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Ek Deewana Tha 15th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Sharanya brings Police Team to the lake

Ek Deewana Tha 15th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sharanya asks Vyom why dad was not in the favour of house search. Vyom says you could have asked me if you had a doubt on me. I would have brought proofs before you that would have proved my innocence! She tells him that she does not doubt him. I have to win someone else’s trust. Flashback shows Shiv asking Sharanya to make a choice between him and Vyom today. Why is dad worried? Vyom offers to show her.

Rajan’s attempts to stop police from searching his room go in vain. Inspector finds Sadhvi ji’s neckpiece in that room.

Shiv mentally apologizes to Sharanya for speaking to her badly. I don’t know why you don’t understand that I trust you more than myself but I don’t trust Vyom. He is hiding some secret but what is it?

Sharanya remembers Sadhvi ji wearing

that neckpiece. Shiv sees some beads in the lake and goes inside it.

Vyom looks at Sharanya. Daddy got stuck!

Shiv follows the beads. I hope what I am thinking isn’t true! He notices Sadhvi ji’s dead body inside and is stunned.

Inspector has found some proofs. Seems like you like to keep tokens of your preys. Sharanya asks Madhvi about Sadhvi ji. Where is she? Inspector and Sharanya keeps questioning her. Rajan warns Sharanya not to talk to his wife like that. Vyom says the same to him. Inspector tells everyone to be quiet. He asks Madhvi to speak up. Vyom also asks Madhvi to tell them about Sadhvi ji. You cannot escape now. Sharanya asks Madhvi again. I can atleast save her if you will tell me about her whereabouts. What did you do to her? Madhvi replies that she is still alive but Shiv tells Sharanya that Sadhvi ji is no more. Her body is in the lake. Madhvi ji knows nothing about it as it isn’t she who killed her. her dead body is in the lake from where I saved Avni. Come with me quietly. I believe it is Vyom only who killed Sadhvi ji! Madhvi ji is taking the blame for this crime like all the others! Sharanya looks at Vyom. Vyom asks her if she is ok. Why are you crying? Sharanya replies that Sadhvi ji is dead. Shiv asks her if she has gone mad. Why did you tell them this? Don’t you know that Vyom can hide the evidence? He has done it in the past too! we will leave our only chance this way!

Vyom asks Sharanya how she knows it. Sharanya again repeats the same thing. Inspector asks Sharanya but Vyom offers to explain. She is disturbed. Vyom tells Sharanya that without proof they wont be able to prove anything. You should rest for a while and then we will talk about it. Shiv claps for Sharanya. You messed up things by telling this right now! Madhvi dint even know about it and now you have given the culprits a chance to hide all the evidences. Inspector calls for their attention again. Vyom tells him that Sharanya is a bit disturbed now. We will talk later. Shiv is sure by then Vyom will manage to shove the proofs away. Sharanya ends up telling Inspector that the dead body can be found in the lake. Vyom looks at her astounded.

Suvarna says sometimes every sinner has to pay for his sins right away while sometimes God takes too long to punish the sinner.

Inspector asks Sharanya how she is sure about the dead body’s location. Shiv is sure the body will disappear before they reach them. Do something before you lose the chance. Sharanya suggests going there right away. Rajan speaks badly of Sharanya. She woke up from coma after 2 years. She speaks rubbish sometimes. Shiv tells Sharanya to say that he is doing this to save his wife. Threaten to involve media and court if Inspector wont help her. Sharanya does exactly the same and Inspector agrees to go there right away. Vyom panics.

There is some knock on Suvarna’s window. She feels as if something really drastic is going to happen today.

Rajan asks Vyom if Sharanya said the truth. This is where you hid Sadhvi ji’s body right? Vyom nods. I am sorry dad. I regret doing what I decide to do. I shold have asked you once. Rajan asks him if he even knows what he did. Vyom accepts that he has made many mistakes. It is the responsibility of parents to save their kids. I don’t want to die. Please save me mom. You are my mom. You will save me right? Mothers have been doing it since forever! Rajan warns Madhvi not to fall for his words. He is a psycho. Vyom asks his mother to take Sadhvi’s murder’s blame on her head. I will get you out of jail. Rajan pulls him away. You have fallen too low! Vyom speaks of movies. I have seen it in movies that if we can prove her mad then she can be set free. Rajan gets an idea. Vyom is happy that his dad always thinks of a last minute plan. Say it. Rajan advises him to accept his crimes, prove himself mad and then escape from prison! Vyom says Sharanya will leave me then. You wont leave mom if she will be proved mad. I know how much you love her. Rajan tells him he has gone out of their control. Madhvi tells him to drop it. He is our son and needs our help. Please listen to what he is saying. We cannot turn our face away from him. Rajan decides to stop police from reaching the lake or their family will be finished. Madhvi asks him what he is trying to say. Rajan reminds her of her questions (about going somewhere and coming back all drenched). He takes Suvarna’s name. She is the secret that I hid from you till date! She is alive! Madhvi looks at him stunned. Stop them. Vyom looks at them in confusion. He hugs his mom before leaving with his father. Madhvi repeats Rajan’s words in shock.

Police have reached the lakeside. Sharanya tells Inspector to get the lake checked right away. Inspector reasons that they would need professional divers. The sun is also about to set. Villagers have refused to go inside the lake as they have heard the sound of someone crying and of some chains. Sharanya insists that it is important. Inspector agrees to do something by tomorrow morning. Shiv insists that they must do something right away or Vyom will erase all clues. Vyom and Rajan reach there. Suvarna looks at them from the window. They seem to be looking for something.

Vyom talks to Sharanya while Rajan is headed somewhere. Shiv points it out to Sharanya. We should find our clue before we lose track. Suvarna decides to shout for help but Rajan covers her mouth just then. Vyom asks Sharanya to seek help from Shiv.

Rajan tells Suvarna to keep quiet today. it is about my family, my wife and my son today! Don’t open your mouth. He slaps her. She tells him he will have to pay for it. He hits her on the head, apologizes to her and ties her mouth and hands while repeatedly apologising to her.

Inspector suggests everyone to leave from the lakeside. It is evening time. It isn’t advisable to stay here after dark. Rajan seconds him. We must not ignore what the villagers have also said. Shiv says it is Rajan and Vyom’s plan. Do something asap or we might lose our chance. Vyom points at Police’s barricade while Rajan speaks against Sharanya. She is mad and speaks anything that she feels like.

Shiv coaxes Sharanya to do something. Sharanya looks at the lake. I am sure you are around Sadhvi ji. I have come this far.I wont leave without finding you. She jumps in the lake. Shiv shouts her name. Vyom and Rajan also run to the lake but police stops Vyom from jumping inside.

Precap: Sharanya swims in the lake. Rajan tells Vyom to pray that Sharanya only finds Sadhvi ji’s dead body in the lake. This lake hides our age old secrets. Sharanya finds some carcasses in the lake.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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