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Pyaar (Ragsan) Part 7 by Aliya

Let’s begin….

Rag reach Bangalore….

She thinks to call avni…then she remember’s san and avni’s silly fight

Rag gets an idea..she records:i hv reached safely
And then sends to both san and avni same time….

Here screen splits with avni and San

Avni:did she call sanskar first..so she sent this msg?😡😡😡i was her frnd first…

San: this girl will call avni only.. Watever i do?

Avni:now the challenge…

San:this haddi will make me away from Ragini for more week

Avni:i think maska lagana padega..nahi tho he would tease me until i wont die

At the time she gets sanskar’s call

Avni:arey aa bhi gayi…
She picks
Avni:haa bolo..
San:avni i was thinking ki…
Avni:ki kya
San:hum bhi ragini ke yahan chale
Avni: hahaha…with you no ways…
San:oh hello madam..you r talking to me only
Avni: did i say i m taking any someone else…
San:tu bohoth bolne lagi hai
Avni:meine bolna kam kab kiya tha..jo tu aaj agree kar raha hai
San conference calls Ragini
Rag :hello

San and avni : why didn’t you call me?

Avni: Ragini u didn’t call sanskar?
San: u didn’t call avni
Rag: i hv sent you both voice msg..bcs i cant handle this🙄and i vl call u later i hv to go for a concert

Avn/san:concert??here i m missing you and you r going for a concert
Rag: arey..its of someone spcl to me..i hv to go there… will talk to you later bus pakadna hai mujhe…she disconnects the call
San: who is this someone social now?
Avni:shayad mere hone wale jeejaji
Avni:koi prblm hai…
San:Where does Ragini live?
Avni:wat hahaha😂😂😂you don’t know
San:is anywhere written that i knew it
Avni:where did she go morng
San:poochna bhool gaya tha yaar
Avni:haha😈😈😈dhoondo…i won’t tell
San:avni chudail…
Avni 👿👿👿:you called me chudail na ab tho mein tumhe bilkul bhi nai bataungi
San:avni…pl….avni disconnects the call

Here Rag reach an auditorium….

She runs in immediately…and there she sees a guy singing a song in stage..he was sad and he looks front..Rag waves her hand with a wide smile….
His reaction changes into wide smile…

He continues singing with last line

Inki tarah do kadam toh badha le
Sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de
O.. hoon akela, zara haath badha de
Sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de…

She signs him she is going back stage
He gives her a quick nod…

She goes to back stage and another guy comes covers her eyes through his palm

Guy:pehchaan kaun?
Rag:hmm..yeh Raj bhaiyya tho bilkul bhi nai ho sakte…
And the guy is revealed to be Raj (Played by Mishkath Verma)

Raj: this is cheating..he removes his palm from her eyes
Rag: cheating.. How it’s cheating… She turns to him
Raj:woh..chodo he is angry with you
Rag:i was abt to reach on time..u know abt traffic na
Raj:i dont know handle him
Rag: is easy to handle him…

Someone twists her ear
Rag: sorry sorry laksh…. Sorry
He phn falls
Lak:oh now i don’t need your Sorry..

Raj picks her mobile..he on’s it and he sees Ragini and avini’s selfie in display

Seeing avni his lips turns into a wide smile..
Wch both ragini and laksh sees

Rag teasingly: did you like her?
Raj immediately gives her phn:no…i was…just
Both:just wat?
Raj:kuch nai…and Ragini u should go now everyone r waiting for you…i hv arranged u a car…

Rag nods and goes..laksh follows her

Raj:where r u going?
Lak smiles: with Ragini
Raj: who has to go for Hyderabad?
Lak bites his toungue

Rag goes her village its malligepura

After sometime
Car stops at one place

Rag gets down and moves to a field of rice…

And the worker’s there goes to her…
Rag takes their blessings and hugs them

And there was a guy who was roaming there with a banana leaf

Rag smiles…

Suyyash is Ragini’s elder brother bt he is a victim of down’s syndrome ..he calls Ragini as didi…

She goes to him…

He sees her and smiles
Rag:you hv become more handsome
He gets shy:didi…mumma wahan…he points to the direction
She smiles and holds her hand and goes…

And there was a worker who was arranging areca nut to dry…

Rag loudly:shankaranna..lalli hegiddale(shankar bro..how is lalli)
Shankar turns: ayyo..ragkka(oh..Ragini sis)
Rag:heg nadita ide nim premaloka(howz your love story going on!)
Shank blushing:haagenillri…ad bidri akka(nothing like that..leave it sis)

She smiles: i will come back to you and ask…

She goes in

And then she moves to room…where a lady is sleeping

Rag had tears seeing her..
She holds her leg and her a tear falls from her eyes

And the lady wakes…
Lady: Ragini… She sits…
Rag immediately hugs her

And the lady is revealed to be Janki who is suffering from cancer due to chemotherapy she hv become bald

Rag:i hv told you na ma..that i don’t want to go there…
Jan smiles: bcs it was your dream…i can’t be selfish to break your dreams
Rag: how are you ma?
Jan: i m fine…doctor hv said that i will be fine soon don’t worry..

Suyu wipes ragini’s tears and smiles

Jan: see even he knows that you react much…

Rag smiles weakly:where is nani…

Voice:so finally..i was remembered..
Rag goes to her and hugs her

Rag:ma..u take rest
Jan:no i m fine now..nobody let’s me to get down the bed
Rag:now i hv come even the thought shouldn’t run on your brain
Jan smiles:ok meri maa..

Rag goes with the nanii..they sit outside
Rag:how is mom’s reports..
Nani:wat to tell Ragini..after the chemeo there’s a operation..to remove the right br*ast there’s so many expenses
Rag felt crying:nani..why it only us?first papa left us..even we couldn’t see him for last and suyu…and now mumma
Nani: don’t cry.. God tests the good ppl bt he never let’s them down…you know how many ppl live with trust on us…if one day there’s no water then there’s no field work…bt god is with us…you r elder Ragini..you hv 3 siblings…you hv to look after them…after us..not only your siblings bt the worker’s here took shelter here…and you only say that they are your family…
Rag stays silent

Nani to make her mood:so did you like any guy there?
Nani:i asked did you like any guy there
Rag gets sanskar’s image


Nani:bt i think there’s someone
Rag: no.. Nani…
Nani smiles: ok..ok..take rest you look tired and we vl talk later…

Rag takes her phn and sees the gallery..

Where it is filled eith avni and sanskar’s photos

Rag:watever the feelings m hvng to you sanskar..i hv to stop it now…m scared of love and to keep you away i had to be rude to you..bt from wat you r made of Sanskar that you again and again come to tolerate me…now i hv thought that i will no more rude to you…bt distancing will work…bcs i scared that i may fall in love with you…

Few days passed….

San used to call Ragini daily and now he is pissed off…

He calls avni
Avni:kya hai
San: why don’t you just tell me the state atleast
Avni laughs: why r u behaving like Romeo
San: yes i m romeo for her..i love her do you hv prblm
Avni widens her eyes and smiles: finallyyyy… This is wat i wanted…

Avni:your confession.. jeejaaaaajiiiii
San:you….leave that atleast now tell me her address…
Avni:now i won’t tell..its confirm
San:meri pyaar ki dushman…i will also get the chance
Avni:oh dekhte hai..i m really hvng fun doing this
San: don’t do this avni..later u vl be guilty…wn i will do same thing with u and ur hero
Avni:ok deal…i won’t tell you…
She disconnects the call and laughs …

To be continued….

There’s no much RAGSAN today
Bcs situation demanded!🙂

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