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Pyaar Ho Toh Aise (Kanchi) Episode 11

Sunny Naina Post Marriage
Veer’s Game

The Next Day At SDCH
Veer: Tum kahan chali
Isha: Veer you are cheating
Isha steps on Veer’s foot and runs to Kabir’s office
Veer: Shh
Isha slowly opens the door and she takes a bunch of pics of Kanchi who were heavily lost in each other’s eyes.
Veer: Oh god you are so mean
Isha: Serves you right CHEATER
Isha walks away and calls Kunal

On Call
Isha: Babe I am emailing the pictures that I got, save them and make sure no one sees them
Kunal: Whoa whoa whoa slow down
Isha: Wait let me … okay
Kunal: Now what’s up
Isha: I am going to email the pictures I got
Kunal: And you want me to save them on my laptop
Isha: Yes
Kunal: Okay. Isha I was wondering if you wanted to go out for dinner on Sunday
Isha: Sorry Kunal but the girls and I are going shopping for the wedding
Kunal: No problem, wrong timing
Isha: We can go after this wedding
Kunal: Hmm

Pragya and Veer
Pragya: What do you mean she stepped on your foot
Veer: With heels
Pragya: This is our only chance, Kunal and Sunny can get pictures from home but not us
Veer: Sorry Pragya
Pragya: Next time I will go
Veer: That’s a better idea

At the same time with Kanchi
Sanchi: Kabir!!
Kabir: Hello …
Sanchi goes and wraps her arms around his neck
Kabir: Well someone is in a romantic mood
Sanchi: Why shouldn’t I be? I feel like I’m on top of the world
Kabir: Oh really
Kabir turns around, smirking at Sanchi and grabs her from the waist
Sanchi: Kabir…
Kabir: Agar tum romance ke mood mein ho sakti ho toh main kyun nahi
Sanchi: Acha, ab filmy dialogues shuru
Kabir: Now one kiss
Sanchi looked away
Kabir kisses Sanchi
Kabir: Now return the kiss, varna
Sanchi: Varna?!?!
Kabir: Varna punishment miligi, ab kiss
Kabir closes his eyes and turns his head
Sanchi goes in for a kiss and Kabir immediately turns around and both engage in a passionate kiss.
Sanchi lightly pushes Kabir…
Kabir: Picture abhi baaki hai
Sanchi: I love you Kabir Kapoor
She kisses Kabir and walks out
Kabir: Oh I love life!!!!

A Few Days Later, Mishra Mansion
Suraj: Mubaraka Suniel!!!
Suniel: Mubarak Suraj!!
Kusum: 5 months to prepare
Jaya prays to God
Sanchi signals Kabir and they walk out to the porch
Sanchi: Kabir … I
Kabir: What happened??
Sanchi: I wanted us to go on our honeymoon right after our wedding.
Kabir: Meaning
Sanchi: Pre-rituals, wedding, and that evening stay in a hotel and next morning honeymoon.
Kabir: Itni eager
Sanchi: Shut up, I thought it would be easier for everyone. And we won’t miss a lot of work
Kabir: Sanchi as much I love the idea, I don’t know. Because of post-rituals
Sanchi: I understand
Kabir: I will talk to Mom and Dad about it
Sanchi: Thank you

That Evening
Kabir tells his parents about this and …
Kusum: Hmm Sanchi does have a point
Suraj: But what about the rituals after marriage
Kusum: How about after the wedding you stay for about a week and then leave
Suraj: 4 days
Kusum: Works
Kabir: Great!!!
Suraj: Yeh Sanchi ki request ya tumhari
Kunal comes in
Kunal: Bhai ki
Kabir: Sanch ki
Kunal: Maa dekho dekho Bhai’s blushing
Suraj: Got the message
Kabir: “Sanchi ne kahan phasa diya” Anyway I got to go now
Suraj, Kusum, and Kunal laugh while Kabir walks away

So the next few months, Sanchi and Kabir’s romance increases day by day. Along with that the groom’s side and bride’s side do a TON of shopping and preparations for the lavish wedding are on full speed.

4 Months To Wedding
Sanchi: As much as I love this lengha. I would rather have a red and golden lengha. Traditional with a modern twist
Designer: I have the perfect one for you darling
Isha: You really should’ve brought uncle and aunty
Sanchi: I want to surprise them on the day
Pragya: So sweet
Sanchi: I totally forgot to tell you but as a gift to you guys. You two can buy any one lengha for the wedding to wear and I will pay
Pragya: Sanchi no
Sanchi: Yes and no arguments!!! Now go choose. I already talk to the designer.
Isha: You are the sweetest person ever!!!

Sanchi on Bluetooth
Sanchi: Hello
Kabir: Kya kar rahi ho
Sanchi: Nothing just shopping
Kabir: For??
Sanchi: My lengha
Kabir: Lovely, I wish I could see
Sanchi: You won’t even get a glimpse till the wedding day
Kabir: What are you doing tomorrow
Sanchi looks around
Sanchi: Dreaming about you
Kabir: Then me as your prince charming should make your dream come true
Isha: Sanchi woh!!!
Sanchi: Text me, bye
Pragya: Were you talking to Kabir
Sanchi: What did you choose
Designer: I found this
Sanchi: Oh my god this is amazing
Designer: Go try it on
Once Sanchi goes to try it on
Designer: Show me the boy
Isha shows a picture
Designer: The perfect couple
Pragya: Can you please get these tailored for us
Designer: Of course, they will be ready by the time Sanchi’s ready
Isha: Great

At Night
Sanchi is laying in bed, thinking about life (like all of us) when she hears someone knocking on the door
Sanchi: At this time??
When she opens the door no one is there but when she closes the door and turns around, a strong hand covering her mouth
Sanchi: Mhmmhm
Then the person bring out a lighter and who is it … obviously Kabir
Kabir: Shh
Sanchi blinks and he removes his hand

Sanchi: What are you doing here??
Kabir: I am here for you
Sanchi: As much as I love that
Kabir kisses her right on the lips and first Sanchi resists but then gives in
Sanchi: Kabir you need to
Another kiss
Sanchi: Someone wi…
Another kiss
Kabir: You talk too much
Sanchi: Kabir, I am serious someone will come and then we both will be in trouble
Kabir: It’s 1AM, my family thinks I am at work and everyone here is sleeping.
Sanchi: Kabir go …
Both here some picture clicks
Sanchi does the Shh motion …
Kabir then takes one long kiss and goes down the window. He put a ladder there.
Sanchi: I love you
Kabir: I love you more

Who took the pictures?? … Obviously Sunny did
Sunny: Perfect!! Let me just save these on my computer. We are so winning
Naina: Sunny go to sleep all ready
Sunny: One sec baby

2 Months Till Wedding
Kanchi are on a date
Kabir: That was a great movie
Sanchi: Hmm
Kabir: Didn’t you love the views??
Sanchi: Hmm
Kabir: Sanchi, do you want some vodka
Sanchi: Hmm, wait what?? NO
Kabir: What happened
Sanchi: I want to take you somewhere, come

Sanchi take Kabir to her special spot
Sanchi: My special spot
Kabir: Breathtaking, just like you
Sanchi: Aww, back to my moment at the theater… I know this may sound a little dumb but all of a sudden, it hit me that I, Sanchi Mishra, am getting married in 2 months. 2 months until I will be a married woman. In 2 months I will be Sanchi Kabir Kapoor
Kabir: Don’t worry, I had that moment a few days ago too. I think it’s normal
Sanchi: Hopefully
Kabir chuckles a little
Sanchi: We should get back home
Kabir: Hmm

1 Month Till Wedding
Gang is meeting at a cafe. Everyone is there and waiting for Kanchi
Veer: So how many pictures
Sunny: Not telling “not enough”
Isha: My lips are sealed
Veer: I guess we will see in the photo album
Naina: Shh they are here
Sanchi: Sorry guys
Pragya: Sanchi what’s this on your shoulder
Sanchi: Shut up Pragya
Sunny: What
Sanchi: Something you don’t need to see
Kabir: Menus please
Isha: So 1 month till the big day
Sanchi: I can’t believe it
Sunny: Only a few more days until my sister will be Mrs. Kapoor
Sanchi hugs Sunny
Sanchi: Don’t worry I will still come over to give a dosage of Sanchi’s craziness
Sunny: Oh god
Veer: So what’s the honeymoon destination
Sanchi: Don’t know
Kabir: Yet to decide
Isha: You guys still have a month
Kabir: Hmm. Let’s order now
Pragya: Yes, I am starving

Author’s Note:
Sorry guys I know this is shorter than usual but I kinda sorta wanted to divide this episode into two parts. So …

Continuation …

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