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Naamkaran 15th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Mitali confronts Avni

Naamkaran 15th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mowgli saying Nilanjana gets scared of many things. Neil says she is brave, she takes care of you all and protect you from goons. Mowgli says she loves us and reminds us that we are perfect family. Neil thinks of Avni. He hears noise and goes out. Saisha offers help. Avni says no. Saisha says you don’t let us help when you are ill, this is not done. Director asks KK to show emotions, that passion when he sings the song. Mowgli asks did you see superman. Saisha says call him uncle, Nilanjana said you shouldn’t call anyone superman. Neil recalls Mishti. He goes to them. Saisha says nothing and goes.

KK sings Bulleya….Saisha smiles. Director says cut…. it wasn’t upto the mark. KK says fine and sings again. Director says you play the role of a singer, whose

heart is shattered, bring that emotion. KK says alright. He sings again. Director says one more. KK plays music. Director says I need more feelings. KK says come on KK, yes, once again. He sings again. Director interrupts again. KK says I need five min break. He goes. Neil comes.

KK asks what shall I do, my ex-GF got married, I thought it will be good if I use that emotion. Neil says you didn’t lose your lover, I hope this doesn’t happen with you. KK says teach me that pain to lose someone. Neil thinks of Avni and says sorry, I can’t teach you this. KK says you can’t do this to me, I know you have experienced pain in your life, share it with me, its my 8th take, just help me, please. Neil nods and says okay, just imagine, you have a fav place where you find peace, think you can’t visit that place now, increase that pain and still the pain of losing love will be higher. Director asks Neil to do it once and show. KK says he is right, just do it for my sake, I will copy it in my style.

Neil goes. He plays guitar and sings Bulleya….. He recalls losing Avni in the fire. Mitali and Avni come there and see Neil. KK smiles. He gets surprised seeing Neil. Neil imagines Avni. He goes to her and hugs. They cry. Saisha sees KK. Avni gets sad seeing Neil. Everyone claps for Neil. Neil wipes his tears. KK goes out. Fans surround him. Mitali says no one should trouble KK. Goons arrive there. Saisha takes a cake for KK. She says its your fav chocolate truffle cake. He says no thanks. She says I felt you did well. He reacts and says I was terrible, I know, Neil is not even an actor, he enacted the scene with much emotions, I m just feeling bad for myself, I m so bad. She asks do you think so about yourself, lets see what nation thinks about you. She reads people’s messages for KK. KK smiles.

KK says I have never fallen in true love, I couldn’t emote. She says I can help with acting rehearsals. He asks really, have you ever done acting. She says yes, I did diploma in acting, I won gold medal two years ago. He says then you must be very talented. She says my mom chooses best for me. Avni makes red marks on face. Neil gets kada for her. She thinks of Neil and cries. She opens the door and sees Mitali. Mitali gets shocked.

Neil and Mowgli come. Avni hides and signs no. Neil asks is everything alright. Mitali says yes, what’s this. Neil says its kada for their Jaan didi. Mitali says I will feed her, I have to interrogate her. He says I have ask many things, shall we…. She says no, this is police investigation and you…. He says I know I m not a police officer now. She says don’t feel bad. He says I understand, give this kada to her. Mowgli says none is allowed here without my permission. Neil says she is supercop, superwoman, she is going to take report about goons, tell her kada is bitter but good for health. Mitali goes. Neil takes Mowgli on his shoulder and leaves.

Mitali asks Avni what’s all this, since ten years, you are staying here as kids’ Jaan didi, you did this intentionally right. Avni says yes, I can’t make you understand. Mitali says you have been hiding since 10 years, why, answer me. Avni says please talk in low tone. Mitali says you took law in your hands, you broke Neil’s heart, how can you do this with Neil, what did he do. Avni says please don’t say this to anyone. Mitali says give me one reason, why shall I not say this to Neil. Avni cries and says if I had stayed with Neil, Neil and his family would have not been safe, I had to keep him safe, I had to go far from all of my loves ones. Mitali says I want to know everything.

Avni reads a letter and cries. Samrat gets the letter. He reads and gets shocked. Avni recalls Dayaben and says Dayavanti is alive.

Update Credit to: Amena

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