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Half Marriage 14th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandani decides to tell truth to Arjun

Half Marriage 14th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mannu coming to Chandani’s house. Arjun says you are here. Mannu says I came here for you, and tells that you can’t see her getting married to someone else. You both loves each other a lot. Arjun says if she had loved me then wouldn’t have shot me. Mannu says there might be some helpless and asks her to try to talk to her. He says she shot you, but you got saved. He asks him to trust her and says may be misunderstandings will be cleared. Chandani comes out. Mannu says she came out searching you, and her eyes are searching you. Chandani looks for Arjun. Arjun says she was hugging sid 5 mins back. Mannu says even you was dancing with Maya. Arjun says matter was something else. Mannu asks him to go to Chandani. Arjun looks at Chandani. Just then Surya Prakash comes there

in car. Chandani hugs him. A lady comes out from car and goes to Chandani. Arjun recalls Reva’s death and Chandani helping him come out of accusation. Chandani calls bhabhi to lady and hugs her.

Chandani asks Surya Prakash, why didn’t you tell that bhabhi is coming. Bhabhi says she came for her wedding. Chandani thinks where is Arjun. Arjun gets deeply hurt. Maya searches for Arjun and thinks if he is with Chandani. Saheb ji sees Surya prakash and his wife and greets them. Surya Prakash says I came to see if you have forced her to marry. Saheb ji says now I am changed and gave my everything to Chandani. He introduces Surya Prakash and his wife to Sid and Singhania. Surya Prakash thinks it was papa’s years long planning and wonders how Chandani agreed for this planning. Arjun tells Mannu that Chandani is a big betrayal and says she said that her brother loves my sister. He says Surya prakash ruined her and married someone else. He says they can fool Arjun, but not Raj. I will ruin Chandani.

Maya calls Arjun and asks where are you? Arjun says he went to attend important international conference. Maya wonders what happened between Chandani and Raj then he got upset. She thinks there is some connection between them. She thinks to do something to get him and says she needs his signs on papers. Arjun says I will come in sometime. Chandani thanks her bhabhi for helping Surya Prakash coming out of depression when every doctor gave up. She says they never knew when their relation changed from patient and doctor. Bhabhi says we are together for life now. Surya Prakash asks Chandani why did she agree for marriage and tells that it was political promise of Sahebji, but…Chandani says she is with Sid since 2 years. Surya Prakash says Sid is mad after you and wants to marry you using his father’s influence. He asks if Saheb ji forced her. Chandani says no. Surya Prakash asks him to say.

Chandani says I am marrying with my wish and asks him to sleep. Surya Prakash thinks how to believe you that it is your decision. Chandani comes to Sampath and asks didn’t you go home. Sampath says my heart is shaking up and says if Arjun don’t stop the marriage then what we will do. Chandani says Arjun couldn’t see my dance and left. Sampath asks her not to be in hope and stop it. He asks her to talk to Surya Prakash and tell him truth. Chandani says what to tell,when this truth is hiding from me. She says she will go and meet Raj, if he is Arjun then he will see my truth. Sampath says same truth which we both knew. Chandani says yes and says Arjun’s hatred is right and says he saw that I shot him. He didn’t know why I have done this, only I know, and I have to tell him this.

Chandani comes to hotel to meet Arjun. Maya spiked his drink. Arjun holds his head. Chandani opens the door and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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