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I WISH – A short story… true for many PART 2 (LAST PART)

Part 1 Here


I and my sister always used to play Deusi during Govardhan puja, but that day, I had some assignments and could not go to play with her. As her friend Maya described, they went all around our village and then they decided to go further to the next village. Oh! I wish they had never decided to go out.

On the next Rampur village, our distance relatives used to live. When they went to play Deusi there, nobody was there. After some calls one of their sons came out. He was all alone in the house.  After giving the daan, the boy who seemed to be 19 years old, requested my sister to help her in some household chores. My sister agreed to do so. I wish she would not have agreed.

He asked her to help him to cut the grass. She along with him, went to the deserted jungle. There he tried to touch her. She thought it was a friendly touch but it was not. He slowly started moving his hands towards her br*asts. She moved his hands away in an uneasy manner. He told her not to move and told her to keep this a secret, otherwise he would do the same to me. She tried to push him away but he held her tight. She tried to shout but he pressed her face with his hands.

Then he pulled off her sari. He pulled off her inners and he played with her body. He forced her in s*xual intercourse… He raped her. He killed her soul. He murdered her virginity. He shattered her dreams. He destroyed her world. He crushed her self-respect. He dumped her hopes. He shattered her happiness. He bloodied her body. He made her cursed. He played with her life. He knocked off her dignity.


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