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Anupama 14th November 2020 Written Episode Update: A Surprise For Anupama

Anupama 14th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Baa buys utensils on Dhanteras and asks vendor to give her 12 steel glasses and write couple names on 2 glasses. Samar says like Toshu and Kinju baby, Sweety says mummy and papa. Anupama suggests Baa to buy thaali and get whole family’s name inscribed on it. Baa agrees. Kavya returns home after shopping and thinks she bought bracelet for Vanraj and he will be happy hearing about it. She calls him, but he doesn’t pick call. She thinks now Vanraj is in not talking terms with Anu, then why he is not picking her call. Anu informs family that she has kept Bapuji’s medicine in a box and has left a note in it. Baa asks if she is going to meet new US president. Vanraj taunts her to stop her dance class and car driving and concentrate on Bapuji. Anu says Bapuji’s health is most important to her, but if she gets ill, she wants family also to know about his medicines, so she wants all family members to look at the note once including Vanraj if he has time. Samar excitedly informs that 5 more student got enrolled in Anu’s online class. Baa comments he is talking as if 5 Pandavs enrolled. Everyone clap except Vanraj and Baa. Bapuji praises Anu and asks what will she do with the money. Anu says she will buy something for Bapuji first and asks Baa if she doesn’t mind, shall she gift water bottle to Bapuji. Baa agrees. Anu gifts bottle to Bapuji and takes his blessings.

Anu walks into kitchen. Vanraj follows her and warns that if she doesn’t stop her online dance class by tonight, her dearest son Samar will celebrate diwali on right. Anu asks if he is doing this for Bapuji. He says yes. She says he wants to make Bapuji happy by sending his grandson out of house; getting Samar out of house and in ileu of Bapuji’s health trying to stop dance class is just is arrogancy and adamancy, but its a life for her; she will not let Bapuji and Samar become his pawns. He says Bapuji is his father and not her. She says at least he remembers one relationship and should also remember his responsibility; trying to pull her down is his adamancy and taking care of Bapuji is his duty, one cannot forgo responsibility for adamancy; she is more worried for Bapuji than him, the place he was when Bapuji fell is where his mind is since many years, so he doesn’t know what happens in house; she is taking care of Bapuji since years and even if she doesn’t know medicine names she identifies them by color, she will take care of Bapuji and will whole life, her dance class will not disturb Bapuji and she will conduct it in Nandini’s house. He smirks and says she gave up at last, as long as it is not conducted in his house, he doesn’t mind. Anu says its Bapuji’s house and only Vanraj’s nameplate is fix, he can clean it and feel happy. Vanraj stands fuming.

Dhanteras celebrations start at night. Vanraj messages Kavya that he cannot come. Baa calls everyone to come and take gift from Bapuji. Bapuji gives gift to each family member. Baa asks Vanraj and Anu to come and take gift. Anu and Vanraj touch Bapuji’s feet and take his blessings. Bapuji says this time he will give a special gift for his beta and bahu. Baa says he is right. Bapuji asks her not to get angry then on this auspicious day. She agrees. He asks Vanraj and Anu to extend their hands and gifts them a document. Vanraj asks what is this. Bapuji says they forget their responsibility sometimes, in hospital he realized that he has to go some day. Baa asks not to speak inauspicious on auspicious day. Bapuji says he is speaking truth, he gave Dolly his PF money and Baa’s half jewelry and is transferring his house to Anu and Vanraj. Baa and Vanraj sit shocked. Bapuji says in our country, Bahu protects family’s dignity and son house’s documents, from today he is changing this ritual and giving his house to them both. Sanjay says everyone should considers Bahu also equal as son like him, Dolly backs him. Bapuji says Vanraj earns money and bahu takes care of house, when their responsibilities are same why not their rights. Vanraj reminisces Anu’s taunt that house is Bapuji’s and he just has his nameplate on it. Bapuji says when husband and wife’s name is on aadhar card and other documents, why not on property documents. Samar fixes Anu’s nameplate and shows it to Bapuji. Everyone likes it except Vanraj and Baa. Bapuji says just like this, when house belongs to Anu and Vanraj, even both their names should be on nameplate. Anu emotionally says when he called her daughter, she got whole world; her mother daughter taught her in childhood that lawn belongs to kids, temple belongs to god, and house belongs to elders; this house is his and Baa and will always be, she just needs their blessings; children’s wealth is parents and their blessings and not property. She asks Samar to fix Bapuji and Baa’s nameplate. Vanraj says house belongs to Baa and Bapuji, but Baa fixed his nameplate. Bapuji says its his order and love and they cannot deny it. Dolly comments people fight for property, but her family fights for love. Mamaji jokes wherever her sister is, there will be fight in both love and fight.

Vanraj returns to his home and panics. Anu walks in. He shouts why did she come after snatching his half house, did she come to celebrate. She says she came to return house as family is built with trust and not house or jewelry, what will she do with house when there is no trust. He says she is taking revenge from him. She says she would have 25 years ago and informed Bapuji and Baa about his affair; right is built with love and when there is no love, a paper cannot do anything. She hands him over property documents.

Precap: Kavya asks Vanraj to give house to Anu as he will shift with her after divorcing Anu and marrying her. He says he comes to her for peace, but she talks only about marriage and divorce, if he has to hear only this, its better he stops coming here. Anu gets ready and thinks one has to get ready for self. Vanraj burns paper with Anu’s name and thinks he will burn her pride.

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