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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 14th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya defends himself when Kunti suspects him

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 14th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kunti asking Kusum if Panjiri is fine. Kusum says yes. Kanhaiya asks Kunti to trust him. Pratap says she is fine, else would have died. Kanhaiya says if you trust me or that video. Kunti says you was in that video. Kanhaiya says I swear on you that I didn’t marry her. He says he didn’t marry Padma and says he is worried about his 5 wives. Panjiri gains consciousness. Prarthana says thank God for getting Panjiri back to senses. Pratibha says we have understood. Panjiri says Didi was about to faint, but I fainted. Pratibha says I was about to faint, but you fell down before me. She says she can’t believe to see Kanhaiya taking rounds. Pari says his sherwani was bad. Panjiri asks Pratibha to tell what happened? Pari says Kanhaiya got married. Panjiri says why this

has happened.

Kunti says I hope this had not happened. Kanhaiya gets upset and leaves. Pari asks others to get clothes ready for muh dikhayi. Pratibha says Pari. Prema says what you are thinking and says if Kanhaiya did…Panjiri asks Prema to tell that Kanhaiya can’t marry Padma. Prarthana asks her to calm down. Panjiri says did must have not thought about this. They all hug each other. Pari says but Kanhaiya was in the video.

Kunti thinks if she has bhagya rekha or bahu rekha which is never ending. She thinks if she asked for more bahu in dream and Shiv ji gave. She thinks about bahus and Kanhaiya. They come there. Kunti asks Panjiri to rest and says she will add raisin in her didi’s milk. Pratibha says we came to tell you something. Kunti asks if Padma kept her clothes in your wardrobe. Prema tells Kunti that they got Kanhaiya, but he is not in her destiny. Pratibha says we are going out. Kunti says this is not the right time to have kasturi chat. Prema says no, we are leaving the house for forever. Pari says when you reminded us, we will have chaat while going. Panjiri, Prarthana, Prema, Pratibha and Pari touch her feet. Kunti says I will not leave you. Pari says we will send letter for you and goes. Panjiri asks how is mummy ji. Pari says she has locked Kunti’s door. Kunti comes out from window and stops them. Pari says we can’t stop now and called rickshaw. Pratibha says Kanhaiya’s first wife is Padma and we don’t want to snatch her right. Prema says we had thought enough that we love you and everyone, then how to go leaving Kanhaiya. Pratibha says we have kept ourselves on Padma’s place and understood her pain. Pari says you don’t have to share remote with us now. Prema says your bahu is P for Padma now and not all 5 P’s. Kunti asks them to sit at home silently. Panjiri says if didi goes, then she will also go. Padma looks on. Kunti tries to stop them as they leave.

It turns out to be Kunti’s dream. Pratap plays band in Kunti’s room and says he got this role. Just then all bahus come there. Pratibha says we want to tell you something. Prema says don’t know whom to believe. Kunti thinks it is same words, and says nobody will leave house. Panjiri says we are not leaving and says Didi is troubled. Prema says we trust Kanhaiya, but when we see video. They asks Kunti to come and says bhole will show us way. They come out and see Padma sitting there. Kunti asks Shiv ji to solve the problem. Pratibha shows trust on Kanhaiya. Padma says she is ready to die to make them believe. Panjiri says they trust Kanhaiya. Kunti says Kanhaiya is innocent like you. Padma says he has married me.

Kanhaiya brings a guy and says he got proofs. He says Padma didn’t marry me, but Pratap. Everyone is shocked to see video. Pratap says this is not true. Padma gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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