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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kokila Is On A Mission

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi Kaka/Ahem gets dizzy while exercising reminiscing Kokila’s words and is about to fall when Anant holds him and asks if he is fine. Gopi kaka gets angry seeing him and he is the one who brought that lady to him. Anant says that lady knows him. says he doesn’t know her. Ananth says then why did he come to outhouse; those ladies are his dear ones and Gopi ben is related to him. Gopi kaka says she is not related to him. Anant says that lady is closely related to him, her name is his name now and tattoo on his hand is Gopi’s name. Gopi kaka looks at his hand. He walks towards home when Gehna stops him and apologizes. He says he doesn’t know what she did, but if Gopi and Kokila are hurt because of her, he will kick her out of this house. He also warns her not to inform about it to Gopi kaka.

Gopi while preparing food in kitchen consoles Kokila and asks her not to worry, they will bring back Ahem with God’s blessings. Kokila says Ahem is alone and they are not with him, she wants to feel and speak to him, how can he be without his mother and wife. Gopi says they have to control themselves and if god wants, everything will be fine. Jamna walks in and says she feels happy seeing saas bahu together and hopes she also prepares food with her bahus one day. Kokila says Anant is her dearest son and soon she will get a bahu like Gopi. Gehna walks in and requests Kokila if she can help her in kitchen. Kokila agrees. Jamna walks out. Anant walks in next and sends Gehna away saying she need not help after her last failure. Kanak seeing that tells Hema that something going on between them for sure and they need to find out. Anant asks Kokila not to worry and hopes Ahem gets back his memory soon. Gopi says they forgot Jaggi in all this. Kokila says how can they forget Jaggi who supported Gopi in distress, but truth is Ahem is Gopi’s first husband and first love. Gopi says Jaggi supported her when she was in pain and shattered, sometimes responsibilities take over love. Kokila says she understands her delimma and when solution is not their hands, they should submit their problem to Krishna bhagvan and she is sure Krishna bhagvan will show them right path, her blessings are with her always. Anant thinks why love is difficult to get. Kanak hearing their conversation thinks Gopi is holding 2 laddoos/Ahem and Jaggi in hands, she has to broke one laddoo by informing Jaggi about his wife’s affair and take revenge from Gopi and Kokila.

Gehna makes sitting arrangements for Guruji and seeing Gopi and Kokila thinks she tried to apologize them in vain, now she will after Guruji’s dinnner. Guruji walks in. Praful greets him for dinner. Gehna brings food thali. Anant angrily looks at her. Gehna says Guruji’s disciple told that Guruji consumes saunf water before food. Guruji says Praful asked him about his children’s happy married life, he wants all ladies to bring their husband’s old and new pics, he will compared them both and give solutions for their married life. Kanak says she will bring pictures. Guruji says Gehna should bring them. Gehna goes to collect pics from everyone. Kanak sees Gopi giving Jaggi’s pic and saying she shouldn’t show it to only Guruji, else family will thinks he is Gopi kaka. Kanak hears their conversation, makes Hema clash with Gehna and when all pics fall down sees Jaggi’s pic and realizes he is Gopi kaka’s doppelganger.

Gehna gives photos to Guruji and tries to speak to Gopi. Gopi says later and takes her and Kokila aside. Gehna apologies Kokila and cries don’t know what would have happened tot her. Kokila says because of her, she met her son and she is very happy. Anant passes by and stops to hear their conversation. Gopi says they can’t stay here for long and should plan to revive Ahem’s memory. Kokila says she has to become old Gopi and wear same dress like she used to during dandiya function, which Ahem used to love. Gopi likes her idea and asks how will she get her lehanga though. Gehna says she will prepare that lehanga and says Gopi has to become Ahem again.

Precap: Ahem gets back his memory during dandiya function. Gopi emotionally runs to him. Jaggi enters and gets disheartened seeing that.

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