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Nimki Mukhiya 14th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki calls Babbu

Nimki Mukhiya 14th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sweeti says to Abhi nimki needs you. He says I know. She says I wish I had friends like you two are. He says I am your friend too. Se says are we friends like you and Nimki? Abhi drops the apple. He says please eat. Sweeti holds his hand and says thank you. She says my life was just passing but I have started living now. I have a reason to live now I like dreaming with you. You were right. Love happens gradually. Abhi smiles. Nimki calls him. Nimki video calls. She is hanging herself. She says you have to forgive me. Sweeti says what are you doing. Abhi says she is a filmy drama. The stool slips. Abhi and Sweeti scream. She laughs. She says I was just testing you. See my drama. Abhi says no one can do drama like you. I forgave you.

Dablo comes to Nehar. He says why are you

ignoring me all these days. Should I go and tell your dad? He says tettar will kill me. Nehar says like your brother shot your sister? Give me my money. Dablo says I will give it to you tomorrow. Nehar says tomorrow means tomorrow.

Mauha says to Nimki this is your bridal dress. Mauha is sad. Mauha says when it came I showed it to everyone. Why did you bring it? Nimki says I shouldn’t have. Mauha says throw it. Nimki says I will return it. Nimki says I forgot my favorite bangles in haveli. I will have to go and bring them. Mauha says are you crazy. You don’t need to go there. Nimki says bring my phone. Mauha says we will get new ones. Nimki says papa got those from patna for me. Get my phone. I will go and return this. do you want me to wear this in my second wedding too?

Tettar says sweeti will be discharged in two days. Annaro says she wont come back. Babbu says she will have to come back and on our condition. Rekha says she is already defamed. Nimki calls babbu. Tettar says this could be sweeti. Babbu picks. Nimki says talk politely I am still your wife and mukhiya. Annaro says now you will teach me? Nimki says I wanted to teach you two. She says I brought your bridal dress here. Send someone here to take it and bring my bangles. OR I can send someone. Babbu says I will kill you. Nimki says wow I am so scared. He says if you dare defaming us I wont leave a single person in your house. She hangs up.
Ram shouts you wont go there again. Tune hold him.
Babbu picks those bangles and breaks them.

Scene 3
Mauha says we thought didi is so happy in her life. Mono says what will happen now? Ram is in tears. He says we are so helpless. Nimki is in pain but she hides. Nimki says my life isn’t boring without him. Mono says papa had been cryin all night. Nimki says we are all together. Why are you crying? Tune says these villagers are all talking about you. Nimii goes out.
Precap-Nimki dances on mainay breakup karlya.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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