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Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 15th January 2020 Written Episode Update: A Hard Choice

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Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 15th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Dadaji fumes thinking about Kabir’s misbehavior and says he wanted to slap Kabir. Kusum says children have reconciled, Kabir apologized Yogi, and all of them have gone to hospital. Prakash blames himself for the issues and says Kabir is right, he just thought he did injustice to Pari and Yogi. Dadaji and Daadi says what he did was right and console him.

In the hospital, Pari feeds soup to Nisha and asks her to finish it soon before Kabir comes. Nisha thanks her for her support. Yogi with Kabir walks in and hands Nisha a written note. Nisha reads howz the josh and says they are all her josh. Kabir asks Pari if he can take Nisha home. Pari in a professional tone says after Dr. Ahuja’s approval, she may go home. Kabir goes to meet Dr. Ahuja.

At home, family is busy chatting when Shiv and Seema enter. Prakash asks reason for coming and Kusum says she will get some tea. Shiv says its okay. Prakash says whole family is tensed regarding Nisha’s situation, they were all in hospital whole night including Gunjan who was forcefully sent with Yogi around 3 a.m. Seema tells Shiv that she told him already. Shiv asks if they can take Gunjan home for a few days. Prakash gets angry and says Gunjan is his family’s daughter like Rani and Nisha and she will not go anywhere. Daadi asks if they are bothered about mourning, till yesterday everyone were happy. Shiv shouts Gunjan is daughter first and then Prakash’s bahu. Gunjan walks to Shiv and asks when did he come. He says they came to meet him a few minutes ago. Prakash Gunjan would she like to go to her parents’ house. Gunjan signals no. Prakash says Shiv got an answer and taunts that if Gunjan had chosen Shiv’s house’s happiness, he wouldn’t have let Gunjan be part of his family’s sorrows. Shiv and Seema angrily leave.

Gunjan dreams about losing her baby, being in the hospital shouting for help, and Pari sarcastically in a villainous tone says sorry she couldn’t save her baby. She wakes crying at midnight and sees Yogi sleeping next to him.

Prakash tells Kusum that Seema thinks so wrong. Kusum says a mother is worried about her daughter just like someone was worried about his friend and did wrong with family. Prakash says he shouldn’t have done injustice with Pari, he will go and meet her. Kusum warns him not to make any mistake again and repent later.

Precap: Pari thinks Yogi is holding her hand and asks to leave it, turns and sees Kabir instead. Seema and Shiv video chat with Gunjan and seeing Pari behind asks what is she doing over there. Gunjan signals she is staying there again.

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