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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Manish is upset with Kartik

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with everyone asking Kartik to get up. Manish gets angry. Suwarna says Kartik does everything by his heart. Dadi says their fast didn’t break, its abshagun. Naira asks Kartik to get up. Kairav gets a sock and makes Kartik smell it. Everyone makes a face. Kartik gets up. Surekha asks Kairav to take away his socks fast, else everyone will faint. Kartik asks how did I come here. Naira says we will talk later, we will break fast first. Kartik and Naira feed the water and sweets to each other. Everyone smiles.

Dadi says thank God, the rituals happened in mannat. She asks Kartik why did he go out. Akhilesh and Samarth ask the same. Kartik says it was just an adventure, Naira was with me, it was our fast. Bless us that we always spend time and fast for each other. Dadi blesses them. Kairav goes and plays a song. He says we will dance. Dadi says we will dance. Naira dances with the ladies. Kartik, Naksh and others join. Kartik asks Manish why is he worried. Manish says you had a meeting with a client. Kartik says the client cancelled the meeting, he said he had to go home on Karwachauth, were you stressed for this. Manish asks what about the preparation for tomorrow’s meeting, you have many distractions. Kartik says we have prepared in last min. Manish asks what was the need to keep a fast. Kartik says I decided to work at night. Manish says you won’t get time, you have work to take care of baby. Kartik says I have to take care of my daughter also, enjoy Karwachauth with Suwarna, lets not talk. Manish says no, you go and do Ghoomar with your wife, you have to do ladies work. Kartik signs nothing to Naira. He goes and dances with Naira. Manish stares at him. Everyone asks what was the surprise. Naira asks Kirti and Naksh to come to the lawn. Everyone sees a surprise. They see Naksh and Kirti’s wedding anniversary preparations. Naira says we wanted to celebrate the anniversary today. Kartik says yes, think your marriage is happening today. Dadi says its elders’ responsibility, you think and do it really well. Akhilesh says yes, its first class. Kairav says I had seen mum and dad’s marriage, Krish will also see. Krish says lucky me.

The family makes bride and groom’s teams. Krish says I m on both sides. Kartik, Naira, Naksh and Kirti dance on Aho, d se dance…… Kartik takes Naira aside and romances. They come back and join everyone. Naksh and Kirti exchange the rings. Khili hai khushiyon ki….plays… They exchange garlands. Naksh fills sindoori in Kirti’s maang. Kartik fills sindoor in Naira’s maang and hugs her. Suwarna says we didn’t see anything. Everyone laughs. They all hug and get a pic clicked. Yeh rishta….plays….

Naira sleeps. Kartik says thanks to you, our Karwachauth was good. He sees baby sleeping. He sits to work. He says dad was worried for no reason, how will I sleep without doing work. Baby cries. He takes care of baby. Manish sees him and asks are you working like this. Kartik says I was working and baby got awake. Manish says you came here so that Naira’s sleep doesn’t get spoiled. Kartik says I know meeting is imp. Manish says get baby for the meeting, better stop coming to office, do ladies’ work in the house, we will manage the work. Kartik asks what problem do you have, what’s ladies’ work, I know what work is mine, what are you saying. Manish says I have seen women managing children and house, men manage the work. Kartik says I will do my work. Manish says you would have not managed baby. Kartik says its our arrangement, we will take later, you are angry, I will make the presentation all night, you will be proud. Manish says you will be feeling sleepy in meeting, you can wake up Naira and ask her to manage baby. Kartik argues. Manish says be a mum or nanny, just concentrate on your work. He goes. Kartik turns and sees Naira.

He asks why did you get up, when did you come. She says some time back, I heard. He asks am I wrong. She says he may think you don’t understand. Naira explains him. He says I have to spend all the time with Akshu, I want to enjoy this moment, I missed this at Kairav’s time, if women manage everything, they don’t think its big thing, when a man does it, they taunt the man, its our time, we will decide, we can raise Akshu together, we can manage everything well, am I saying wrong. She says no, but Manish is also right, you have many responsibilities, you have to carefully balance it, he wants work on happen on time and you also take rest, you may fall ill if you don’t sleep, he is your dad and worries for you, do well in the meeting. She takes the baby. He gets to work. He says I can’t compromise with my children’s time, I won’t give any chance to dad to complain, everything will be fine in our life. She says in everyone’s life… He hugs her.

Kartik asks how shall I refresh our love, is it a challenge. Kartik and Naira dance on Shaher ki ladki….

Update Credit to: Amena

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