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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha stops everyone from cutting trees.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with kanha and nand. Nand scolds kanha and says kanha not another word against indra dev. kanha says indra dev is the king of gods but what does he do? The rest gods have a part and indra dev is egoistic not like a god. Indra dev says shut up kanha right now. Kanha says I am sorry father, but I will not join in the Pooja tomorrow and even not allow anyone to cut trees. Nand says kanha don’t anger me, everyone will do Pooja. Kanha says forgive me, but I wont allow anyone to do the Pooja of indra dev. kanha runs away.
There devrishi narad says prabhu what is this? Kanha is not listening to his parents? Lord Vishnu says kanha is making an example that everyone should do the right thing. Adults often underestimate the suggestions of children thinking them as immature

and stupid without experience but sometimes children are intelligent too, decisions matter by intelligence and not experience, even the suggestions of a child should be heard to.
There brahma dev comes as rishi to kansa and says see there, a man and woman are sitting. Kansa sees and says what is their use? Brahma dev says it is raja kakurmi and his daughter revati, what do you think their age is? Kansa says the king must be 30 or 35 years old and daughter must be 17 to 18. Brahma dev says no, their age is in lifetimes, it is 108 lifetimes.
In vrindavan, brij bhanu takes the men and goes to cut trees in govardhan mountain. Kanha runs saying stop. Radha and her friends say what happened? Kanha says they are killing them radha, cutting them, I have to go. Kanha goes.
Vayu dev tells indra dev that why are you scaring people? Indra dev says I am using my power to control all people and fear them, so that they pray to me. Vayu dev says yes they will know your greatness which is why people in vrindavan have decided to cut down all trees of govardhan mountain and burn into a huge havan kund to impress you. Indra says then I shall stay calm now.
There men are about to cut trees when they see kanha saying please stop don’t kill them and stands in front of the tree. The men stop and brij bhanu says what happened? Kanha comes and says please don’t do this, the trees have life too, they breathe too and are crying for help. Nand says what are you saying? Kanha says everyone close your eyes and hear properly, you will listen to their sound for help. Balram says yes lets do it. Everyone close their eyes and listen, they hear trees saying please don’t kill us, let us live please. Everyone open their eyes and nand says kanha if we don’t do this, indra dev will be angry on us. Yashoda says yes all gods are under indra dev. kanha says indra dev is just the king, and a king is not worshipped, guru gargacharya told me this and indra dev is not the god we always talked about.
There brahma dev tells kansa the story that king kakurmi and his daughter revati lived on earth and his daughter had to be married but he never got a groom for his daughter so they both came in for help in brahma lok and they setup a swayamvar for his daughter but still no groom was found but it so happened that their time in brahma lok was too long as there is a difference of time on earth and brahma lok and less time on brahma lok is equal to yugs of earth. Brahma dev told them about the time gone and revati said then will I never be married? Brahma dev said she would but to the great warrior balram and till then she had to wait, so they stayed in brahma lok. Kansa says so what do I do about this story? Brahma dev says take these 3 drops of holy water I have, you answer the question and you get in, if the water is wasted then you have to stay forever in brahma lok. Kansa says okay and the question is asked, who is the happiest person on earth? Kansa doesn’t have the answer. Kansa says to get inside I have to drink 1 drop, kansa drinks 1 drop of the water and he tells the answer, the most happiest person on earth is the one who doesn’t have any wishes. The door opens and kansa laughs, yes I get inside, he goes. brahmadev then says I play this part in kanha’s leela.
There kanha says we should instead pray to the great govardhan mountain which protects us, indra dev doesn’t protect but he fears people. Yashoda says but son how can we pray to a mountain? When indra dev is there. Kanha says mother, some people used to fear kansa and pray to him but then they stopped praying to him as they stopped fearing him, in the same way we should pray to govardhan mountain instead of indra dev. yashoda says but indra dev is a god and it is our ritual. Kanha says but even development in life a rule and we should change with it. Nand says you don’t know the power of indra dev son. Yashoda says all gods are under indra dev and if indra dev will be angry there will be change on earth. Kanha says which means end of the worlds? Vayu dev sees all this and gets angry. Kansa says cutting trees will bring the end of the world and you say trees give us shadow, food and protect us, give us air to breathe, they give medicines, clothes and everything. Nand says but they are used to burn too and we are doing that. Kanha says burning them is the need of humans not for fun and now we don’t need that, there will be a problem if we burn trees so we should pray to govardhan mountain as this mountain has protected us by trees. Radha says but if we pray to govardhan then who will protect us from indra dev? kanha says param pita bhagwan will protect us, the one who has no beginning and no end. Nand says what kanha said is right, we shall not cut any trees and instead pray to govardhan parvat and ask for forgiveness.

Precap: indra dev sends airaavat to kill all people of vrindavan. Kanha and balram alert all people to run to safety.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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