattpad but sadly I’m not there and whenever I try to make an account… I just don’t feel to make one:/
Coming to episode, it was the most longest one till the time I’ve written and, so it’s my request to excuse the errors or any grammatical mistake because after all I’m a human XD Respecting your wishes I’ve NOT killed Twinkle like it was supposed to be! But surprisingly I also like this ending because somewhere I realized if I’d have gone with the one I had planned than it’d be Injustice to Kunj, Twinkle and their beautiful-strong love. They had already suffered a lot and Allah (Lord) don’t burden a soul more than his capacity because He is merciful:)
Eventually, for a story there’s no ending. It’s just the point in their lives, where we chose to stop the story! And this is where I want to stop.
And as I see, I’ve to check the destinies of all the characters and put them in places which will be done in the next chapter- THE BEAUTIFUL EPILOGUE!
Talking about the story, Congratulations to all the smart people who had guessed that the donor is KUNJ!
Thank you each and everyone who has been with me from the start of this journey. I wish, I could thank you all personally. Thanks for making this journey a worthwhile.
Hope I met your expectations and double hope that today even silent readers will break their silence.
Sunaina: I had showed Twinkle a li’l bit angry as you wished but couldn’t show a completely fuming Twinkle because it’d be insensitive after all he had done everything for his love. He suffered because of her and after knowing that I don’t think there can be a place left for annoyance.
Yashika: You wanted Twinj to do all those crazy stuffs together and somewhere I too wanted that but life doesn’t go according to our plans and sometimes we’ve to bent in front of the thing which is called ‘fate’ that’s all I wished to show:)
I’ll provide you the detail of new story in the A/N of epilogue which will be updated as soon as I complete it also (obviously) depending on the views:*
Keep smiling:-)
Love you all<3
Take care!

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