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Ishq Subhan Allah 15th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir saves Zara’s respect

Ishq Subhan Allah 15th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
All are preparing at Kabir’s home. Someone is calling Ruksaar and thinks Kabir is coming soon, where is she? Ruksaar is sleeping in her room. Kabir comes home, rose petals fall on him. His sister hugs him, Kabir says I dont recognize you, she says I am your small sister Alina. Kabir says she was a baby, but you are big girl, he hugs her and says how are you? she says I am good. Kabir hugs his mom, his sister and brother hugs him. Kabir says I have comeback after years. Kabir’s bhabhi drags him and asks if he brought something for her? he says yes a formula of how to trap your husband, all laugh. Kabir’s father Shahbaz Ahmed comes there and says my pride, my son.. he says you are first priest in your family, just see what else I teach you. Babhi is calling Ruksaar

and thinks why she is not taking call. Mom asks Bhabhi Zeenat what happened? she says nothing. Mom says big priest’s wife called us for milad, we will wash away our sins and might find a girl for Kabir. Zeenat smirks.

Zara drops Reema her home and is going to her home, she looks around and smiles. Milad is going on. Zara recalls how she wore burqa for her mom but had to take it off because of protests and saving Reema. Zara reaches home and takes off her dupatta. She screams mom.. all women turn to see her, she hikes up her bag and falls jerks up showing off her skin as she is wearing Reema’s jeans, all women are stunned to see it. Zara sees her skin showing off, her mom is stunned and sees her buttons little undone too, Zara propers her shirt. One woman laughs but stops. Zara grees some women but all leave and dont respond to her. Her mother is dejected. Zara greets her and is about to hug her but her mother stops her. Mom says 365 days and 5 years.. I just saw one dream that my daughter will be best and educated girl of Lucknow, this Milad was a show, I just wanted to show that my daughter is best but you destroyed my dream, you came but like this? no manners of us, wearing showing clothes and no proper fitting. Zara says I just took off shawl outside, I was coming home and there is no veil from family. Mom says yes there should be shame and veil, girls dont have right to show off their bodies, girls taking of shawls can be death of their parents. Zara says I was covering myself with shawl, mom says but you showed off skin to whole city women, this shawl is useless, if it cant protect your honor then this shawl should have one ending. She brings kerosene, all try to stop her but she sets shawl on fire. All are stunned. She checks her bag and says you wear clothes like these? she burns them too. Zara is in tears as mom leaves. Zara cries.

Zeenat and Kabir’s mom are leaving from milad, Zeenat laughs, mom says dont laugh at someone. Zeenat says she set up milad to show off her daughter but her daughter destroyed everything showing her colors. Mom says I am sad for daughter, she didnt know what was happening in house. Zeenat says girls should be careful of themselves, now no one will make her daughter in law.

Zara’s father comes to her, she says do they welcome daughters like this? Father says your mom having waiting for you but the way you came in was against her dreams. Zara says I didnt know there would be people in house, I thought mom would be waiting to hug me, was it my mistake? is being a woman a mistake? father says no girls are biggest blessing, its about being mother and daughter, you are daughter today, one day you will become mom too, mom are not right or wrong.. they are just moms.. they care for everything, its not good to hurt them. Zara looks on.

Zara sees her mom crying while offering namaz. Zara sits beside her prays, she says God forgive me for hurting my mom, I took off my shawl to hug my mom but she got miffed, God please pacify her. Mom cries and glances at her, she smiles and hugs her. they both cry. Mom says I am pacified from you, father smiles seeing them.

Kabir sits with his father Shahbaz, father asks why are you alone? Kabir says you all eat at dinning table but I have started eating while sitting on floor, that is good in our religion. Kabir says so much happened on three times saying divorce but your committee just gave a statement.

Zara tells everything to Reema. Reema says why didnt you tell your mother about protests and how we got stuck and you had to give burqa to me. Zara says no she would have gotten scared more, she loves me a lot. Father comes there and says you are right, you mom would have gotten worried listening about protests but you should have called me, you know I am head priest of here, her father Irfan hugs her.

Shahbaz says to Kabir that head priest of city Irfan doesnt take action, he is scared, come with me.

Kabir and Shahbaz comes to old mosque. Kabir says we used to offer eid namaz here. Shahbaz says whole people offer namaz here behind Iran, who is head priest of here but he is not brave, he cant take decision, he didnt tak action against three words divorce rule.. you know why I made you priest? I did a lot of hard work to reach here but I dont have respect and honor that head priest have, I want you to have it, I want you to become head priest and lead people ot Lucknow, will you do it? will you guide this city? will you bring that respect to me? Kabir says yes, your dream will be fulfilled, this nation needs guidance, your dream will fulfill. He offers namaz there.

Scene 2
Kabir is shopping in mall. Zara and Reema are shopping in same mall. Kabir sees Zara and recalls how she said she pity his would be wife. Zara likes one dress but says its sleeveless. Reema says you should atleast try it. Zara says no family would not approve of it. Reema says just try it on. She drags her to dressing room. Zara tries dress on, she looks stunning in pale pink dress. Zara sees deep cut. Reema asks her to come out and show her. Zara reluctantly comes out of dressing room, Reema says you are looking so pretty in gown, all boys would have died seeing you like this. One person calls her and takes her picture, they runaway. Zara changes her dress and says we have to stop them.

Men who took her photos are leaving but Reema stops them and says you have no shame? delete it. One boy says she is an item, we will kiss her photo. Zara comes there covered in hed scarf and slaps him, she says you think you can do anything and girl will not say anything, you cant disrespect her. Boy says we didnt disrespect you but now we will, he is about to snatch her scarf but Kabir comes there and grabs his hand. Zara smiles at him. One boy says madam have body guard too, Kabir twists his hand and beats him, boys try to run but Kabir catches them, Zara says he has my photo in his phone, Kabir runs behind them. He grabs them. He takes his phone and says shameless people. Kabir sees Zara’s sleeveless photos in his phone, he deletes them and says dont harrass any girl, boys leave. Kabir says to Zara that photos are deleted. Reema says give us chance to say thank you, have coffee with us, he says I have some work. Zara says Prophet said to not deny invitation without any reason. Kabir turns to her, they share eyelock.

PRECAP- Kabir says to Zara that you shouldnt wear revealing clothes, there is code of conduct for women in Islam. Zara says like boys dont have any code of conduct, they are not asked to lower their eyes. Kabir is taken aback.
Zara comes to one school. Kabir says you cant join it as kids here are taught with Islamic codes which you dont know.
Shahbaz says to Irfan that you dont have any rights to say anything in favor of three words divorce. Irfan asks who took that right from me? Shahbaz says Zara, your daughter. He shows him clip of her argument with Kabir in which she said that three words divorce shouldnt be there as it doesnt treat women right.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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