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Which romantic pair do you like in SDCH?

Colors’ Savitri Devi College & Hospital is the story of Sanchi, an aspiring doctor/surgeon who joins Savitri Devi College & Hospital to fulfil her father’s dream of making it best and trustable. She with her mother Jaya has always tried to expose Dr. Anand Malhotra and get him arrested for her father Sunil Mishra’s death. Their efforts go vain as well as Savitri, Veer and their family go against them at present. Recently there was a new entry of Ayesha who comes to create rift between SanVeer. She makes Veer believe that Sanchi loves Kabir and not him. But Veer half-heartedly trusts Sanchi as Ayesha’s plans of showing Kanchi together work out.

Currently, Ayesha instigates Veer in misunderstanding Sanchi’s friendship with Kabir. Will Veer lose hope in Sanchi’s love for him? Keep this question aside now. Lets interpret how Kabir and Veer went against Sanchi sometimes. Once, Veer used to play pranks with Sanchi and fell in love with her. Soon Kabir started liking and loving her as his mother too wanted him to do so. When Veer used to see Kanchi together, he probably felt heartbroken and left her. After a few days, he reunited with her. Its okay. Kabir lied in the court because of a valid reason. Later he realized that he was betraying Sanchi and apologized to her. Its fine. Now Veer turned against Sanchi because of her closeness to Kabir. Does this all mean that both of them had not always been with Sanchi at her tough times by supporting her? My last opinion is that Kanchi would be better than Sanveer as Veer is always misunderstanding Sanchi just because of someone else.

So comment and let me know how you support Kanchi or Sanveer.

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