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Bepanah Pyaar 15th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Pragati impresses the investors

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Bepanah Pyaar 15th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Investors are at Malhotra house. Kunti thinks Pragati will be insulted and questioned very soon. Pragati asks everyone to come for lunch. Investors make a face as they look at the dishes. Devraj asks them what happened. One of them says we are vegetarians and this is what you are serving us. Pragati looks at Kunti who hides a smile. Sahas notices their exchange. Pragati says servants kept this here by mistake. They might have gotten confused. Let me change the dishes. Raghbir says they had made non veg food for us. The food will be here soon. Let’s sit for a while.

Pragati comes to the kitchen but it is in a mess. Even the servants are on off. Harshit and Kunti look on. Harshit says investors will get upset because of Pragati and so will Dad and Raghbir. Kunti says it will be fun to watch Raghbir in his real avatar. She advises him to sit with the investors. They should value your presence in the meeting. He nods.

Pragati takes out veggies. Kunti tells her to cook quickly or the investors will get upset. Are you angry? You trusted me even after knowing me well. Be as fast as you want but this time you will lose. Investors, Raghbir and Devraj will very soon lose their trust on you! I don’t know what should I celebrate – my victory or your loss! Pragati says you wont win till the time the property is in my name. That day isn’t going to come ever though! Kunti excuses herself.

Devraj gives credit to Raghbir for taking the company to a new height. Raghbir thanks him. They notice the investors looking at their watch. Raghbir goes to kitchen. Pragati asks him if investors have left. He says they were about to but you made something out of your own. She thinks how she can tell him what has happened. She puts an apron over him and asks him to help her. He helps her in cooking. Ve maahi plays. She makes snacks using corn. He asks her if she is sure they will like it.

Pragati and Raghbir serve the snacks to investors. They praise the food. She thanks them. Guests are like Gods in our culture. We cannot make God unhappy. She excuses herself to prepare lunch. Shefali receives Pragati’s message asking her to come to kitchen with Priya and Nakul.

Shefali and Priya compliment Pragati on her efforts whereas Nakul is hesitant. Pragati asks him to keep the investors busy for 40 minutes. Food will be ready by then. Nakul and Priya show a presentation to the investors about Malhotra family. They give brief introductions about all the family members and also show a small trailer of Pragati and Raghbir’s love story. Pragati serves coconut smoothie to everyone. Harshit tells his mother to do something. Investors will be impressed if she will turn things around in her favour. She will also rule the house then!

Sahas goes to help Pragati in the kitchen. Kunti is watching them from the door. Flashback shows Kunti asking Sahas to help them foil Pragati’s efforts. He refuses. You have spoiled things for her already. I wont do it! Kunti explains that Raghbir will go away from her if she will mess things. I am giving you one chance. Decide what you want to do. Flashback ends. Kunti is certain Sahas will do her work now. Sahas offers to make khichdi. Pragati agrees. She gives him instructions but he pours a little extra water intentionally. Raghbir stops him. Pragati tells him water is just right. She gives different tasks to each of them. Kunti signals Sahas who nods. Kunti thinks investors will be unhappy now. Raghbir holds the tray which Sahas was going to drop intentionally. They both start arguing. Pragati asks them both to leave. I will do everything. You both cannot work together for me one day! There is so much to do yet you both are fighting. She turns emotional. Raghbir and Sahas end up hugging each other. Pragati smiles. Kunti fumes seeing Sahas melt so easily. Raghbir does not really let Sahas do anything. They both smile at each other in front of Pragati but glare when she isn’t looking at them. Pragati cooks everything. Kunti decides to do something.

Pragati has set mats and stools for everyone on the floor. Everyone is surprised to see the arrangement. She requests them to sit on the floor and explains the aasana which helps in digesting the food. Everyone sits down happily. Pragati, Sahas and Raghbir serve food to everyone. Kunti apologizes to everyone for eating such simple food in this position. She questions Pragati if this is how she will treat their investors. You could have atleast used plates. Pragati says banana leaves are anti-bacterial. This is very healthy. Plus this food is super nutritious. It helps one remain calm. Investors second her.

Precap: Harshit tells Pragati that night comes after day. She reminds him that day comes again after night. The day isn’t far when Raghbir will see everything clearly. Harshit tells his mother they need to drown Raghbir in alcohol once again by separating him from Pragati.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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