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Dil Se Dil Tak 15th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Priya files a case against Parth for bigamy

Dil Se Dil Tak 15th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The group of women come to apologize Teni and ask them to join in the temple. Teni wonders how they realizes their mistake so soon and agree to go inside with them. Pooja was conducted.
Parth returns home tensed. The ladies reach home and inquire about the tension of Parth and Dada ji. Parth shows them a letter, Priya had shaken hands with the NGO and sent them legal notice that he can’t keep two wives; else she also wants her right. Mohini was happy to see how they now save their relation. Teni says it means Priya sent those ladies. Teni understands Priya wants to marry Bharat targeting theirs. Mohini tells Teni that Priya and Bharat held intimate relations with each other, she is the mother of Spursh.
Dada ji says may be fate has decided to testify them for their relation. They will

all have to pass it willingly or not. Teni says they shouldn’t be worried and afraid of Priya. Dada ji was furious as Priya is playing with their years earned respect and has gone to court for the matter. Shorvari silences Teni with the signal of her finger. Parth assures Dada ji that they will find a middle way and won’t let this case reach court. He goes to speak to the lawyer.
Priya was waiting for Mohini and calls her. Mohini comes out of the car in a spy attire. She says this is her look from now on, to save herself from the eyes of her family. She appreciates Priya’s cunningness, and complains that Priya didn’t share her plan with her. Priya asks her to come close, she will tell her about something. Mohini opens an umbrella to hide herself. Priya wasn’t ready for the drama. Mohini tells Priya she doesn’t appear to have an interest in relations, she must be interested in money only.
The lawyer suggests Bhanushali family that Indian law and marriage act doesn’t allow bigamy in any case. The court would order to leave at least one wife and may charge him for going against law. Bharat says he will speak to Priya, he knows how to handle her. Teni thinks how would Bharat handle her and thinks about Chutkan.
Chutkan was knocking at Teni’s door. Shorvari comes from behind and asks how he came upstairs without any permissions. Teni opens the door and was excited to meet him and introduces him to Shorvari. Chutkan says Teni told him to come straight upstairs. Teni speaks to him about Priya. Chutkan suggests about getting her kidnapped. Shorvari asks if they have lost, this will further ruin the case. She scolds Teni and Chutkan for suggesting such false ideas. Shorvari tells Chutkan to wait outside while goes into the room with Teni. She tells Teni that Priya filed a court case against them, if she vanishes they will be blamed and will add to tension. Teni cries about what to do. She isn’t educated and doesn’t know how to solve this all. Shorvari says Teni has always been strong, then why tensed now? Teni cries that she is weak in matters of heart, she is hurt at heart and fallen weak because of everything. She can get anything if she wish for, she got a precious relation because of her and Parth. Its her wealth and is afraid to lose it all. Shorvari thinks she won’t let Teni lose, its her turn to keep her away from every tension.

PRECAP: Its Laddoo’s birthday in Belan Wali Bahu. Dil se Dil tak team reaches the celebrations.

Update Credit to: Sona

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