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RadhaKrishn 14th November 2018 Written Episode Update

RadhaKrishn 14th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode begins with Gokul and Barsana residents entering Brindavan after bhoomi poojan. They join hands to build Living spaces for gokul residents. Radha is Requested by Krishn for some water while he cuts wood. Radha pours into his mouth while he smiles up at her. She spills over him some of it. But he loves her.

Finally Vrindavan has man houses n Nand n Vrishbhan are ready for griha pravesh rasam.

Yashoda is worried about feeding the entire village because there is no food grain with her nand assures carts of grains have been dispatched from barsana would be reaching shortly.
Ayan disguised as dacoit stops the carts from reaching Vrindavan.

Jatila arrives n informs Nand family that she had tried to solve the bad times befalling over barsana that she had invited Maha Rishi

Durvasa. This was to thank the lords for Radha krishn safe return by rishi bhoj. Nand is worried that Durvasa rishi was very short tempered n cursed any one annoying him. He prays the lord to help him please Durvasa

Nand n Yashoda welcome Rishi with due reverence. Kanha and balram are in the forest. Krishn fears durvasa would recognise Krishn. They decide to play hide n seek.

Ayan is seen adding something /chemical to the food grains rendering them inedible. Radha notices ayan doing this. She confronts him that ayan was poisoning the entire village just for seeking revenge from krishnlayan Radha confrontation. Ayan asks Radha to support him. Ayan brain washes Radha against Krishn. Ayan notices KriBal arriving with the villagers. He hides with Radha , gokul villagers take those cartfuls of grains to vrindavan. Radha feels what was happening was not right. Ayan says they were playing the same game that krishn was playing with them.

At vrindavan nand n Yashoda are welcoming guests with due respect.. Krishn secretly waits for radha’s arrival to his house. Balram refuses to help Krishn. Krshn is seen pacing the floor waiting for Radha.

Ayan tells Krishn that he could wait all he wished..he would have to celebrate this Diwali without Radha , because come what may Radha was not going to come to Barsana. It would be ayan’s best Dipawali. Krishn smiles at Ayan saying bade bhaiya spoke too much. This Dipawali would be special for Ayan because he would watch Krishn celebrating dipawali with radha. Ayan laughs saying Krishn could dream on.

Krishn is sad as he overhears yashoda telling nand that the foodgrains were poisoned n unsuitable for consumption. Yashoda and nand fear how to serve their guests if no food was there !! How would they save themselves from the anger n curse of Maha Rishi Durvasa !! Nand prays to Narayan. Yashoda does not want to insult maharishi.

Precap: Jatila infuriates Durvasa Mahrishi by talking about the delay in serving his bhoj by Yashoda n nand. Dusvasa is about to curse them when Krishn arrives. At the yamuna river side Radha is attacked by Kaaliya naag and ayan screams her name fearing for her life.

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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