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Ikyawann 15th March 2018 Written Episode Update susheel looses the holi challenge

Ikyawann 15th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gulabo says Susheel let’s give up,susheel says don’t you are doing so well,Kali says she has decided she will apply satya colours,gulabo says cmon Susheel and kali,susheel says tired satya I had told you stop having that artificial protein,satya thinks susheel is giving tough competition and says today somebody told me it’s important to smile and her poem made me feel cared but she was starring and so I would kiss her if I had it as a challenge or dare and gives susheel a flying kiss,susheel freezes and leaves the rope and satya pulls her,satya enjoys his victory his team members.

Satya says this was strategy and not a cheating,susheel says he cheated,vijay asks what did he do,susheel leaves without answering,satya picks colour and walks behind susheel,Sejal hides when she sees all boys are

looking for her,Kiran about to tell,sejal says don’t tell,Kiran says hi she isn’t hiding here,Vishu. Ones from behind but Sejal puts colour on him and runs away.

Satya walks to susheel,susheel says you cheated again,satya says what did I do,I just narrated a poem like you did,and blows colour on her,leela sees satya and Susheel together and gets angry.susheel leaving satya pulls her close,susheel says leave me,satya says your poem and your challenge turned to be heavy on you and now I shall apply you colour and applies colour in her face,leela gets very angry seeing that,Susheel pushes satya and throws colour over him and smiles.

Susheel says satya happy holi and runs away,satya picks color and runs behind her,he holds her and applies her colour,susheel runs behind satya and throws colour but he dodges and it gets all over leela,satya scolds what is this,susheel says everyone come here look satya is playing holi,everyone applies satya colour and wishes him happy holi,leela says satya never applied colour from me but because of this susheel satya played holi.

Satya leaving,susheel stops him and applies colour and says happy holi,satya says you just can irritate me,susheel says what I can do anything remember I even do my fathers work remember Vishu Bhai wedding,satya says are you trying to say you do all work and I do nothing,susheel says I didn’t mean to but look satya dadi has dadi has setup such big business,Sejal di wants to join it and even I’m thinking of and so why don’t you,leela shouts oh my satyas susheel what good job you did,I’m so proud of you,everyone learn from her,she never leaves any work half done,and applies satya and Susheel colour.

Leela asks jhano to click picture,leela stops him and says you applied colour for susheel click a picture for me and clicks a picture with whole family.satya leaves.

Susheel sees satya take off all his trophies and asks what are you doing,satya says I do work look at all my trophies,like these and this one we won together,and this one and remembers it’s susheels and he had stolen it,susheel walks to him and says you had robbed it and now come let’s make your CV,these are from competition and not from work,satya says no ways and stop controlling me,susheel starts making CV and purposely makes blunder and satya corrects it by getting irritated,susheel says oh your not as tall as me,satya says come here let’s check,susheel starts laughing,satya says quite and says oh you wearing chappals,susheel does but still she is taller,satya says tell me now,susheel says we look good together,satya says stop it I’m not shorter,susheel says ok you are tall.

Satya says okay and no one mentions height in CV,susheel says okay and you got to mention hobbies and activities too,and start arranging his trophies,and starts helping satya make CV.

Leela and jhano peeping in and note down what all they are saying, so that she can use it for satyas wedding ad,Kali sees leela and ask what do you want,leela says leave don’t disturb me and leaves.

Pre cap: leela sees satya and susheels pic and says soon there will be some other beautiful girl with my satya and not this camel.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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