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Savitri Devi 14th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Gayatri hires goon to kill Pragya, Sanchi and Veer to marry in same venue

Savitri Devi 14th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Malhotra calling Jaya and tells her about Sanchi, he asks her to come and take her daughter. Sanchi tellsVeer…I love…and stops. She says you are a kid and don’t understand love. She says you didn’t know why I am marrying Dr. Kabir. Savitri gets worried thinking Sanchi will tell about her promise. Gayatri thinks Sanchi might tell about the deal and then her game will end. Gayatri asks Sanchi to leave. Pragya and Isha come there. Ayesha also comes there. Veer asks Gayatri not to touch Sanchi. Pragya says let her say what she wants. Veer asks her to drink water, Sanchi refuses. He asks what you was saying. Sanchi says we are getting married, but nobody knows why we are getting married to someone else. She says did you know why I said yes to Dr. Kabir and says truth

is that. Jaya comes and stops her. Veer asks Sanchi to say. Jaya says if you touch her then I will break your hands, she is about to slap him, but Savitri holds her hand.

Savitri asks her to keep head down else she will also slap. She scolds Jaya for teaching her drunkard daughter do drama in rich people’s house. She says she came here to woo her husband. Jaya asks her to stop and shows trust on Sanchi. She says you are unconscious. Savitri says you tried to kill me and says she is thankful as Sanchi is not her bahu. Jaya sprinkles water on her face. Sanchi immediately becomes normal. Pragya tells that they have spiked Sanchi drink. Jaya scolds them. Sanchi asks Isha and Pragya. They tell that they try to make Ayesha confess the truth. Veer thinks what Sanchi was saying. Savitri says she was telling wrong story in drunkard state and asks him to forget her talks. Veer says ok. Savitri asks him to sleep. Ayesha and Gayatri meet outside. Gayatri says I am sure Sanchi will try to meet Veer. She hires goon and asks him to kill Pragya. Ayesha asks what you are doing. Gayatri says I won’t let anyone to ruin my plan.

Jaya comes to the Shagun garden and asks decorator to keep genda flower. Gayatri comes and says she wants orchids. Decorator asks Jaya to decide. Jaya sees Gayatri and asks how dare you to come here. Gayatri says your daughter did big drama and insults her. Jaya says this is my daughter’s marriage hall. Gayatri says Veer is marrying here and says you can’t afford this. They check register and calls Manager. They ask how can they book venue for two marriages. Gayatri says she wants Veer to marry her and offers double money. Sanchi and Veer comes there. Veer says its alright, marriages will happen here. Sanchi says even I have no problem. Gayatri says I have problem. Manager says they will get partition from entrance. Sanchi and Veer looks at each other. Her dupatta gets stuck to his jacket. song plays…He gives her dupatta. Dr. Kabir looks at them. The decoration guys brings the partition stand.

Sanchi and Dr. Kabir to marry. Veer comes. Sanchi holds his hand. Dr. Kabir stops her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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