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Shaadi Mubarak 14th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Preeti’s shocking decision

Shaadi Mubarak 14th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti scolding KT. She says they feel I m a partner in your lie also, I didn’t understand why you are lying, why did you lie to me. Kusum says I didn’t see a good valued woman like Preeti in my life, I didn’t come here to praise her, Preeti has seen many difficulties, she fell alone at a young age, KT has also seen sorrow, can’t this happen, that they become life partners. Buasa gets shocked. Preeti says I wanted to make my name, I can’t meet my eyes now. Kusum says Buasa, can’t you take this decision as Preeti’s mum, she will get your blessings, she is stained when she isn’t at fault, this stain will also get off. Preeti says I lost my respect. Buasa and Kusum come. Buasa says you will get your respect back, I have a solution to clean the stain. She gets sindoor.

She says this sindoor…. Rati, Tarun, Baldev and everyone comes. Buasa says this sindoor will change the black stain into marriage, you shall remarry. She asks KT to fill sindoor in Preeti’s maang. KT and Preeti get shocked. Buasa says your relation will become pure by this sindoor. She asks KT to take it. Preeti says no, I went out of the house to get self esteem, not to have any relation, why shall I take a wrong decision when I m not wrong. KT says there is nothing between us, we are partners. Baldev asks what’s the need for this drama. Kusum says its not a drama, Preeti and KT have passed life in sorrow, it doesn’t mean they always pass the rest of life like this, maybe they came together for union. Baldev says Preeti is a widow, she can’t get remarried. Kusum says change your thinking, times have changed, your thinking is orthodox, you had sent your daughter abroad for studies, change is constant, why can’t a woman fulfill her own dreams, girls are progressing a lot, you won’t let a woman decide for her marriage, she got married in 18 years and got a child in 19 years age, she didn’t see her life, look at her age, she is independent and identity today, you don’t want to give her right, Tarun has a love marriage, everyone accepted it, can’t you change for Preeti, don’t snatch her right.

She asks KT and Preeti to say, they work together in the company and run it well, can’t they get together and marry. Tarun asks who are you to talk about her happiness, how dare you say such a cheap thing, she is my mum. Kusum argues. Baldev shouts enough, I told you Preeti will defame us, how can you think of her marriage. Kusum asks what’s wrong. Tarun says its wrong, you can’t defame our family, you can’t rule here. They all argue. Preeti shouts enough, its my life, I will have a right.

She says Kusum has always shown me the right way, sorry, I won’t give this right to you. Kusum says listen to me. Preeti says no, KT and I are just business partners, we can’t prove ourselves right by marrying, I can’t marry KT, its my life’s decision, I just want my self esteem, nothing else, I promise Buasa, I will not work with KT again, I break my partnership relation today. Rati smiles. Preeti says we have committed to a project, once it completes, KT and my way will be separated, I will not meet him or talk to him. KT is shocked. Preeti goes.

Preeti and everyone come back home. Juhi says gas got over. Kusum asks her daughters to have food outside. Kusum cleans the house. Preeti asks her to talk. Kusum asks don’t you have to go to office. She says you can’t keep friend’s relation, you keep Samdhi’s relation, I was doing right, you reminded me my place in front of everyone, enough now, we are Samdhan now. She goes. Sheena calls Preeti. She asks is KT fine, I had called him, he isn’t answering. Preeti says I don’t know. KT recalls Preeti’s words. He gets shocked seeing a woman laughing and joking on him. He gets back. He shouts who is it. Neelima comes and says you didn’t meet me, what happened there. He says it was fun, I got star treatment and love, it was most memorable moments. He holds the showpiece and gets hurt. Neelima worries. He says I m fine. She says you got hurt. He says I feel the pain.

KT’s wife comes back. She comes between KT and Preeti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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