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Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 23: Feelings!

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Replies to comments from previous update:

Hello Nehreen, Well; The Armaan came up in mind because of pavitra bhagya🔥 and I really miss #Prayansh 💜. You would love the cat in the episode 🙈

Hello KV2711, Thank you for the appreciation. It means alot💯. I hope you like this episode too🤞

Hello Riaa, I completely agree with what you said. Once you confess the love it gives a different story as before that one should have all the fun🙈. You will like the cat. Zain Imam is just 🔥 and even I watched him first in TEI.

Hello Preeti Priyanka, Don’t worry, I won’t separate them soon💛. Your wait is over 🤭

Hello Asen, Glad you like Aryan’s character. He will be positive in my story 💜. And today also Aryan is gonna make you smile😊

Hello Diha, Glad you liked the episode and you will enjoy the cat🐈. Definitely will update you!

Hello Shivangi, I agree, Zain Imam is really 🔥. But glad you liked the episode!

Hello Tonni, You would love Aryan in the FF 💯. Glad you liked the episode! Keep supporting 🙈. I totally agree with your suggestion and so there’s time for them to confess 🤭

Hello Bibin Abraham Biju, I am glad you liked it 😊. Keep supporting and reading😉

Hello Rianshfan, That’s why I was telling you that you don’t need to kill him🔪. Vansh and Aryan could easily do that.

Hello Bhuvaneshwari, In serials everyone is just imagining things😔. Things had to be settled between Riddhima and Vansh.

Hello SUMISHA, Glad you liked the episode 😊. And definitely I am following your suggestion because that is something I too believe 💛

Hello Naira U Singh, Glad you liked the episode and I hope you like this one too🤞

Hello Darshika, Thank you that you feel that I make y’all smile😊. I don’t think 2-3 episodes are enough for making them confess because let them confirm if the other one has fallen too. But I don’t think that y’all are demanding it’s just that y’all pass on your suggestion🙈

Hello Jennifer, I am glad you liked it and I hope you like this one too 🤞

Hello Muntaj(M) I understand your anger. That’s the reason I ended him soon😉. Glad you liked it 😊

Hello Riansh Lover, I didn’t want you to commit crime so I ended him😁.


The episode starts as…….

Vansh and Riddhima are sitting on the bench. Looking at each other but not saying a word.

Riddhima(thinks): I really love to spend time with you. Every moment with you is precious for me. I cherish the times we’ve spent together. I don’t have the courage to lose you and stay away from you. I really don’t understand what happens to me when you’re around. I get a totally different vibe from you. I need to understand what this feeling is? And I wish I could ask you if you too get this feeling.

Vansh(thinks): From the first time I saw you till today, every moment we shared has a special place in my heart❤️. It’s the first time I could be so comfortable with someone and speak my heart out. I can’t afford to lose you, because if I do, I would lose everything. I don’t know what’s the feeling? I really want to know about it. But I wish I could ask you if you too experience it.

Meanwhile inside the house,

Kabir: What are those two doing outside since so long?

Sejal: Maybe sharing a romantic💏 moment!

Ishani: Or maybe arguing with each other about anyone else.

Sia: Maybe b*t*hing about us.

Aryan: Shut up Sia! The first two suggestions were atleast better but it can also be that they are clearing all differences and confessing their love for each other.

Kabir: Then I don’t think this moment is to be missed by us.

Sejal: So basically you mean to say that…….

Kabir: Exactly! Y’all got it right!

Ishani: Then what are we waiting for?

Aryan: Let’s go!

Aryan, Sejal, Ishani, Kabir and Sia walk towards the exit. They stand next to the door and find Riddhima and Vansh sitting on the bench. They notice that the two aren’t even speaking a word.

Sia: What all we imagined and what is happening?

Aryan: This is also love, you nuts!

Sejal: I agree with you.

Kabir: For the first time y’all are on the same page.

Ishani: But do you think we should disturb the two?

Aryan: We’ll have to. Because if we don’t, then they will just continue looking into each other’s eyes👀 for the whole night🌃.

Ishani: Haha!

Kabir: Wait, I will call. Riddhima! Vansh!

Vansh and Riddhima get back to reality and hear their friends calling them. They go towards them.

Vansh: What happened?

Riddhima: Why did you call us?

Ishani: Riddhima you had gone to call bhai but y’all didn’t return so we thought that we should come to get both of you.

Aryan: Ya!

Vansh: I must say that y’all always ruin beautiful things!

Kabir: What did you mean?

Vansh: Nothing! Let’s go in.

Everybody comes inside and goes to their rooms and sleeps. Vansh who’s still living in the previous moments of Riddhima is not at all sleepy.

Vansh(thinks): I must say, all my friends always ruin my space with her. Couldn’t they have come later? Actually wait……. Why did they even come out? It was a good time. I am not sleepy, I wonder if Riddhima is. Actually……… I can sneak in her room and if she’s sleeping, I’ll come back. Great idea. [Patting his back] (speaks to himself) Proud of you Vansh! Let’s go!

Vansh comes out of his room and gets into Riddhima’s room. He finds her lying to bed. He goes closer to her and sits next to her. He caresses her face and settles her hair. He’s glaring at her. Just then she moves.

Vansh(thinks): Oh No! What if she wakes up? She will find me in her room at this hour. My image will ruin in front of her. I don’t wanna let that happen.

Vansh hides behind the curtains. Riddhima wakes up and sits on bed.

Riddhima(in a sleepy but low tone): I felt someone’s presence here in the room. But who can it be except for me? (loudly) Who’s here?

Vansh: Meow…… Meow……..

Riddhima: Oh……… so it’s a cat🐈.

She gets up and walks🚶‍♀️ in the room. Vansh is worried.

Riddhima: Cat…. Cat….. Sweet little cat, come to me. Come out, Don’t be scared.

Vansh: Meow…..

Riddhima: Cat…. Cat…. Come out. I am not Vansh Raisinghania. You don’t need to be scared of me. If you want I’ll feed you lots of mice🐁 but please come out.

She’s in the opposite direction than the curtains.

Vansh: Meow….. Meow…..

Riddhima: Ohh… so my cat is hiding behind the curtains. Wait, I’ll get you out.

Just then Riddhima moves the curtains away, she finds Vansh. Vansh shows expressions of fear on his face but those expressions vanish in air on seeing Riddhima laughing badly.

Vansh: That I am………

Riddhima(interrupting): You think you are Mr. Perfect?

Vansh: Why?

Riddhima: Because you thought you could remove the cat’s voice perfectly.

Vansh: That actually…….

Riddhima: It’s okay! It was fun. Let me tell you the truth. I knew you had sneaked in.

Vansh: Really? (Pause) Then why didn’t you wake up?

Riddhima: Just, because I was having a great time.

Vansh: You!!!!!

Riddhima: Why did you come in at this hour?

Vansh: Because I was not sleepy and I thought if even you aren’t sleepy then……

Riddhima: Then?

Vansh: We could go for a walk. It would be fun

Riddhima: Okay. Let’s go. Anyways a while ago when we were together, others came up.

Vansh: So even you got irritated when they came up?

Riddhima: Not irritated but upset😔. But why was it ‘even you’? Does it mean that even you were upset?

Vansh: Yes!

Riddhima and Vansh smile looking at each other and walk out. As they are walking they notice that there’s hardly anyone on the road🛣️.

Riddhima: This is the reason I prefer night walks.

Vansh: As in?

Riddhima: There are hardly any people on roads. One can run, jump, dance, skip, do anything rubbish and there’s no disturbance. Don’t you like night walks?

Vansh: I do, and there’s a special reason now.

Riddhima: What is it?

Vansh: You!

Riddhima: Means?

Vansh: It was during night walk that we met for the first time.

Riddhima: I can never forget that incident.

Vansh: Neither can I forget.

Riddhima: But it’s really cold now. Why not plan a bonfire🔥?

Vansh: Now?

Riddhima: No, Tomorrow!

Vansh: But what if it’s not cold tomorrow?

Riddhima: It’s winters going on. And if it’s not cold you don’t come.

Vansh: I will definitely come.

Riddhima: Why?

Vansh: Because you are going.

After Vansh said this, Riddhima just couldn’t take off her eyes from him. Vansh too was mesmerized by Riddhima’s charm.

Riddhima(thinks): Everytime when you say such things and make me feel special, I feel to ask you if you feel the same way as I do. But I fear for your answer to come negatively. I would lose my hope.

Vansh(thinks): Everytime you look into my eyes, I feel you too get the same feeling which I do. I really wanna ask you about it but I fear for your answer.

Aryan(loudly): Vansh! Riddhu!

Vansh and Riddhima get back to consciousness and look at Aryan and Ishani.

Ishani: Thank God y’all heard. This was the third time Aryan called out to y’all.

Aryan: Exactly! What were y’all looking for?

Ishani: Forget that! What are y’all doing outside at this hour?

Vansh: This should be my question to the two of you.

Aryan: We weren’t sleepy so we thought of coming for a walk.

Riddhima: Exactly! So even Vansh and I weren’t sleepy and thought of coming for a walk.

Aryan: Riddhu, you could have called me. I would’ve come with you.

Riddhima: I was about to call you only but then I thought Ishani might feel insecure.

Ishani: What! No! Why would I feel insecure? I know that you two are best friends. And even you both know that I don’t have insecurities on seeing y’all together.

Vansh: Can we not talk about this now?

Aryan: Then let’s talk about something else.

Riddhima: Actually Vansh and I are sleepy now. So we’ll go and sleep, you two can continue.

Aryan(smiling): Let me remind y’all that y’all have to sleep in separate rooms🤭.

Vansh(sarcastic tone): Thank you so much for reminding us. We were about to sleep together😲😜.

Aryan: My pleasure🙈!

Riddhima: So now if the two of you permit us, Can we leave?

Ishani: Ofcourse!

Vansh and Riddhima awkwardly leave from there.


Ishani: Well……… All these years I thought my name was ISHANI!


Precap: Riddhima: Either you choose from the above options or leave my room. The choice is yours.

Vansh: Okay okay. Don’t get angry.

Loads of love from me to y’all 💕💕

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