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Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 54

Hello friends . Happy Diwali to everyone reading this ff. Thank you so much for every comment and support given. Let’s go to the episode.

It’s the next morning and Anurag’s office is shown. Anurag is in his cabin engrossed in his laptop. He hears a knock on the door.
Anurag: Yes come in

Komolika enters the room.
Komolika: Sir…someone has come to see you

Anurag: Who is it

Komolika: Police officer named Akash

Anurag: Let him in and please make sure that we aren’t disturbed by anyone

Komolika: Sure sir

Anurag: You are a friend first then an employee so call me Anurag

Komolika: Okay Anurag

Komolika leaves and Akash enters.
Anurag: Aakash so relieved that you are here . Our family is constantly seeking your help so…

Akash: It’s our family as you said…will I feel bad for doing something for our family

Anurag: So sweet of you Akash…I never expected such a behaviour from a doctor

Akash: Some psychos are  under such respectful covers doing all psychic things

Anurag: I’m so happy that you are back to handle this situation…I was constantly under fear of the next happening

Meanwhile Prerna comes there. Komolika stops her

Komolika: Sir is in an important meeting please wait mam

Prerna: It’s him who called me at this time

Komolika: Please tell your name Ill ask him

Prerna: Are you new here…where is receptionist Jenny

Komolika: Im his secretary Komolika and Jenny has gone for her breakfast  . If your questions are answered can you tell your name

Prerna: I’m

Jenny comes there and: She is Prerna Anurag Goenka

Komolika is shocked.

Prerna: Jenny…

Jenny: Hai Bhabhi..sorry I was in the canteen. You go inside

Prerna: Arrey koi baat nahi

Prerna smiles at her and goes inside. Scene freezes on Komolika’s shocked face.

Sometime later Prerna and Anurag are in his cabin.

Anurag: Prerna…I hope Keerthi recovers soon

Prerna: She will the way your new secretary is so sincere. She doesn’t break your order…

Anurag: Why do you say so

Prerna: She wanted to ask your permission before letting me in

Anurag: Arrey she doesn’t know you…I’m a fool she is my college mate and I didn’t tell her about our marriage

Prerna: So you are flirting with girls here without telling that you are married…I guess I must make you wear a mangalsutra like me

Anurag gets from his chair and comes near her

Anurag: Arrey Waah by biwi is getting possessive..I kinda like it

He kisses her. Scene freezes.

Scene shifts to Kaira’s college. Kartik and his friends are in the canteen.He and Vikram accident overhear Tara and Priya’s conversation

Tara: That Naira is very lucky

Priya: Exactly we thought that she won’t check the ppt and do the seminar and get insulted

Tara: Even if she checked I thought she won’t be able to do anything without her ppt but she has scored maximum marks and Kartik has given that idea

Priya: Correct..she is lucky

Tara: I don’t know what makes Kartik mad for her…in what aspect is she better than me

Kartik barges in

Kartik: In the aspect called pure heart..Naira is not corrupted like you Tara..if she were in your place and I had loved someone else she would have wished the best for us ..she won’t plan to harm the girl I love like you…

Vikram: Kartik…you are trying to make a donkey understand the smell of a camphor

Tara: Did you just call me donkey

Vikram: Do you have any doubt

Just then Naira comes there

Vikram: Naira…you were saying that you wanted to thank the person who changed your pen drive nah

Naira: Haan

Kartik: Then thank Tara

Naira:’s you again…by the way Thank you Tara

Tara goes from there fuming in anger.

Vikram: Poor child is always trying to defame  Naira or separate you both

Kartik: But fails every time..I will never let her win

Vikram: I’ll get you both the a cool drink

Vikram moves away.
Kartik: It’s all because of me that Tara is behind you..I’m sorry

Naira: Sorry for loving me..oh Kartik…life isn’t fun without enemies and danger

Kartik: Haan..par I won’t let any danger loom over you..I know you are my Sherni yet I don’t want you in trouble

Naira: Will trouble come near me when you are with me

Kartik: Definitely not …

Naira laughs while Kartik admires her laughter. Scene freezes.

Scene shifts to the inquiry room. Aditya is brought in

Akash and Aditya air facing each other

Aditya: What…Keerthi is in hospital with failing kidneys nah

Akash: Kartik was right then

Aditya: I don’t know what Kartik told

Akash: It’s you who gave those toxic drugs to her

Aditya: Haan..mein tha..if you hadn’t come in between I would have fed her antidote later once divorce was signed…I gave these toxins as a precaution guessing a foul play

Akash: Why did you do it

Aditya: If I don’t get her then no one should get her

Akash: What was the drug given by you

Aditya : Her kidneys will be beyond repair by now no use in knowing It

Akash: Should I change my approach to know it

Aditya: Xyz can’t do a anything now…( he laughs)

Akash bangs the table in anger and leaves the room.

Scnee shits to bus stop near Mishti’s college. Mishti is walking towards the bus stop from college. SHe gets an intuition of being followed and turns back. A stranger is 2 feet behind her. She sighs and walks forward. She feels that the stranger is closer to her.



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