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Kasam 14th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Tanuja’s grah pravesh at Rishi’s house

Kasam 14th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanuja reading Rishi’s letter asking her not to worry, and check phone for Natasha’s pic as she is sleeping. Tanuja thinks Rishi will fall down from the couch and tries to move him. Rishi wakes up and asks her to sit. Tanuja says I was trying to move you else you would have fall. Rishi says I was awake. He asks her to rest and takes her to bed. Tanuja holds his hand and thanks him for saving her. Netra cries and tells Kanchal that she can’t let Rishi and Tania go and asks her to help him get Rishi. Kanchal says I will tell you how to get him back. Netra comes to AK’s house and asks do you want your love back. AK gets up shockingly. She asks do you want Tanuja back. Netra says I have an idea. AK says I don’t want any idea and you are thinking me wrong. He says you are mentally

disturbed. Netra asks do you want Tanuja back. She says she came as last chance for him, which he lost. AK says I am telling for last time, I don’t need any idea which needs plotting and says till last night, I was thinking like you, but then I realize love can’t be snatched and have to get it..Netra says I have wasted my time by coming here and says you are a loser. AK looks on.

Tanuja wakes up and finds Rishi sitting. She asks him to fulfill her wish and says this room and bed etc are same, but I am not comfortable here and want to shift to guest room. Rishi says I will sleep on floor. Rishi says you will not sleep there. Tanuja says I am stupid to ask you, and says wives rules on their husbands in every house. She says she will do what she thinks right. Rishi gets happy thinking Tanuja showed right on him. Netra comes home. Rano asks her where did she go? Netra gets angry on her. Rano tells her how she is talking to her. Netra says sorry and says she went to talk to AK and asked him to call Tanuja back. Rano says why did you go with telling me and tells that AK is a good guy and will never do anything to get Tanuja.

Tanuja tells Rishi that Natasha is very happy to be with her family members. Rishi whistles and tells her that he will sleep in guest room on the couch.. Tanuja asks him to go to his room. Rishi says you are cheating, you didn’t say that you will sleep alone here. She asks him not to whistle, tease her. He asks if you are my sister. Tanuja asks him to make her to sister. Rishi says everyone is sister except you. He says I hate you.Tanuja says same. Rishi says I love you. Tanuja is about to say, but stops.

Ahana comes there and says Beeji is calling you. Rano asks Netra to wait for storm to go, and says they have united now, just wait. Netra hugs her and says she can’t see Rishi and Tanuja together. Rano asks her to go to Kanchal’s house. She tells her that she is sure Rishi and Tanuja will have a big fight and that time she will think what to do. Rishi, Ahana and Tanuja come to Beeji. Beeji asks her to go out. Tanuja gets tensed. Beeji says for grah pravesh. She asks both of them to come out and says she will welcome them. She does their aarti. Mangalam bhagwan Vishnu plays. Tanuja touches Beeji and Raj’s feet after entering home. Rano comes. Raj asks her to bless bahu. Rano thinks about Raj’s warning. Tanuja bends down to touch her feet, but Rano stops her and hugs her surprising everyone.

Tanuja came to AK’s house and gives his ring back. She asks him to make this ring wear by the girl whom he loves. AK says I made that girl only wear this and says I love you. Tanuja is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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