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Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 4 (Episode 10) BY ZAIMAL


“he take no interest in studies at all…..during lecture,keeps on looking here and there and when i tell him to focus then argues”teacher said in annoyed tone.swara looks at sunny angrily.he gives her sheepish smile.

“apologize to your teacher and promise her that you will behave from now.”

“apologize?..”sunny muttered pointing at himself.swara shows him eyes.

“sorry teacher….”sunny said quickly.

“and i assure you that he will focus on studies and bring good marks…please give him one more chance”swara said in soft tone.

“only because you are saying…”teacher said nodding her head.swara smiles.sunny did happy dance in his mind.


“you two will sit here silently…”swara said in warning.sunny and pari nodded innocently and looks at each other with meaningful look in eyes.

“pari what is your’s father phone number?”swara asked sweetly.pari tells her innocently.sunny hit her his elbow.

“if you two step out from this then i will call your father and tell everything…..i don’t repeat my mistakes”swara said while looking at sunny.he looks at pari angrily.

“shorry…”pari holds her ears quickly.

“good…now i am going to change clothes then i will attend and in lunch break i will drop you two home.”

“don’t change…you are looking so pretty in this saree.”pari said sadly.

“thank you shona!…but i am not comfortable in this.”swara said and caresses her cheek.pari smiles sadly.swara gets up,picks her big bag and goes out and toward rest room.

“now i am feeling like myself…”swara said,coming out after wearing white shirt and black skirt.she puts saree inside bag,thinking to return it to kavita and comes out from rest room after tying hair in high pony tail.

swara knocks at the door of beast’s cabin and entered inside.

“you are late…”sanskar said while reading the file.

“late?..”swara muttered and looked at her wrist watch and sighed seeing that she was 5 minute late.

“you have no value of time…”he closed the file and gets up but stopped for a second,seeing her in formal clothes.annoyance entered in his eyes,he walks toward her and gives her file.

“i don’t like those people who don’t value time….don’t be late next time.”

“yes sir!…”swara said obediently after taking file from his hand.he walks passes her and goes out.

“one thousand kahroos would have died when he had born…”swara thought and stuck out tongue at his back


“i want the new project’s every file finished as soon as possible and i don’t want any kind of mistake, this is very important project for this company,infact i want make a five members team for this project “sanskar gives instruction to swara.she nodes her head,noting everything in her diary.

“sir i wanted your signature on some files urgently…”swara said,closing her diary.sanskar takes his ringing phone from inside of coat.

“bring files here…”sanskar said and attend the call.swara goes toward her cabin to bring files.sanskar finishes his call after 5 minutes.

“who takes this much time…irresponsible woman”sanskar said to himself and walks toward her cabin but stopped seeing all the mess.all things of table were on floor and file rank was also ruined.swara running after two kids around the table.

“you said to stay here only..”pari said while running

“we were just checking out things.”sunny said after pari.

“that kahroos gives me very less work na therefore you two increased it…..”swara said angrily and was about to catch pari when sunny holds her hand and makes her run out from process of running after them,swara strikes with sanskar as he was standing in mid of door.sanskar holds her and staggered back but stabilized himself.swara’s both hands were on his chest.their faces were inches apart and their breathes were intermixing.swara heart throbbed when he tightened his grip around her waist and pulled her more close,removing the small distance between them.

swara looks in his eyes,there was so many colors in his eyes.sanskar moves hairs from her,brushing his fingers tips at outline of her face.she closes her eyes at his touch.her heart was beating very fast as she was feeling his warm breath on her face .

sanskar moved closer to her face and was going to kiss on her pink lips but comes back in his senses,realizing what was happening,he removes his hands slowly which were holding her tightly,he turned and left hurriedly.swara opens her eyes and saw him leaving.she released a deep breath and calms her heart.

“i should go and check where those devils are creating havoc.”swara said to herself but her mind was captured with different thoughts.


Sanskar stopped car far away from city and comes out and stands in front of small channel and stuffed his hands in his dress pent’s pockets.That scene comes in front of his eyes.her eyes were close,he was able to feel her fast beating heart.

“what is wrong with me?…WOMEN!!!”sanskar said frustratingly and moves his fingers through his hair,getting more frustrated.he takes out his mobile,makes a long list of works and send it to swara.

“your antics makes me do such things with you”sanskar muttered in slow whisper.

“i will never help you two ever in my life….”swara scolds them.

“but…’sunny tried to speak but swara stops him from raised that time,her phone ringer,she takes out and her eyes goes wild open when she reads the list of works and his NOTE.


“why don’t he just kill me for once…”swara said frustratingly.



swara closes the file and rubs her hands at her back of neck,feeling pain.

“swear on God,the day i will leave this company i will tight loose screws of his brain…psychopath”swara said and gets up.she smiles seeing pari sleeping on large couch and sunny was busy playing game on swara’s phone.she felt bad for troubling the kids but she was helpless,she didn’t even get time to do lunch herself how she would have dropped them home but she made sure they do their lunch fully and allowed them to roam the building with promise that they will not trouble anyone.

“sunny come…my work finished.’swara whispered not wanting pari’s sleep to get disturb.

“thank God..”sunny said but swara shush him and pointed at pari.she gives her purse and few files to sunny and picks up pari carefully.

“i am also tired….pick me up also.”sunny said,getting jealous a little.

“i can’t pick two at one time…”

“fine then…go drop her in car then come again…i am sitting here”sunny said and sit on couch and crossed his arms over chest.

“sunny don’t trouble me please…get up”swara pleaded him softly.sunny makes bad bad faces and walks after her.they goes down with lift and walks toward exit door.

“today i came to know you pari is your best friend,you listens her everything but don’t listen to me,i told you,i want tree then you didn’t listen.i told you to pick me up then you didn’t listen.’sunny said sadly.

“i picked pari because she is sleeping …”swara said and felt something in her heart.she didn’t knew it sunny is so emotional.he notes everything just don’t say anything.(just like sanskar)

“no need to lie…”

“okay stay here…i will drop pari in car then take you”swara said with smile.sunny’s eyes sparkled and he nodded vigorously.swara continues toward door.she was standing in front of glass and was not able to open door as she was holding pari with both that time sanskar comes there,busy on phone but stopped seeing swara.both stares at each other for less then a second.sanskar opens the door and walks passes without looking at her again.swara quickly holds opened and steps out.

“jerk…even after seeing me in trouble,didn’t do anything”she muttered,feeling sad all of sudden because of his strange behaviour,sometime good sometimes bad.

“hey roger!..”swara greeted him and makes pari lay on back seat carefully.

“who is she?”


“i can see that..”

“haha!….her name is pari.”swara said chuckling lightly.she goes inside again and stopped seeing sanskar standing with sunny and sunny was continuously blabbering.

“sunny come…”swara called him after going near them as both were seemed very busy with each other.

“okay partner…keep your promise”sunny said to sanskar.he nodes and shuffles his hair.sunny looks at swara and extend his both hands.swara smiles and picks him and takes him without looking at sanskar.

“if he knows to ignore then i also know…what he thinks of himself,psychopath”swara thought angrily while walking out,not knowing that he was starring at her back as her ignoring did work on him.

“you know he promised me that he will send plant which will grow just like his tree….”

“good..”swara smile.she sits beside roger and makes sunny sit on her lap as pari was sleeping and closed the door.


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