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Regretted Revenge (SwaSan) Shot 14 by Marsuu

Regretted Revenge(SwaSan)
Shot 14:
Recap: Meri biwi ho tum vali moment🤗🤗 sanskar bought swara back to his farmhouse. Shakti and sanskar are friends.

Sanskar came inside after saying bye to shakti. He hesitantly enter inside his room because he thought swara will be there but when he open the door, the room was empty.
” swara” he called her name and checked everywhere but she is not anywhere. He came out of the room then only he heard some sound from guestroom so he guested she is there. Sanskar went to the room and the door was open. He saw swara is sitting on the bed and reading book.
” swara” he said approaching her. She lifted her gaze and look at him for a second.
” why you are here??” Sanskar started trying to start the conversation.
” because i don’t want to live with you” she sharply retorted that sanskar was at lost of words. He can’t force her. Then only door bell rings.
Sanskar went to open the door and swara also came in the hall.
” yes what are you doing here??” Sanskar asked as he saw kavita at the door.
” sir i came here to invite you and mam on my marriage” kavita said. She was scared of sanskar.
” yes come inside kavita” swara smile and said. Kavita came and sit near swara. Sanskar was shocked like how can they be nice to each other. He came and sit on the opposite sofa.
” firstly mam thank you for forgiving me, I’m sorry but i was asked by sir to do that acting” kavita said feeling guilty. Sanskar is getting shock after shock. Now when swara forgave her.
” it’s okay you were not at fault, but someone else is out of mind” swara said.
Sanskar know the last words are for him.
” this is invitation card, please do come” kavita said giving to swara.
” sure and congrats” swara smile. Kavita said bye and left.
Swara keep the wedding card on table and was about to leave when sanskar said
” when you met kavita??” He asked.
” i met kavita in the party where you shamelessly introduced her as your girlfriend..” swara stopped. Sanskar close his eyes badly regretting for his doing. It’s human nature, we regret when the damage is made and its next to impossible to mend them.
” there she told me that you asked her to do acting so i forgive her” swara completed.
” means you were knowing she is not my girlfriend ” sanskar said.
” hmm” swara went to her room. Sanskar knew he didn’t left any chance to break her.

At night, swara came down and saw sanskar is in kitchen. She took one glass to drink water.
” ahhh” sanskar wince in pain as he picked the hot lid. Swara took the ice cubes and quickly rub ice on his hand.
” you still care for me” sanskar slightly smile with the hope that they will be again together.
” there is something called humanity” swara said without any emotions.
” swara why can’t you forgive me??” Sanskar sadly asked.
” i had forgiven you sanskar but i don’t want you in my life because it just remind me about my worst days” she said with wet eyes yet sternly. Sanskar felt so unwanted in her life. But he composed himself and when swara was about to leave he said
” i made pasta for you” his voice was a mere whisper and he pointed at the bowl of pasta.
” I don’t want to eat anything ” she said calmly and left. The last few hours he was playing in the kitchen to make some thing for her.
” it’s good she denied otherwise also it would have tasted horrible” he mumble and chuckle sadly. He was just convincing his heart which is aching badly. He stare at the bowl as tears flow from his eyes. He dreamed of having dinner with swara and enjoying light moments but alas it was just a dream! Sanskar also left for his room without eating.

Next day:
Swara came downstairs and saw sanskar lying on the couch in hall.
” why he is sleeping here??” She thought but then shrugged her thoughts. Sanskar open his eyes and look around. Swara saw his eyes are red and swollen clearly indicating he was crying.
” sorry” sanskar said as swara was staring him. He quickly adjusted the pillows.
” i wasn’t able to sleep in room so came here” he told though from swara’s expressions he guessed she is not interested to know. Sanskar silently went to his room to get ready and swara left to kitchen.

In the evening, sanskar came from his office and enter inside the hall. She heard noise from kitchen so he guessed she is there.
He lean on the couch relaxing himself. The door bell ring as sanskar closed the door behind while entering. He don’t have strength to get up and open it. Swara came from kitchen and went to open the door.
” hello Mr Sachdev, please come inside” swara gretted and welcomed a man in late thirties dressed well in black suit. Listening to swara, sanskar also got attentive.
” sanskar he is Mr Sachdev and he is our lawyer for divorce” swara said shocking sanskar. He was numb for a second and came back to senses as Mr sachdev said
” nice to meet you Mr maheshwari” Sanskar just nodded and held swara’s wrist and said
” we need to talk for a moment you please be comfortable” sanskar said dragging swara to the corner.
” what are you doing??” Swara jerked his hand as they came alone.
” why you are doing this swara. Please give me one chance” sanskar pleaded as his eyes got wet.
” i don’t want to be in this relation sanskar, it’s suffocating me please” she said.
” swara…” he was about to say when she cut him
” it’s better for both of us to separate” she said and left not giving chance to sanskar to speak. He also came to hall left with no other option.
” so Mr and Mrs Maheshwari you both want divorce” mr sachdev asked.
” yes” swara said while sanskar was silently sitting. He has no interest in all this just want swara to be with him.
” what are the reasons??” He asked.
” we don’t love each other and are not happy” swara told. Her each is hurting him to the core. Now he is understanding how the bitter words affect a person. His sweet swara is changed to a stern one and he himself is responsible for her change.
” swara you are the one who is applying for divorce right??” He asked.
” yeah” she said.
” so if you want to make your side strong then you add if he harassed you anytime??” Mr sachdev suggested.
” okay he did mental and physical harassment earlier but not now” she told. Sanskar was not able to be there so he left for his room. Whatever she said was not wrong, it was the truth but now he is feeling difficulty in accepting his mistakes and the bitter truth of their relation.
His mind is blocked not knowing what to do.
After sometimes, swara went to her room while sanskar was still closed in his room. He don’t want to face swara or he don’t have enough courage to meet her eyes. His guilt is killing him. As much he is trying to mend the situation, the worsen it’s getting. He decided to go to drink after many days because he need a companion who can make him senseless and its only alcohol. He has taken an oath to leave it for swara but no, now he need it badly.
To be continued…..

Precap: Tit for tat

Hey guys!!! I want share one thing that my stories are posted without my permission on fb page, ” SwaSan & Thahaan ff”. Someone posted my one shots ” meri wife ki nautanki” and ” i love my sweetheart wife” in two or three parts. Moreover my name is not mentioned. I’m not active on fb so i didn’t get to know but my friend depuu informed me. I post my stories on telly updates and wattpad myself while on fb page ” Magic of divine love” Rosey post my stories. She has asked from me and she specify that it’s written by me.
Please don’t copy like this, the author really contribute alot to write them. If you are fond of writing then write your own. Even depuu messaged them but didn’t got any reply.
Please if anyone know about it, kindly tell me. Infact if you want to post my stories, do inform me please its really wrong to copy.

Okay coming to the part, do tell me how was it through your comments. Please don’t be silent do share your views.
What’s tit for tat???? Wait for next part which will be posted after good response😋
Thank you
Take care

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